Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer to Accelerate your Website Development Process

If you are interested in saving on hiring costs, office space, and HR obligations for a web development team, hiring WordPress developers from Excellent Webworld is the best option to move forward. Our web development resource pool has some of the top WordPress experts ranking high on multiple developer sites.

We have multiple hiring models for you to choose from based on your work needs and budget concerns. With our WordPress designer and developer resources, you get a freelancer’s flexibility with the added benefit of a managed service.

We will focus on improving your enterprise’s or startup’s online market presence with our dedicated WordPress development services.

Suppose you are still on the fence about the idea of hiring dedicated WordPress developers. In that case, you can go for our 40-hour paid trial to be in clear transparency of our working methodology and environment. When you hire dedicated WordPress developers from our team, you are signing in for a service with better stability and easier to scale up for your business.

By hiring Our WordPress developers with the right skills and experience, you can ensure that your WordPress website or application is built and maintained to the highest standards.Contact us Now.

  • Multi Platform Experience
  • Kick-Off Your Project In 24 Hours
  • 40-Hours Paid Trial
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • 200+ Developers To Choose From
  • Scalable team
  • Managed Agile team
  • End to End Services
  • Managed Process
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Reporting

Hire the best WordPress specialist for any scope of work.VIEW PRICING

Short-Term Tasks
Recurring Projects
Full-Time Contract
Dedicated Team

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We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality



4 to 6 Years of Exp. Senior Developer 160 hours



Build a SCRUM Team of 5 Developers

The Technical Stack Utilized by Our WordPress Developers


  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • MySQL
  • Cloud Firestore


  • Genesis Framework
  • YARN
  • Next.js
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • Material UI


  • Liquid Template
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • TypeScript
  • PHP 7
  • PHP
  • TypeScript 3
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 5


  • Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
  • MacOS
  • WordPress
  • Contentful
  • Firebase
  • WooCommerce
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Shopify
  • Netlify


  • Google Maps API
  • React
  • Reactstrap
  • Stripe API
  • Google Maps
  • React Redux
  • Stripe
  • Liquid
  • Spotify API
  • Vimeo API
  • Google API
  • Google APIs
  • Node.js


  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Vagrant
  • GitHub
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe
  • FileZilla
  • Sublime Text 2
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Amazon Cognito
  • NPM
  • Terminal
  • Git
  • Firebase Authentication
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • Sublime Text 3
  • Sublime Text
  • Stripe Checkout
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MAMP

Why Hire Remote WordPress Developers from us?

When you get WordPress programmers for hire from our firm, you get the benefits of real-time project tracking, seamless communications, and positively proven methodologies. But besides all these apparent benefits, here are some technical skill sets that our WordPress specialists bring to the table.


Creating and modifying custom WordPress Plugins and Themes


Proficiency with basics of HTML5 and CSS3 to build and edit WordPress pages


Experience working with WooCommerce and other e-commerce plugins


Build reusable code and libraries for future use


Implement and maintain high-quality SEO policies


Experience with the responsive and adaptive design


Extensive knowledge of modifying existing theme templates


Knowledge of existing inbuilt WordPress functions


Creation of custom post types

Time to hire dedicated WordPress developers for your web project

Our WordPress programmers’ goal is to build websites for you that have revenue-focused deliverables for your business and human-focused designs for the end-users. The WordPress experts play at the forefront of the WordPress ecosystem to give your business website the best chance to get recognition and consistent user retention all through the year. Hire dedicated WordPress resources for your project from Excellent Webworld.

How to choose the right WordPress developer?

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Outsource WordPress Developers from Us: The Better Choice than In-house or Freelancers

Hire remote WordPress developers from us and get the best of both worlds: the expertise and accountability of an in-house team, with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of freelancers.

In-House Excellent-Webworld-logo-header Freelancer
Cost Expensive Cost-effective - Fixed or hourly rates Lower rates, but quality and reliability can vary.
Availability Full time Flexible work hours (Monthly, part time & full time) Varies based on the freelancer's schedule and commitment
Tracking of Hours Need to Purchase Desktime software for screenshot & Timetrack Work on Multiple Project no tracking
Free Trial Not possible 7 days free trial No Option
Weekend Support No Yes No
Dedicated Resources yes Yes No
Project Manager Extra Cost No Cost on Hiring Team No
Agile Development May Be Yes No
Termination Cost High No No
Quality Assurance QA team adding to costs. Rigorous testing and QA processes With QA team QA depends on the freelancer's practices.
Expertise Limited to the skills and expertise Team of experienced and certified developers Varies widely depending on the individual freelancer's skills
Team Collaboration Collaborate seamlessly but may lack external insights. Collaborative work environment with cross-functional teams Limited collaboration, usually working in isolation.
Project Managment project management is possible but adds to costs. Project managers ensure timely delivery, quality, and requirements. May or may not have project management skills.
Flexibility Limited flexibility need additional training for new technologies. Adaptable to changing project requirements, technologies, and industry trends. May be flexible for short-term projects
Tools & Security Need to Purchase all tools licences Zoho, Jira, Firewall, Github, Source control,bitbucket May Not Use all Tools

