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It will be a lifelong debate whether the Plex application and many other similar streaming platforms are disrupting or reshaping the media and entertainment industry. The on-demand video streaming subscription in the US will rise from 44% to 45.2%.

Estimates were made that the figure of digital video viewers would rise above 248.9 million.

Plex is the union set of all the other streaming platforms. Plex has a little bit of all features that other streaming platforms have.

We chose Plex for our ‘App of the Week’ section since it is leading the entertainment sector in present times. Other sections of this article will give you more information on how this app works, various features, the cost of building a similar streaming app, and much more.

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What is Plex

What is Plex? – Overview of Plex Streaming Quality

If asked to describe what is Plex app and what does it do – it would be safe to say that Plex is an easy media server management with free streaming content. The application enables the users to experience full entertainment in its truest means.

The app serves multiple types of users. This implies that a user hoards movie cassettes and CDs can use the Plex app as a media server. On top of that, the platform has a wide collection of top streaming movies and shows. Thirdly, you can also stream music on this app.

Adding more to this, the Plex reviews are mostly positive. Although it is an ad-based video streaming and on-demand platform, it attracts audiences from over 200 countries across the globe.

“Is Plex free?” – a common question! Plex streaming and server application offers a free and premium version. Plex pass brings with it the Plex premium benefits. The app also allows the users to stream 200+ LIVE television channels.

How Does Plex Work & How to Use Famous Streaming Media Service??

The setup procedure on Plex is tremendously easy. Whether you are organized or not, the Plex server groups the files on its own. Admin user owns the server and is also authorized to add more users. The Plex server lets the audience play the media on any device.

The Plex app algorithm is so smart that it adds title cards and briefs about the films or shows by itself. It ensures that the user’s library looks good.

Without a doubt, buying media servers are not worth many dollars. However, the unique organization of files and its attractive interface set Plex apart from its competitors.

There is a highly customizable sidebar on Plex. You can pin music, TV shows, and movies on Plex libraries that you will need to access time and again. Furthermore, you can treat this application like an on-demand app. You may share your library with other users also.

Since there is a diversity of users who use this app, advanced settings are available. For instance, the viewer can adjust the streaming quality according to their preferences.

How Does Plex Work

Screenshots of the Plex App

Before installing the app, here are a few glimpses from the application we picked especially for you.

Screenshots of the Plex App

Mind Blowing Features of Plex App

Plex is a feature-rich on-demand video streaming application. Giving you a peek into its list of features:

Features of Plex App
  • Media library organization
  • Various device access
  • LIVE TV streaming
  • Online/offline streaming
  • Plex pass benefits (in-app purchasing)
  • Guest login
  • Plex watch together watchlist
  • Shared server
  • Cast screen
  • Discover (Beta version)

This is What Excellent Webworld Loved About the Plex App!!!

As we saw in the previous section, the Plex app is rich in features. However, there are two things that we liked about the Plex app.

Auto-Organize Libraries Icon

Auto-Organize Libraries

The smart mechanism of the Plex on-demand mobile video streaming application compiles and re-arranges all the libraries on its own. This automatic feature arranges according to the genres.

Advanced Settings Icon

Advanced Settings

These setting options are a level ahead of the basic ones. Users can adjust the 1-tap track playing, limiter, caching, preamp, and many more features according to personal preferences.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Plex?

Building a video streaming application requires developers and designers with high-caliber skills and experience. This should cost you anywhere between $30k and $60k. We usually suggest our clients to first launch an MVP version of their app.

Note – The above figures are just estimates. Consult our business analyst team for a clearer quote.

Plex App is Available to Download On!

You can easily install Plex web app and also the Plex mobile app on your android and iOS devices.

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App Store

To build a comprehensive platform like Plex, you need by your side a supportive digital tech partner. There’s no better choice than Excellent Webworld. Reach out to a trustworthy media and entertainment app development company to start building a streaming application.


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FAQs About Compass App – Navigation Application

Before you ask how much does plex cost, let us tell you that there are various plans available on Plex to get a Plex pass – $5 per month, $40 per year, or $120 for a Plex lifetime pass.

There are several steps to follow to use or watch Plex on TV. As follows:

  • Install the app on your device.
  • Run the program and sign up.
  • Add libraries of songs, podcasts, movies, shows, LIVE Plex TV channels, etc.
  • Identify and activate the best Plex server.
  • Repeat the same on other devices you want to access the Plex app.

Plex app is a great free media server. It also offers a paid version for more features.

Yes, the Plex app is safe, legal, and free to use.