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How is the Planta App Useful?

Plants are the gorgeous way to style up your living space. Also, the most inexpensive way to jazz up the most boring rooms.

People have become fond of growing plants in their households. During lockdown buying plants turned into the next big pandemic trend.

Talking about the Planta App, it is a boon for plant lovers. Well, we could also say that the application acts as a personal assistant for the plants.

Certainly, it gives step-by-step guidance to take the best care of your green friends. Planta App briefs you about which plants best grow in sunlight and shades.

You can log the different types of plants at your home and let the app do the rest. Firstly, the app tracks the light intensity in one’s room in which your plants are placed. Secondly, it notifies you to water your plants. Lastly, it explains to you about different watering methods based on your baby’s needs.

Moreover, don’t worry if your plants are sick. You have the option of setting up a treatment plan.

If you plan to create an app to manage your agriculture, you can take inspiration from this best plant care app.

Take a glance at the App’s Design.

If you are thinking about developing a similar Plant care app, then check the UI/UX design of the Planta App.

planta app ui design

How Does the Planta App Work?

Plants fill the voids in our social lives & apartments with an influx of flora.

Firstly, you need to add where you would like to place the plant. There are various categories: kitchen, living room, porch, terrace, balcony, and much more!

Also, select the light conditions for that particular site. Once done, the plant app would track changes in the plant. You can also scan the plant and find out its name and details of it.

By selecting the ‘Find Plant’ option, you can explore numerous plants. Interestingly, the app briefs you about the plant’s characteristics and tells you whether it’s recommended for your home or not (taking into account the weather conditions of your area)

The Discover section is the most amazing part of the app. It provides you with collections of reading based on seasonal plants, air-purifying plants, and also updates you with a new plant every week.

You can either use the app’s free version or opt for a premium version of the app. The free version avails you the use of the options of water reminders and free reads too.

On the other hand, to use all features, you have to use the premium version which would cost you around $35.99 yearly.

With Plant App you can relax and sit back; the app will remind you when your plants need something.

planta app work

Top Features of the Planta App

plants app features
  • In-App Purchases
  • Location
  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostics
  • Plant Care
  • Discover
  • Light Meter
  • Plant Journal
  • Dr. Planta
  • Plant Recommendations
  • Smart Care Reminders

Planta App’s Development Cost

It’s amazing to have a Planta App that takes care of one’s plant. The process of managing plants seems so easy. Similarly, if you want to create an app to manage your agriculture, you take inspiration from Planta App designs and features.

You can connect with a mobile application development company and discuss your app idea. Based on the features you decide to include in your application, the company can give the cost of developing the app. We can give you a rough estimate of developing an app like Planta, it would cost you around $25,000-$60,000.

App’s Available On!

You can download the app from the App Store and Play Store.

app of play store
app of app store

Managing your plants or your agriculture tasks can become seamless with an app like Planta.

So if you are someone who wants to work on this unique app idea, then you can talk to our experts. Our team can guide you on how you can make the best app like Planta.


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