60 million. A number of Fantasy sports players in the US only.

In fact, the global fantasy sports market is expected to cross USD 1 Billion by 2026.

This manifests the fortune one gets in the fantasy sports industry. The scheme of picking up different players, and then betting on them based on their previous performance has come into action for decades.

Let’s talk about the current scenario!

Adding more to fortunes, digitization gave a boost to the fantasy sports tech industry. In today’s time, fantasy sports websites and apps are ruling over the minds of people across the globe.

Year by year, there is a rise in the count of fantasy apps. Some of the popular fantasy sports apps are the Fanduel app, Draftkings, and so on. Of course, this scene has definitely let many entrepreneurs and startup enablers step down into fantasy sports app development.

So, the main question is why and how to create a fantasy sports website and app?

However, before getting into the sports betting app development, let’s understand why you need an online platform for your fantasy sports business.

Why Do You Need Fantasy Sports App Development?

We all know the time is for digitization, and to be competitive an online platform plays a crucial role. Sports tech startups are ruling in today’s time, henceforth we can say that it is an ideal time for startups in this industry. With a fantasy sports app, you can seamlessly manage your entire business, and give your users the flexibility to enjoy their favorite sports.

A study predicts that the fantasy sports market is growing rapidly. The market size is expected to reach $48.6 billion by 2027. The most popular game categories for fantasy sports software are cricket, football, hockey, baseball, and basketball.

Most businesses gain huge profits via their fantasy sports application or website. And, this shows why you need an online platform for your sports betting business.

Here are some factors and research that help you to focus on the sports that you must add to your fantasy sports website and app.

popular fantasy sports

How Does Fantasy Sports App Development Work?

Before you get into the digital world of fantasy sports, you must know about the working of sports betting apps. Let’s get started with it!

Firstly, the users will build up a virtual team of real players. Later these teams compete with each other on the results of the real game being played on the field.

To give you a perfect overview of the same, here are a few steps that a fantasy sports app follows.

Step 1: Choosing the Match

Once you’re done with the login and verification thing, you need to select the match for the day.

Step 2: Build Your Own Virtual Team

Let us explain this step with an example of a cricket match. You need to build a team of 11 players (you can choose the players from any team). Additionally, there are many ways of forming a team. Some of the popular ways of forming a team are Offline Drafting, Auction Based, Serpentine, and so on.

Step 3: Captain & Team Division

Based on the statistical data of players, you have to select a captain for your team. Point to take note here, users can create multiple teams at their convenience.

Step 4: Working on Team

Make changes in your team whenever needed. As per the rules, you’re allowed to modify the team at any moment of the time.

Step 5: The Final Results

So, the final thing which all of us wait for – The results of the match! Each player in your team receives a few points and the one team which got the most points is the winner of the day.

Sounds interesting! Now you got why people are so much into sports betting app development.

It’s time to get an answer to the most curious question going on in our minds i.e how to create a fantasy sports app.

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How to Create a Fantasy Sports Website & App?

Let’s start with fantasy app development!

Probably, there are a few steps that you need to take before you go for the actual mobile app development process.

Step 1: Research on Your Sports App

Decide on which sports game you are going to include in your fantasy sports app development. Make a research on the competitors’ apps, and try to include some unique functionalities that could draw the attention of the users.

Step 2: Decide the App Development Platforms

Are you going to build an app for Android and iOS? Have you decided on the tech stack for your application?

Always remember, when you’re finding an answer for how to create a fantasy website or app – you are 100% sure with technology to include. Because the performance of your application is highly dependent on the technology stack. There are a number of elements that could reflect if your tech stack doesn’t suit the app development.

Step 3: Select Fantasy Sports App Development Company

If everything is perfect, but the company you hire does not have experience in developing a fantasy sports app then it is a waste of time and money. Make sure you choose an experienced fantasy sports app development company that could reach your expectations. The same thing applies to fantasy sports website development too.

Step 4: UI/UX Design of Fantasy App

An app design is important in order to enhance the user experience and let users easily navigate through the application. Henceforth, it is advisable that you always pay special attention to the fantasy sports website design and its application too.

Add some attractive elements with lucrative color combinations. This would definitely attract users to your app.

Step 5: Features of Fantasy Sports App

Features are the heart of an application. Here are some essential features that you must include in your fantasy sports software.

User App
  • Login/Registration
  • User Profile
  • Create Team
  • Advanced Search
  • Details on Player
  • Event Details
  • Scoreboard
  • Create or Join League
  • Team Management
  • Rewards
  • Notifications
  • eWallet
  • Join Contest
Admin Panel
  • Admin Dashboard
  • User Account Management
  • Report Management
  • Customer Support
  • View Earnings
  • Managing Contest
  • Role-Based Dashboard
  • Reward Management
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Game Management

Step 6: App Launch Day

Now you’re ready with your sports app development, and it’s time to launch your application. Although, make sure that you build a pre and post-marketing strategy for your application launch.

It is advisable that after the app launch, you keep doing some activities in your application to keep users engaged with it.

Coming to the website thing, the process remains the same. All you need to do is decide on the technologies for the custom website development. So, that’s all how you can create a fantasy sports website and application.

Moreover, the fantasy app development cost will vary based on your requirements. Here are the few factors that let you get the approximate cost of the app/website development. It goes like the website/app development company you hire, features of the app, its platform, UI/UX design, and so on.

Bonus Point: You can get in touch with our experts for more information on the cost of your fantasy sports app development.

The very next question coming to mind is on revenue generation via fantasy sports apps. Peep into the below para for the details!

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Types of Revenue Generation for Fantasy Sports App

You know how to create a fantasy sports website or app, but what if you don’t know how to make money from your online platform. Here are a few most popular use cases that you can follow for your fantasy app.


Almost every popular app uses this monetization model in order to increase their revenue. Charge other companies by letting them advertise their brand on your online platform. While designing your application, you can keep a special place empty for advertisements. It is one of the most lucrative ways to generate revenue.

Enable Various Engagement Models

Allow your users to participate in multiple events. This will let you earn more through the contest fees. The content fees are also part of engagement models that enable you to gain revenue via your application. In short, build various engagement models to enhance the revenue via your application.

Include Participation Fees

There are many platforms that charge participation fees from the users and provide a bigger amount to the winner. Such apps keep a small portion of the amount with them, and the rest goes to the winner. You can apply the same to your fantasy sports app too.

Are You Ready To Build Your Fantasy Sports App/Website?

We hope all your points on how to create a fantasy sports website and app are now clear. All you need is a perfect fantasy app development company that can build your online platform based on your expectations and requirements.

Being an experienced software development company, we have got a team of professionals who can serve your needs. The team follows an entire mobile app development process just to make sure that your application is delivered on time and contains no bugs.

Have a word with our experts! Let’s brainstorm your fantasy app idea together!

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