“How much does it cost to make an app for your business?” The question has multiple answers but to get the exact figure is nearly impossible so far!

Mobile app development is an intricate procedure and so is knowing the exact cost of developing an app. Myriads of factors affect the final estimate.

A complete mobile app development process passes through stages like strategy, design, development, testing, and maintenance. During the process, each stage adds its share to the app cost.

Likewise, apart from the app development process, there are other important factors as well that contribute to the mobile app development cost.

Sometimes app development companies don’t tell you the hidden expenses that affect the final price of the application. You feel cheated or manipulated by the firm because you were not told at the time of discussion about the unknown charges.

We thought it would be best if the user could find the cost to make an app and other vital components that affect it in one single blog.

Hence, by taking everything into account, we have carried out a meticulous research, categorize every factor and hidden costs so that we could make a detailed guide on cost of an app.

Let’s not waste your time and start the marathon of finding the mobile app development costs for your preferred app. We will try it won’t get boring as you dig ahead through all the factors.

Note: We want you to bookmark this page for the future reference so that you can always get back to it from where you have left.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

The clear answer to how much it costs to create an app is, it depends!

You won’t get any help if I say you can make your app between $2000 to $2,50,000 although it is true!

The price for developing your app is influenced by a plethora of aspects. So, you won’t get any perfect figure for your mobile app development. But by going through these factors, depending on your app requirement you will be able to estimate your app cost.

So what are the factors that add their share in the ultimate cost?

  • Country in which you develop your app
  • Developer you hire: In house, Outsource, Freelancer
  • Type of your app
  • Complexity of your app
  • Features & Functionality
  • Which platform you choose: Android, iOS, or Hybrid
  • Hidden cost
  • App Maintenance Costs

As little as some 5 or 10 years ago, developing an app was unbelievably expensive. Most startups and SMBs could not afford to hire an international freelancer or outsource their app idea for development.

But times have changed and today various mobile technologies have enabled startups, SMBs and enterprises to build an app in their budget.

Size of the Company Estimate Cost
Start-ups $2500-20,000
SMBs $15,000-35,000
Enterprise $25,000-1,00,000

Know What Is Your Business Model?

Now, before directly hopping onto the cost factors know about your business model. A defined business model will aid you in considering which features in the development process will you need.

How by adding specific functionality, you can increase your revenue.

Many times changing in business model burns a hole in your pocket. Hence, If you have a well-defined business model, then it will help you reduce the cost of making an app considerably.

Here are some of the questions that will assist you in deciding your business model.

  • How much do you know your product?
  • Which will be your target audience?
  • What will be your target platform; iOS, Android or Both (For targeting more customers)
  • What will be your app monetizing strategy? (Free or Paid App)
  • Will it have in-app purchases?
  • Complexity of design

Cost To Make an App: Affecting Factors

1. In-house vs Outsource vs DIY vs Freelancing

How to build an app for my business? Here are different ways you can develop your app. All the ways have their own pros and cons. It is up to you how you want to build your application.

a. In-house Development

In-house app development as the name suggests is a development happened at your company.
If your business has a high budget and you have the plan to have a separate IT department that will aid you in future projects, then in house development is best for you.

For that, you will have to hire a team of experience app developers and a designer team and other resources. In other words a whole new infrastructure and department in your own company.

Hourly rates of In-House Development Team

In house app development is beneficial because you will have your app made in-front of your eyes. Plus, your app developer and designer will have a clear insight into your product. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the cost of hiring resources by region.

However, if you are a small business that cannot afford to have resources for app development budget, in house app development is not recommended for startups.

b. Outsource Development

One of the frequently practised and trustworthy options for your app development! So, how much does it cost to make an app at offshore companies?

Contrary to in house development where the dedicated app developer works on your app at your place, In outsource app development, you hire a suitable IT agency app developer and designer team who have fair past experience in app development.

