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Online movie ticket booking apps are a new lucrative business model that is getting a lot of hype in the entertainment industry.
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About The Project

Who doesn’t love movie night? If someone says they don’t; they are lying my friend. It’s one of the present day luxuries that people love to experience. To enjoy this luxury with more comfort and less effort, many apps have been introduced like online ticket booking apps.

An Andhra Pradesh based entertainment startup, Cinemagola came to us with a project to build an online ticket booking app with a unique and bold look and all the latest bells and whistles. The aim of the app was to help its users to easily find and book tickets of movie shows in their city.

The thought was initially only for the end users, the moviegoers but then we expanded our vision and decided to take in the other big stakeholder in movie business, the theater owners. Our Cinemagola app became the first app to be launched in coastal Andhra and then expand to 3 of the nearby states.

Innovative App Features

  • Popular city listing

  • Find theaters & shows efficiently

  • Efficient search of theaters & shows

  • Easy ticket & seat booking

  • Checking available seats

  • Filter options for booking

  • New releases on top of the screen

  • Pre-book food and beverages

  • In-app chatting feature

  • Mini maps showing premise of theater

  • Coupons & deals

  • Earn money on referrals

  • Razor payment

  • Booking history

  • Theater management

  • Daily collection update


Explore the app

We developed 3 unique apps for Cinemagola; the first app was for the end user, the viewers. Besides that, we created an app for the theatre owners in the three states that Cinemagola is operational right now. We recently launched the third app, a quick booking Cinemagola app using which moviegoers can book tickets in a 3 step process.

  • Seat selection
  • Payment options
  • Final checkout

We have built the app for movie tickets booking with a new and impressive appearance. For the users’ ease, we integrated multiple payment modes like Netbanking, card, UPI, and in-app wallet payment option. The idea to save your card details worked as a charm and quickened payments, increasing the app revenue. To increase user engagement, we integrated social media sharing feature in the app.

The design of all the three apps of Cinemagola is based on a minimalist approach. Hence; the various users (moviegoers and theater owners) can quickly get to the features that they are searching. The booking process is also quite simple; check the available seats and book as per your convenience. The user can pay online through any of the multiple payment gateways.

For instance, the moviegoer will get the information about the number of available seats for every show from the search result. As a result; they don’t need to go all the way to selecting seats and then go back if it is unavailable. Similarly, the theater owner will get a push notification for each shows tickets sold and collections made.

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Do You Wish to Develop a Ticket Booking App like This?

Cinemagola is doing well not just in its local city but in three states around, and they are thinking to expand the operation to the whole country. Online ticket booking apps are doing good business in all the biggest app market like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you are thinking about making a plunge into this business, then we are behind you as your technology partner.