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why is netflix popular

Why is Netflix Popular?

In our “App of the Week” column, this time we have “Netflix”. It is ruling the online entertainment industry with its amazing collections of content from all over the world. Looking at its success, many businesses are investing to create an app like Netflix.

Netflix is a gushing content provider that lets the users watch documentaries, movies, series, and more. It got a boost in the users especially after the lockdown in various countries due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The app is working as an entertainment provider in the life of people during this lockdown.

Netflix’s international streaming revenues have exceeded domestic revenues. After witnessing the success of best video streaming apps like Netflix, many startups have come up with similar applications.

“Netflix Users Spend Around 1 Billion Hours per Week Streaming Content“

Screenshots of The Netflix App

Screenshots of the Netflix App

How Does Netflix Work?

The main aim of Netflix is to provide the best entertainment to its subscribers. This entertainment company works on the subscription-based model. Various subscription plans are made available for the users based on the quality (SD, HD, Ultra HD) and a number of user access. Users can buy monthly or yearly plans based on their needs. The fact is looking at the success of Netflix business model, many entrepreneurs have started investing in the entertainment industry.

Netflix keeps on adding new content in a gap of a few days to keep users engaged to their platform. Every type of content is made available for all the age groups of users. And that is the main reason for its popularity.

Do you wish to enter this OTT entertainment industry vertical with your own streaming service app? What you need is an entertainment app development company as your technical partner.

Netflix App Work

Appealing Features of The Netflix like App

A few features which made Netflix the favourite app of many users.

Appealing Features of The Netflix like App
  • Set Up Multiple Accounts
  • Coming Soon Contents
  • Wishlist & Ratings
  • Special Kids Version
  • Skipping Introduction
  • Searching through Categories
  • Coming Soon Alerts
  • Limiting Data Use

Apps Avilable On!

You can download the from the Play store and App store

App of Play Store
App of app store

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