GITEX 2019: Witness Futuristic Smart Solutions For Every Business

What was our contribution?

Our show stoppers at GITEX 2018

In Gitex 2018, we presented some of the most original and functional smart solutions for different industries and business types.

Smart Home:

We introduced smart home solutions for architects, real estate agents, and builders. Our ready-made Smart home solution allows the users to control the home with IoT enabled devices.

The Smart Home can:

  • Control your entire home with voice commands
  • Operate the lights and change the hues
  • Change room temperature
  • Control the doors of home and garage
  • Operate electronic appliances with voice

Smart Parking :

An incredible solution to address the parking problems happened in the bustling cities. We are already delivering smart parking for a shopping mall in Kuwait.

The smart parking solution has:

  • Public Parking Discover the available parking spaces inside the neatest Parks, Malls, Museums, etc.
  • Private Parking Get notified instantly if someone parks in your private parking slot.
  • Rent parking Start your own business of providing Rent parking to other people.

It was a successful event for Excellent Webworld!

Our smart products were highly acclaimed by several Middle East businessmen, visitors, and majlises. The prolonged conversation and interactions lead to us getting several projects in smart parking and smart home.

Our success in GITEX 2018 encouraged us to bring out some new smart innovations this year. Our expertise and efforts in developing new smart products have paid off and we are coming with some cutting-edge quick to launch smart solutions and products this time as well.

What will we bring for you this year? (GITEX 2019)

After observing the rising inclination of people toward the smart systems we have worked and perfected some new smarter products. We will be showcasing for the very first time, our new line of ready-to-use smart solutions.

Smart Helmet

Our cloud-based smart helmet solution is going to transform the large-scale industries like Oil & Mining, Automobile, Construction, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Real Estate. With our IoT-enabled Smart Helmet, you can manage your workforce of tens, hundreds, or thousands from a single dashboard.

Keep an eye on every movement of your workers. It will help you to know if they are working or not and also give out information about the worker’s surroundings. The helmet houses multiple sensors that sense the worker’s health and the surrounding environment.

Our Basic Smart Helmet Features:

  • Wearer’s Location (GPS)
  • Map navigation
  • Proximity safety
  • Health monitoring (Skin Temperature)
  • Sensor Data collection

  • Humidity Check
  • Air Quality Check
  • Pollution Check
  • SOS Panic Button

Add-ons to Our Smart Helmets:

  • Access live support
  • Advance Health Monitoring (user’s heart rate, stress level, and fatigue)
  • Live Streaming Camera
  • Interconnected Devices

Smart Switch

Replace your old switches & integrate our compact smart switch module into it. You can control every switch of your home through a single mobile app from anywhere.The smart switches are the latest addition to our last year’s Smart Home Solution.

Our Best Ready-to-Market Solutions

Here are a few of our globally recognized 48-hour ready software solutions. We hold multiple projects portfolios in most of these solutions.

  • Mobile-Based Taxi App
  • Uber for Trucking
  • Ready Food Delivery App
  • School Management Solution

  • Event Management Portal & App
  • 311 Citizen Complaint App
  • Customer Complaint App
  • M-Commerce/E-Commerce Solution

Top Smart Solutions of GITEX 2019

About US

Excellent Webworld has been building Smart Products and Ready-to-Use solutions for the most superior enterprises from all over the world. We have expanded our operations in the Middle East to provide the most elite smart solutions like Smart Parking, Fleet Management, Service Provider, e-Learning, etc.

We have started working on unique and astute projects covering both our expertise: smart solutions and ready-to-launch apps.

The project, “Smart Healthcare + E-commerce” that brings two of the most powerful industries of the Middle East under a single umbrella.

Our R&D department always has a knack to create something exclusive, perceptive, and amazing, surprising our clients and garnering the love of their end-users.

Besides smart products, we also provide many quick to launch industry and enterprise digital solutions. We have a collective experience of 10+ years in building enterprise websites and mobile apps.

Glimpse Of Excellent WebWorld At GITEX 2019


Glimpse Of Excellent WebWorld At GITEX 2018