Our Privacy Policy Incorporates Following Terms

  • Information collected through the website
  • How we can use the personal information
  • Security of Information
  • Choice

Information Collected Through the Website


If you are just a visitor of the website, we are not supposed to collect any major information except the cookies and IP address. Apart from this if you want to inquire about certain services stated on the website, we will ask you to give basic online contact information.

Location Policy

Collects location data to enable for real time tracking of driver, even when the app is in background or not in use.

E-mail Information

We may keep the content of any e-mail messages along with the details of email address.


We may use certain information contained in your browser for some areas of our website. The cookies will help us to track your navigation and allows us to match our services with your requirements.

How We Can Use the Personal Information

Excellent WebWorld doesn’t rent any personal information to others, which is collected through the website. Excellent WebWorld can use your personal information which will be given as your identification.

Whenever the requirements arise to process any transaction or to provide a service, we will be able to access the whole information including email id, name, personal interests, and contact.

Security of Information

Excellent WebWorld maintains strict, reasonably acceptable standards of technology and operational security in order to preserve personal information from misuse, loss, alteration or destruction. With the firewall, we restrict the use of confidential information usage. We assure the full security of your information and data besides.


Excellent WebWorld gives a choice to you regarding the usage and collection of your personal information. More over it is not compulsory for you to provide any information to access our website. You can therefore make choice to opt out of giving such information.

Policy Modification

Whenever the need arises, we may update or change our Privacy terms. And you will be kept informed about the changes.

Contact Information

For any further doubts and questions regarding the Privacy Policy, you can Contact to Excellent WebWord in any convenient way.
As per the GDPR regulation, we fall into the category of the data processor and thus, we ensure to follow all the rules intended for the data processors.

Under GDPR Regulation:
  • You can request us to delete any of your personal information you don’t want to share
  • You can also request to stop processing your personal data
  • We ensure to inform you about any data breaches
  • We ensure to delete your personal data that is not needed to us