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What Is a Thumbtack App

What Is a Thumbtack App? Know The Reasons Behind Its Huge Popularity

A thumbtack website is a place that enables people to find, hire, and review service providers.

It boasts many professionals and business experts in various fields, including health and wellness, photography, home improvement, and pets.

The app is beneficial for both customers and professionals. The former get to hire qualified people to manage daily duties. The latter have the opportunity to market their expertise and create revenue.

However, the platform’s advantages go well beyond that. You will also see estimates of popular services provided in your profession. Using this information, you may establish prices that align with the market.

In addition, many free encyclopedia-like guides are available on a wide range of topics. Many service providers use Thumbtack for advertising their services to potential customers. Thumbtack features offerings from over 400 different service providers.

Thumbtack for professionals app is a platform that allows gig workers and local company owners to offer virtually any kind of service to customers.

How Does Thumbtack App Work?

Thumbtack is the best home service app that connects clients who require home-based services with professional contractors. Here is how it works.

The customer specifies the service they require by typing in their requirements. Some examples of such services are taking care of pets and yards and fixing the plumbing.

The client provides some information and is then given a list of potential contractors to choose from. Customers can narrow down the field by specifying additional job information.

From there, clients can study professional contractor profiles and determine which domestic services provider they want to contact for an estimate.

After a contractor and client have agreed to work together, the relationship will transition from Thumbtack to the contractor’s customer relationship management system.

Customers can use Thumbtack without spending a single penny on finding service providers. Once a quote is accepted and the task is complete, clients will have to pay directly to people working at home service networks.

How Does Thumbtack App Work

Screenshots of the Thumbtack App

The Thumbtack UI is worth watching as it is so easily accessible to everyone. Take a look at these alluring app designs:

Screenshots of the Thumbtack App

Some Crucial Features of the Thumbtack App

Features of the Thumbtack App
  • Service Provider
  • Job Profile
  • Review & Reviews
  • Job Posting
  • Easy Payment Integration
  • Communication
  • Search & Match
  • In-app Chatting

Two Features of Thumbtack That Makes The App Unique

Tasker Profile Icon

Tasker Profile

Each tasker, a person skilled at offering specific solutions, can build their profile. They are free to set their portfolio, pricing, and preferences.

Thumbtack Guarantee Icon

Thumbtack Guarantee

Not all platforms offer a money-back guarantee, but Thumbtack does. It provides property damage protection to customers who hire professional contractors through the platform.

Development Cost of Thumbtack App

Developing an application akin to Thumbtack Pro app might cost between $15,000 and $50,000. Because each company’s vision and objectives are unique, the cost of producing an app similar to Thumbtack will vary. There are other aspects involved in determining the total cost of app development.

Aside from these factors, any last-minute expenses could boost the cost of developing a Thumbtack jobs application. After discussing your project’s primary needs with the mobile app development business of your choice, you may obtain an estimate of the average development cost.

Download the App for Android & iOS

You can download the App from Play Store and App Store

app of play store
App Store

The popularity of on-demand applications has skyrocketed, and a service like Thumbtack can attract many users and help them with extra money using their skills. You need a top-notch app development team to create a successful Thumbtack Pro app.

As an experienced on demand app development company, we always strive to build the best solutions per the client’s requirements. Also, Excellent Webworld has expertise in every industry niche you can think of.


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Yes, Thumbtack is a legitimate app and one of the good options if you want to make a side hustle as a part-timer.

Thumbtack is a free to use App. You only pay for credits that you spend to obtain leads through websites. If the customers choose your profile and want to communicate with you, you must pay the credits.

According to the CB INSIGHTS, Thumbtack’s valuation in July 2021 was $275 million. If you also want to achieve this target, you can build an app like Thumbtack.

The Thumbtack makes money through credit, which professionals use to send customer quotes. They only pay to quote, and Thumbtack does not charge commissions on jobs professionals complete.