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During the recent pandemic, the educational institutes were closed for a long period. How would children spend their time? Comic book apps are one of the ways that entertain them in this leisure time.

This time in our App of the Week column, we have come up with one of the best comic apps – DC Universe. This digital comic book is now becoming part of every kid’s childhood. Explore the specialities and amazing features of DC comics app.

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What is the DC Universe App All About?

Have you ever been a fan of Batman, Superman or Wonderwoman? If yes, then comic books have been an integral part of your childhood.

Now think, what if we say that DC Universe comic app has every single comic to recall your childhood? Sounds Interesting, right? Evermore, this would be a perfect comic app for your kids to spend their leisure time.

You can connect to the other users of the app, and discuss various comics with them. Additionally, you can get the information about your favourite character like their origin, roles, powers, and so forth. Just follow your favourite comic hero or their storyline to get the latest update.

The new comics will be launched every week with some action-packed animations. All in all, it is a perfect comic app for comic lovers.

“Reports say that the DC Universe has the highest collection of more than 22,000 DC comics. It is more than any other comic app available”

How Does DC Universe Work?

So, interested to know about how the DC Universe works for the users? Let’s get into it!

The working of the app is quite simple. Just login into the app, and search for your favourite character. The comics related to them will be showcased to you. These comics come with some excellent animation which makes the reading more interesting. Download the comics offline, and read it anywhere and anytime.

In addition to that, the app lets you purchase the collection of your favourite comic hero. Get the latest news about the new comic launch or about story tales via notifications. Follow the comic characters to know their every activity.

You can download the app for free, but to get access to all the features you need to buy the subscription. It will cost you around $7.99 per month. Building a comic app like DC Universe is a lucrative and interesting business idea.

Comic App like DC Universe

Screenshots of DC Universe App

Have a look at the screenshot of the DC Universe comic app. It will help you to get a better idea on the UX/UI of the app if planning to build a similar one.
Screenshots of Comic Apps like DC Universe
Features of DC Universe App

Features of DC Universe App

The extraordinary features of the DC Universe App that makes it the favorite among comic lovers.

Social Media Login

In-App Chat

Action Packed Animations

Join DC Fans Community

Download & Read Offline

Shop From DC Collection

Follow Your Favorite Character

DC Encyclopedia

Cost Breakdown of DC Universe App


User Panel

Features Web App(hours) Mobile(hours) Approx Cost
Registration 16 24 $600
Social Media Login 12 24 $540
Read Offline 32 $480
Comics List 16 24 $600
Comics Video Play 32 48 $1200
Search For Comics 16 24 $600
Purchase Product 40 64 $1520
Choose the Comic Series 16 24 $600
Read News 16 24 $600
Follow Fav. Character 12 16 $420
Notifications 80 40 $1800
In-App Chat 40 40 $1200
Help Center 24 24 $720
Reviews & Ratings 32 40 $1080

Admin Panel

Features Hours Approx Cost
Create Sub-Admins 40 $600
Reports & Analysis 40 $600
Profile Management 40 $600
Video Management 80 $1200
Comics Management 80 $1200
Payment Management 40 $600
Subscription Plans 16 $240

Apps Available On!

You can download the apps from the Play Store and App Store.
Play Store
App Store
Building such a unique app will definitely attract users and make it popular in a short time. If you’re a creative person, and very much into such comics then building an app like DC Universe will be an ideal startup for you. The best part is developing such an app is quite easy these days by hiring a software development company.

Need more information for developing a comic app like DC Universe?

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