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What Is Open Chat AI

What Is Open Chat AI? Let’s Do Deep Learning

Shortly, AI will change the whole game with its intelligent processes, machine learning, and deep learning techniques. To briefly describe what an Open chat AI is, it is an Open Chatbot AI developed by OpenAI, a company in San Francisco. The conversational chatbot works on GPT-3, the top language model, and is built on fine-tuned technology.

This word-famous AI chatbot launched on 30th November 2022 on a trial basis and a free version to check the credibility and its working functionalities. Due to its unique and distinguishing features and operational methods, it has gained massive popularity in just a month. It has been viral on all social media platforms and has been highly praised recently.

Open Chat AI is your friendly chat assistant with multiple language replying capabilities. It allows you to share your conversation as screenshots on any social media, gives you personalized responses based on your searches, and even plays games with you.

How To Use Chat GPT App?

GPT AI Chat Assistant is here to make your life easier. The AI Chatbot is a programmed tool to help humans interact with it naturally and receive a human-like response from the other end. Open Chat AI was initially programmed to respond to customer queries, but with increasing and varied chat GPT app uses, it can be used in unlimited scenarios.

But, you must be wondering, how does it work? Open Chat AI functions on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique. Interactions with others may it be human or machine, is the basis of the growth of human intelligence and progress. Supporting these interactions, GPT Chat has been a revolutionary development. With this AI chatbot, having a robust model and research-based learning by the GPT Chat App, humans can even communicate and receive a humanized reply from a bot.

Open Chat AI is an intelligent, engaging chat companion with human-like dialogue capabilities. This AI chat assistant replies to all the legit questions and queries. It is an AI writing assistant that helps compose essays, emails, and professional and friendly letters and writes all communication messages. This GPT chatbot helps you with coding, even pointing out the errors in your code, and gives suggestions for corrections. Using its philosophical side, this GPT AI chatbot writes stories, poems, and even sonnets.

How To Use Chat GPT App

Understanding The App With The Help Of These Intriguing Screenshots

Open Chat AI – an AI-trained Chatbot is a personal AI assistant who answers all your questions. Look through these screenshots to better understand the app.

Open Chat AI Screenshots

Robust Features Of The Chat GPT App

Robust Features Of The Chat GPT App
  • Answers to all queries
  • Easy live chat
  • Personalized & Multilingual responses
  • Translates your texts
  • Writes an article
  • Writes a code & debugs errors
  • Write a story/poem
  • AI-based games

2 Top Features Of Open Chat AI App That Make It Stand Strong in AI Chatbot App Market

These two features of chat GPT make this app the best and most user-friendly AI Chatbot.

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Share AI Chat GPT Conversations

You can share your chatbot conversations with your contacts directly. The conversations can be in the form of long screenshots or text on any of your favorite social media platforms. You do not require to download the chats before sharing.

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Personalized Responses

As a conversational AI chatbot, it learns your interests and preferences and responds to you with a more personalized reply to your queries. You feel as if you are speaking to a close friend giving thoughtful answers to your intuiting questions.

Development Cost Of an App Like GPT AI Chatbot

Many aspects of development determine the cost of developing an Open GPTChat App. The main elements that account for cost estimation are the features of the app, the time required to complete the project, designing concepts, the tech stack to be used, and the developers working on your project.

However, to give you an approximate idea, the cost range – $15,000 to $50,000 – should be considered for your budgeting.

Note: the price mentioned above is just an estimate. The actual cost may not be same as the estimated cost, as it depends on the your customized requirements.

Open Chat AI Is Available On

Open Chat AI App is available as a web platform for browser users. And in Android devices for convenience to its mobile users.

app of play store

The reason you are reading through this brief introduction is because you want to build an AI-supported Open Chat AI bot app. And to execute this purpose and give a positive push to your business, you will need an experienced Android app development company. You can also go for an iOS version of this App by approaching an iOS app development company because this App has no competitor in the iOS platform. For assistance with designing and developing an app like Open Chat AI, discuss the ideas that come up in your mind, and we will make them live.

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ChatGPT is a free version. However, ChatGPT Professional is a paid version.

ChatGPT is just Introduced to Android 6, 7, and higher versions. And it recently changed its name to “Open Chat AI – Miko AI Chat Bot.”

To register on AI Chat GPT App, you can sign up using a google or a Microsoft account or any of your other email accounts by manually entering the details. The next step is to enter a valid working phone number, where you will receive an OTP from OpenAI for confirmation. You will need to enter this confirmation number to complete the registration process.

GTP-3 is an AI-based application that can be programmed and is supported by GTP-3 language model processing. GPT-3 chatbots have several benefits, like language translation and generating text for chatbots and related applications. The text produced by this bot resembles human speech and has about 175 parameters, making it the most sophisticated AI language-processing application in the market. These parameters help it to produce the aptest reply to the question.