Our Recent Projects

We always believe in serving our clients with best and effective solutions that enables them to get over the startup challenges. Here we’ve showcased a few applications built by our experts based on client requirements.

Skriti - eCommerce Marketplace

After looking at our GoodFirms profile, this Texas-based client inquired about building an eCommerce marketplace dedicated to buying & selling various items like clothes, accessories, footwear. They wanted to clone the existing shopping app with a few customizations. Here’s how this project went!

Skriti Client Image

Reme Miah - Founder at Skriti

What is the Platform Skriti All About

ABCtogo - Liquor Delivery

Our dedicated developers successfully delivered a liquor delivery app development project. We created a website & app to order alcohol in North Carolina, USA. The highlight of this app is the curbside pickup which attracts more people to attain this service. Click to read more about this project!

Vann Duggins - Product Owner

abc app

Hirely - On Demand Marketplace

Get everything you need at your doorstep with this errand service app. Right from buying goods to cleaning floors, everything is under one roof via Hirely – the on-demand marketplace app. Explore what is the app about and how our contributions helped it succeed!

Hirely Client Image

Anantha Rishitha - Founder at Hirely

hirely app

Peppea - Taxi Booking & Car Rental App

One of our clients from Kenya approached us to build an all in car rental and taxi booking app "Peppea". Peppea contains so many unique features that make it one of the best taxi apps in Kenya.


Eric - CEO, Maridady Motors


FAQs: WordPress developer for Hire

If you observe a WordPress page coding, you’ll notice that the code behind the page is pretty straightforward. And with thousands of themes and plugins available, you can improve and increase your WordPress website’s functionality even with different WP developers in the future.

Also, WordPress websites are very friendly for search engine optimization (SEO) practices and relevant to any marketing-related content aimed at the site, as well as provide quick and accurate site analysis.

So, in simple words, WordPress is definitely worth the money for your website development project.

WordPress is far superior to Wix when it comes to features, the number of useful plugins, and a virtually infinite number of themes to choose from. Wix is popular because it is easy to use for a non-programmer, but this ease comes at a high cost of losing development flexibility.

In short, Wix may seem attractive, but it stands no chance compared to what WordPress has to offer.

WordPress is and will stay the granddaddy of all open-source website building platforms. The popularity of WordPress is only growing, and all the businesses and solo players who initially went to site-building platforms like Wix and Strikingly have realized their limitations and shifted to the more mature WordPress platform.

WordPress is open-source and completely free to use the platform, so this saves a good amount on your budget as there are no licenses needed. Besides that, WordPress development is one of the easiest ways to create a website.

But the precise amount of what it will cost to develop your particular website depends on several factors. Factors like:

  • What site features do you wish to integrate?
  • Do you want a ready-made theme or custom design?
  • How many plugins (and which ones) do you want to integrate?
  • What is the level of complexity your site will work upon?
  • What level of experience do you want in your hired WordPress developer?

Once we get the answers to these questions, we can create a ballpark estimation for the cost to build your WordPress website.

Building your own WordPress website is like learning piano. The basics are quite simple and easy to grasp, but mastering the instrument entirely is a tedious and time consuming task. So, you can easily create a basic WordPress website with a ready-made theme, but if you wish to get the best out of this platform, you need a maestro who has been working with WordPress for several years.

The cost to hire a WordPress developer (remote, dedicated) depends on a different basis – development platform, type of app, design complexity, pages, features, and functionalities. However, it should cost you between $35 and $70. To hire a dedicated team, we have special packages and models to offer you. Get in touch with us for the same.

Yes, you can hire dedicated WordPress developer who can further build your website. Pay the fees per hour or on a project basis.

The best way to hire dedicated WordPress developer is to follow this procedure:
1. Jot down the business needs considering the aims.
2. Hire developers from the best company, for instance, Excellent Webworld.
3. Check their portfolio and references, talk to old clients, etc.
4. Ensure their communication skills are top-notch.