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wattpad app for readers

What is Wattpad App All About? – Overview at a Glance

When imagination gets wings, you fly in the world with your new ideas.

Drama. Romance. Thrillers. Historical Fiction. Spiritual. Fantasy. There’s no end to the genres on Wattpad for avid readers and writers.

Social media is an integral part of our lives. In the same line, Wattpad is a content publishing platform that allows users to share stories with their friends and family on other social media platforms.

Whether doing it for fun or as a serious profession – users can find heaven full of stories in numerous genres in this app for writers and readers.

The Wattpad story reading and writing app functions in both online and offline modes. Users can save the stories they want to read when they don’t have internet access. Furthermore, writers can type their content and then upload it on the app when they get an internet connection. It is the best app for writers and readers.

This app ranks at the top in the paid and free reading apps category. The app is equipped with story content in over 50 languages. Various languages that the Wattpad app offers make it stand apart from the rest of the reading and writing apps in the market.

Let’s dive deeper into the working of the best reading and writing app – Wattpad!

Screenshots of Wattpad – Best App for Reading

The beautiful orange and white UI of the Wattpad app is a home for both, i.e., readers and writers.
Here are a few screen captures to give you a sneak peek into a modern reading and writing app.

screenshot of the wattpad app

How Does the Wattpad App Work?

After signing up on the app, a user will get three options – whether he or she reads, writes, or both. Next, you can select what genre you are interested in. It allows you to make a selection of your choice, and then you land on the home screen.

Wattpad is simply the best app for reading that also enables the readers to save their favorite or current work in the Library section. Here you will be able to see the recent and trending works in your selected genres. Besides that, you can search for a particular story you have been looking for. You also get to flag a writer and show appreciation towards their work.

Conversely, if you are writing, you may view and edit the content from the story section. It’s like your notepad that you get to add the content for publishing. You also land at the opportunity of publishing your own book for free on this app.

The best part of this book publishing app is that you receive updates about the next volumes of the stories you have liked before.

The app keeps updating and debugging, hence providing the users with the best app experience.

On this note, let’s check the extraordinary features of the Wattpad app.

best app for readers

Incredible Features of Wattpad App

The Wattpad app users are called ‘Wattpadders.’ Well, being one, you can enjoy the following features.

features of wattpad app

Explore below:

  • Top trending titles
  • Build your library
  • Drop comments and leave feedback on stories
  • New chapter/volume alerts
  • Content available in 50+ languages
  • Various device syncing enabled
  • Curated recommendations by the app
  • Free upload for self-written & original stories
  • Ad-free reading (Premium version)
  • Online contests
  • Broadcasting messaging
  • Offline reading & writing

Cost of Developing a Creative Writing App & Reading App

Various factors like the region of the app development company, the prevailing rates, app features, UI, end-result UX, etc., help decide the final cost of developing the finest and best story writing and reading app. Yet, to give you a general idea on the figure of building a story reading and writing MVP, it can take up to 6 months and cost between $20,000 to $25,000.

App’s Available On

Wattpad app, the best story writing app, is available for download on Android and iOS.

app of play store
App Store

Reading and writing regularly are two habits one must imbibe to keep the creative side active. The on-demand story reading and writing app is the need of the hour. Also, such mobile apps can become handy when one wants to calm the mind.

To build the best app to read books offline for free can be a challenge. Choose the best mobile app development company for A-Z support for app designing, coding, and marketing.


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