Client Overview

A few months ago; we were approached by the client to build an application for the reference guide for using essential oils along with the powerful inventory management system.

The aim was to help the sufferer of anxiety, stress, depression, and other health-related problems so that it is easy for the user to get the information quickly.

Aromascence is not any common eCommerce app; Aromascense is going to introduce a new eCommerce category.




Mobile development,UI/UX Design



AIM of The Project

The major goal of the project is to make an application that has all the collections of essential oils.

The secondary goal of this app is to make an application that has all the features of providing its user with the basic essential oils and customized essential oils. The app will reach out to the user with different health problems such as stress, insomnia, acne, appetite loss, infections, and other.

Aim of the project
Find essential oils app screen

Client Requirements

The client wanted to bring an inclusive solution to the problems encountered in the aromatherapy. He was aware of the fact that by having an application for this will make the user more aware of the essential oil and its advantages.

The client needed the UI to be aesthetically appealing and UX to be robust. She insisted on including inventory management system and customization options.

Challenges We Faced

  • Keeping the app updated constantly, so one can have fresh information with the recently added oils.
  • One of the major challenges was to manage custom data with generic data.
  • Choose which single oils and blends belong to a user and update the list as the collection grows.
  • Data referential integrity was applied when custom recipes and products came into existence.
challenges we faced
essential oils app custom data

Our Solutions

Our dedicated developers didn’t give up until the problem was solved. They found the proper solution to the problems we were facing.

  • Developers analyzed the essential oil brands to manage the whole application.
  • To manage the custom data, custom manufacturers and uses were attached to the same.
  • Each custom manufacturer was given a user login so that their personal data is up-to-date.

Technology Stack

Language Used

Swift for iOS, Java, Kotlin for Android


Almofier, Crashlytics, fabric

Database & Cloud



Xcode9.4, Android studio

Front & Backend Development


App Security

App Security

What’s New to Offer?

  • User profile
  • Essential oils generic and scientific/botanical name
  • Inventory management
  • Smart search that allows searching any oil by name or by usage
  • Shopping list
  • Personalized image of each essential oils
  • Location of your oils
  • Customize any blend- easily adjust the quantities in one click
  • Recipe for essential oils
  • Personalized picture of each essential oil
  • Aromatic description
  • Essential oils property and uses