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zoom video conferencing app

How is the Zoom App Useful?

Zoom has become a verb. The reason? It worked!

The immense success of the Zoom App can be a learning curve for people thinking about building a video chat app. Many unique app ideas fail just because there is no demand for them in the market.

But, when you study the success story of the Zoom App, then it took the app a very long time to succeed. And when the time was right, the App was the 5th most downloaded mobile app ‘Worldwide’ in 2020 at 477.3 million downloads.

So, How Is the App Aiding People?

Since the pandemic, banks, universities, government agencies worldwide, and funeral services have used the Zoom App. People have flocked to the app services to keep up with office meetings, friends, digital clubs, and even weddings.

Zoom has become the king of virtual meetings, but you might be dwelling on the thought that will these services survive after the pandemic is over?

Now, even after the world comes to its standard terms, the download continues to increase at a stunning rate. Reason? People like this new way of meeting people.

Zoom-like apps save people a lot of time commuting and never miss an important event. Even now, important meetings among the government are conducted on the application.

Take a Glance at the App’s Design.

If you plan to develop an app like Zoom, you can see the app screenshots. Check out the UI/UX design of this fantastic app.

screenshots of zoom application

How Does the Zoom App Work?

Zoom App- where people’s social & work-life unfold!

Let’s get into how the App works!

Download the app. Once done, sign up by entering your details. Please make sure you are older than 16 years as you aren’t eligible below this age (unless it’s for School)

Next, the app asks you to enter a work email but providing your personal email would also work. Instantly, you would get the invitation mail at the provided email address.

After verifying your email address, fill in your first and last name and set a password. Now, you would be a personal meeting URL- click the option of ‘start meeting now’ to test the meeting.

To open a meeting, click the ‘sign in’ button at the bottom of the screen. Enter your login information and tap the ‘sign in’ button on the next screen. Your test meeting will open in the app.

To invite people to the meeting, tape ‘participants’ and then the ‘invite’ button on the next screen. By doing this, you would be able to send invites via message, Gmail, Messenger, or copy the link on your phone’s clipboard and send it to whosoever you wish to join the meeting.

zoom app for android

Top Features of the Zoom Application

zoom app for iphone
  • Video Calling
  • Audio Calling
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Share Screen
  • Search
  • Messaging
  • Rooms
  • Workspaces
  • Transfer Calls

Zoom App Development Cost

It would be too vague to get the exact costing of developing an app like Zoom, and the best way to estimate the cost would be to obtain a price quote from an app development company. Usually, you might have to spend around  $50,000-$80,000 to build an app like Zoom.

Apps Available On!

You can download the Zoom Application for Android and iPhone.

app of play store
App Store

Zoom’s massive ‘overnight success’ took nine years. Today, the app is ruling on the App Store and Play Store. The Zoom App success story is all about believing in your idea and waiting for the right time.

If you too have a unique idea, connect with an app development company and make your dream a reality!


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