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San Francisco, California, USA

What is Wonolo App

What is Wonolo App?

The full form of the word WoNoLo is ‘Work Now Locally’. Its initiation was led by founders AJ Brustein and Yong Kim to help individuals find jobs nearby their preferred area easily. This on-demand staffing app helps find flexible jobs for the user’s work flexibility and timings.

It currently has a massive marketplace for on-demand jobs in more than 27 cities in the USA.

There are two parties involved:
✔️ Job seekers are called ‘Wonoloers’
✔️ Job providers are called ‘Requesters’

The only requirements that need to be met to get a job through this executive staffing solutions app are:
✔️ Pass the background checks
✔️ Living in the USA is mandatory
✔️ Age above 18 years
✔️ Legally authorized to work in the USA.

The Wonolo is legit and provides complete job solutions for all from students to people already employed and seeking flexible jobs to earn additional income. It is a one for all solution for users who are finding temporary and permanent employment.

How Does Wonolo Work?

Trust us!
Finding work with the help of the Wonolo app is a straightforward and flexible job from the start of the signup process, the number verification, on-the-spot pic upload, name, and Gmail addition. And after that, according to the end-user’s area, it will give the information and list related to the nearby jobs.

After the signup, approval, and background checks, a user can access the platform. The Wonolo app offers some unique features that are highly beneficial for Wonoloers, like earning a badge from the company to get better future opportunities. Furthermore, they can also access the ‘Swag Shop’ where users can get customized Wonolo products.

After the end-user completes the job, ratings are given. Note that higher ratings lead to more chances of getting a better job.

Then, the Wonoloers complete their job, and ratings are given. Though, note that with higher ratings and better Wonolo app reviews, there are better chances of getting a better job in the future. Besides, the recruiters will pay through Stripe after the work is approved and the ratings are given for that specific job.

How Does Wonolo Work

Take a Sneak Peek Into This Amazing On-Demand Staffing App With These Screenshots

You may be intrigued to take a look at how the app looks like. Here’s an overview of this executive staffing solution.

Wonolo App Screenshots

Remarkable Features of the Wonolo App

Wonolo App Features
  • Location trackers
  • Find work & workers
  • Job & payment preferences
  • Multiple job types
  • Managed services
  • Preferred Wonoloer
  • OAI (Occupational Outstanding Insurance)
  • Calculator for staffing costs
  • Research filters

2 Amazing Features That Make It More Desirable to Download Wonolo App

Wonolo Hub Icon

Wonolo Hub

The entire feature is exclusively there for the Wonoloers; they get access to Wonolo up, earn badges, Wonolo U, Hiring bonus, Swag Shop, Wonolo Shop, Community services, and many more. Mainly, the users of the Wonolo app get this feature as a one-stop solution for all their job-related needs.

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Background Checks

Background checks is the feature that makes employment-providing tasks easy for companies looking for candidates in a specific job. The app makes it convenient to find transparency and reliability within the community by scanning the Wonoloers’ background.

What Is the Development Cost of Making an App Like Wonolo?

  • If you plan to build an MVP of on demand staffing apps, it will cost you around $10,000 to $15,000.
  • The best job finder’s software and web platform will cost around $20,000 to $30,000.
  • Finally, the fully functional Wonolo-like app development cost is around $35,000 to $50,000.

Note – The estimated costs are given to make an app like Wonolo. For more transparency, feel free to share your budget and POV with our consultants on call!

Wonolo App Is Available to Download From!

To download Wonolo app click on these links:

app of play store
App Store

Transform your idea of making an app like Wonolo through reliable on-demand app development services. It will help in upscaling your app and help your business to stand out amongst your competitors in the market.


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You can withdraw the job from the Wonolo app through these steps:

  • Tap on ‘My Jobs’ in your app
  • Now, select the job that you want to withdraw
  • Then, tap on the Withdraw
  • In the end, press the confirm button

Yes, the app charges a service fee of around 45% only after the provider approves the job as per the previous rating and performance of Wonoloer.

This on-demand staffing app derives revenue by charging the companies for posting the job after approval of around 45%.

The Wonolo payment typically takes place 1 to 5 business days after the job is completed, approved, and the status is updated in your account.