How to Make a Video Chat App like Houseparty?

Face to Face Social Network app for staying connected with your loved once

COVID 19 has forced people to follow health advisories and social distancing rules which compelled them to stay at home. But thanks to video chat apps and conference apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft team, Houseparty, and others. With just a few taps people could connect with their loved ones or employees with video calls. Also as work from home has become more common, businesses have started to use video chat platforms for having video conferencing. Among all these, Houseparty is becoming a go-to video chat platform for distant socializing. It is witnessing solid growth in the number of users.
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Why Should One Make a Video Chat app like Houseparty As a Startup?

A recent survey conducted in March suggests that along with other conference video call apps, Houseparty witnessed a 100%  surge of visitors who downloaded the app for connecting with their near family. People are loving the features this video calling app provides to stay connected. The app provides a more personal and social experience.

According to TechCrunch, Houseparty is mostly popular among Gen Z and rapidly growing in parts of Europe and elsewhere. For people who love to do virtual live house parties and play in-app games, Houseparty has come out as a savior in these chaotic times.

Top Video Chat App Like Houseparty
Houseparty ranked number 7 in Apple App Store for free apps- One slot- ahead of word’s most dominant social network Facebook.
Houseparty App Work

How Does Houseparty App Work?

Basically the app allows you to connect and video chat with 8 people at a time. It’s not like a Zoom and other conferencing apps where many people could join the conference and have a business conversation. Zoom is the best app for a conference video call but Houseparty is a more of a social and fun app.

A simple registration process allows any person with a minimum of 13 years of age to register in the app and allow them to connect through the video calls. The app is not for the public video chat, instead it allows video calls to users who are in their contact list.

The concept behind the app is to make people feel like they are going to a party. A virtual party actually! As soon as you open the app, your friends will be alerted that you are into “the house party”. So that they could also join the party and meet you face to face in a video app. If you are making a call to multiple family members or friends, the app splits the screen so that everyone on the call could easily talk to you. Apart from that, the app also offers secret chat room options through which you can invite your friends by sending a text link. The app not only allows you to meet your favorite people online but you can also play popular games like a Heads up! Trivia, Chip and Guac, and word race, quick draw, and more.

Screenshots of the Houseparty App

If you want to build a video chat app like Houseparty, then the app’s screenshots might be useful in developing the UI/UX of your app.
Here are its attractive screenshots.
Top Houseparty App

Features of Houseparty

  • Say Hi to Friends
  • Video Call Your Friends
  • Send Photos and Texts
  • Games (Heads up, Trivia, Chip & Guac, Word race, & quick Draw)
  • Facemail – Short Video Messages
  • Upload Bitmoji
  • Sneak in the House
  • Ghosting
  • Lock chat room
  • Pass the Notes without leaving a party
  • Link Snapchat

Features of Houseparty App

What Did We Like in the App?


Sneak in the House

If you don’t want your friends to know while entering a party, you can hold down the app icon and sneak into the house without letting them know.


Have something to say urgently but your friend hasn’t joined the party? No worries, with this feature you could record your video message and send your friend.

Lock the Room

The feature lets you lock the room and only allow people you would like to access the room.


If a user has linked their Snapchat app, then they could upload their own personal emoji as a profile photo.


If you want to use the app but don’t want anyone to know that you use the app, then you can hit the ghosting button to activate it.

House Party is Available now in the App Store and Playstore!

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In the time of lockdowns and social distancing, people prefer to have some leisure and fun time with their family. These kinds of video social networking apps are really invoking an interest in people.

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