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How to Create a Dating App?

Fall 4 Dating is a unique dating app that has been inspired by the best in the location-based dating business apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid.

The perfect balance of the best features from these successful apps along with a personalized touch makes this app a superior choice for users.

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Our Aim for the Project

The client came to us with hundred questions rolled into one, how to create a dating app?”. He had a clear goal from the first day.  He was looking for trending Dating App Development Service that is the amalgamation of all the best existing features in other apps.

Our dating app development strategy was to not just get inspired from the best apps in the world but also to improve anything that they lacked in. While our marketing strategy for our client was to beat the same competitors at their own game.

We were required to make the app for both the leading mobile platforms; Android and iOS app. We understood the threat to privacy and security that many users feel and have experienced on other such dating apps. Hence we worked on a fake ID detection feature for our client app.

Technology Stack: Android | iPhone | Firebase | PHP |

About Dating App

Top Dating App Features

As we mentioned above we wanted to create a dating app with every feature that the users are expecting. Also, we made sure to build all the best dating app features inspired by the competitors but better. So these are the features we worked on for dating app design:
  • Real & Verified People

  • Stories

  • Instant Chat

  • Edit Send Message

  • In-Message GIF

  • Multiple Packages

  • Photo Filter

  • Social Media Integrations

  • Video & photos

  • Boost Subscription

  • Turn On/Off Notifications

  • More Accurate Searches Using Machine Learning

Dating App Features List
Dating App Wireframe

Full Picture of Final Product

The final product sanctioned (rather, loved) by our client. To improve the digital dating experience, we built a user-friendly dating app with a fully secure platform to interact with others. We believed that build a tinder clone was a success when the best reviews were not just from our client but from the end user.
Dating App Development Solution
How to Create a Dating App

They Are Succeeding with Our Product, What About You?

If you are inspired by our clients’ motivation and our work, then there is no time to wait. Let’s discuss how we can make an app like Tinder and scale your business avenue with our digital solutions.