Web and Mobile App Development Process

Acquainting Requirements

The initial step is to gather information regarding you as well as your organization. Several things must be considered before creating the outlook and feel of your website. It involves a good understanding of you and what your organization does, what you want to realize, type of material, the target market, the competition and the way the web may be used to aid your business or operation.

Investigating Requirements

This is where we do site map (putting plans together) for your website. It serves as being a guide as to what material is essential to developing a reliable, easy to comprehend the navigational system on the site. Through the defined period, we will also allow you to determine what technologies must be implemented. Elements, for example online forms, e-commerce, display, etc. can be integrated into the plan.

Crafting the Design

Once we know what you intend to put on your website, we will develop a basic outline style of where things should be. Here we could test that components are situated properly, the navigation works and that you’re satisfied with the essential content.

Shaping a Layout

We have been designing websites for a long time, so chances are we’ve previously designed a similar website for what you are looking for, and we’ll be capable of using that as being a guide as a way to assemble rough estimate and make a proposal.

It’s not merely about prices, though: to obtain an impression of our company, we want to meet up at this stage. It is essential that we will be the right fit for every other. We assume we are quite flexible as we have worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Finalizing the Design

We now have an idea of all the components; we’ll produce more than one creative design on your website – generally only the homepage to start off with. Excellent Webworld will work closely with you to create your desired website and generate further pages before going into the actual web development.

Developing Phase

The developmental stage could be the position where the website itself is established into a fully functional site, taking content, all design elements and functionality you’ve agreed. At certain stages, excellent web world is likely to make your website available to you for viewing, so you can suggest any additional improvements or modifications you would like done.

Trial and Test

We are going to test things such as the complete performance of forms or other scripts, also last assessment of last minute compatibility problems (viewing differences between different browsers), making sure your website is optimized to be viewed correctly inside the latest browser versions. We’ll also check to make sure that most of the code written to your site validates and meets the existing web development standards.


Your website (or application) is finished and deployed to your server or application store just by clicking the hit button.


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