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What is the Premier League App

What is the Premier League App?

In the early 1990s, a series of tragic events took place. The violence and loss of life due to the stampede during matches resulted in the development of this English football league. And the Premier League app, in turn, helps the users keep track of their favorite football clubs, players, match statistics, and fixtures.

The 20 member clubs are shareholders of the Premier League. Every team plays 19 matches. Their main motto is to utilize the power, popularity, and potency of competitive football matches to instill inspiration in fans, groups, and communities of the United Kingdom.

The statistics say that the match broadcasts occur in 188 countries and 880 million houses. The Premier League application provides information like competition rules, centralized broadcasts, and numerous other commercial rights.

A few of the 20 clubs which are an integral part of the Premier League are Manchester United, Brentford, Chelsea, Leicester City, and Liverpool.

How Does the Premier League System Work?

The application has a swift onboarding process. After a user has signed up, one can select the teams (clubs) they are interested in. A user can follow as many clubs as he wants of their choice.

Adding more to this, the Premier League’s official mobile app is the best companion for users who watch the matches. It adds to the drama and excitement of the games.

Next, they can choose whether they want to receive email updates about their favorite clubs. The app’s home page is a long scrolling page with tons of features and functionalities.

Users check the application regularly because they love staying updated in real-time:

  • Latest news
  • Latest results
  • League table
  • Upcoming fixtures

The entire app’s theme is white, violet, and magenta pink. It has a modern design with an excellent aesthetic UI.

How Does the Premier League System Work

View the Premier League Through Our Eyes – Screenshots

Found the nearly neon and bright colors attractive? Want to view the app? Check out a few screenshots below.

Premier League Screenshots

Eye-catching Features of Premier League

Features of Premier League App
  • Manage fantasy Premier League team
  • LIVE streaming on Matchday
  • Fixtures & results
  • Real-time updates in goals & scoreboard
  • Video HL of best players/goals
  • Featured news of favorite clubs
  • Detailed position statistics (Forward, Defender, Goalie, etc.)
  • Player & club profiles

2 of the Many Features of the Premier League App

We know by now you are convinced that the Premier League application is the best digital destination for football statistics and club insights. Here are the two best features:

Player and Club Profile Icon

Player & Club Profile

Want to know about your favorite player or club? Simply check out the history, background, and experience of the player or club you support. This aids in building the fantasy football Premier League app.

Video Recording Icon

Watch Greatest Moments of the Entire League

The user doesn’t need to do any R&D on the net. One can watch the best moments of the Premier League on the app itself.

Football Premier League App Development Cost

  • A basic MVP should cost between $10-12k.
  • Creating a sports theme software or web platform should cost you roundabout $20-35k.
  • A full-fledged application can cost about $50-60k.

Note – Although we broke the costs down for you, you can share your POV and budget with our consultants on a call. We would be happy to help you!

App’s Available On

Fantasy soccer app in the Premier League web version is available for desktop and laptop users. Additionally, users can use the application on thor Android and iOS devices.

app of play store
App Store

Are you planning to build a similar mobile or web platform for other sports? Only an experienced sports app development company can help you develop and design a football app like Premier League. Discuss your rough ideas with our team, and we will help you transform your idea into a legit application.


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The steps to leave a public league in the Fantasy Premier League app are very easy. Simply go to Settings and tap on ‘Leave League’. For confirmation purposes, the application will ask you to enter your password. Voila! You have exited a public league in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) app.

As of now, you cannot change your name or your team’s name in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Premier League (PL) is an official and legal application for those users who like to keep track of their favorite players, clubs, and communities.