Outsource app development cost commparison worldwide

Now, the outsourcing a mobile app development cost depends on which county you outsource your app. To illustrate; suppose you have an app idea for the food delivery app.

The same app that can cost you $60k in the USA because app developer hourly cost nearly $100/hr can easily be made at $20K in India without compromising the quality and functionality of the app.

However, before finalizing any outsourcing company, I suggest you go through some outsourcing app development tips that aid you find the perfect app development companies which is worth the price you pay for app development budget.

c. Freelancing

With the genesis of various freelancing platforms, today the options for developing an app are more than ever.

But is freelancing appropriate for your app development? How much does freelancing app developer cost you may ask.

Well, mostly freelancing may cost you less than in house app development and outsourcing. But it comes with a cost.

There is no guarantee of the completion of your app within the decided app developer. In some cases, some freelancers app developer may leave your project in between the development. This makes it hard for the company to find another freelancer developer who can carry on the project from where it is left.

Every country has its own rules for freelancer rates. For example, If you want to hire any android freelancer in North America or Western Europe you will have to ready to pay an average of $100 per hour. But on the other hand, the cost of freelance app developers in Southeast Asia is $25 per hour for the same app.

However, you may also find some freelancers that charge $10/hour but the question is, are they good or do they have that credibility as top freelancers?

As claimed by Codementor.io, hourly charges of Mobile app freelancers around the world are;

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Region Average Hourly Rate Median Hourly Rate
North America $81-100 $61-80
Latin America $61-80 $41-60
Western Europe $61-80 $61-80
Eastern Europe $61-80 $61-80
Middle East $61-80 $41-60
Asia $61-80 $41-60
Australia & New Zealand $81-100 $81-100
Africa $61-80 $61-80

d. DIY (Do-it-Yourself) App Development

Do it yourself always sound affordable and simple way to deal with anything. Although DIY is a great approach in your daily activity or fixes some household devices, mobile app development can be a risky venture.

We have seen a lot of examples where the client sometimes asks us about DIY builder and whether to choose it or not. We strictly deny them to fall into the trap of this alluring methods.

There is a reason behind it. As per Apple’s new guidelines, Apps that are made with DIY makers or commercialized templates will be rejected.

Why apple would do that? Think of this way. Think of any famous application in the App Store and Play Store. You will find myriads of alternatives that provide the same functionality and features but that have reviews below an average. The reason is most of them are built by inexperienced freelancers or DIY builders. The reason is obvious why PlayStore and AppStore would ban those applications.

DIY app builder rates vary from $15 to $100 per month. The app builder sites provide you various monthly plans per decided amount of app. You choose your plan and build your app through the app builder on a monthly subscription basis.

2. Which Platforms Do You Want To Build Your App In?

One of the imperative factors that affect the cost of building an app is in which platform you are going to develop your app.

Android, iOS or Both?

The market share is divided among the most liked platforms. There are users who have always been loyal to iOS where there are users who prefer to have a budget-friendly option so they are more inclined to Android supported phones.

But it’s is up to you which audience you want to target. Although you can target both iOS and Android to cover more potential users. So, you should be aware of the cost to create an android and iPhone apps.

There are two ways you can do that. First is, you can develop both the iOS and Android app separately from any iOS or Android app development company and the second is the Hybrid app development approach which is affordable and fast.

Unlike native app development, where you need a separate team for iOS and Android, a Hybrid app or Cross-platform development (Apps made with platforms like Ionic, Flutter, React native, etc) can be made using single code base. Which means faster project delivery.

If you want to build a hybrid mobile app, then the cost will be reduced up to 40% in comparison to native app development.

Mobile app development companies will give you fix costs for hybrid app development according to the features you need in your hybrid app. But in case, if you prefer freelancer, then they may cost you on an hourly basis.

Check out the hourly rate for the outsourcing agency around the globe for Native app development. And know the costs of creating Android and iOS apps.

Region Android($/hour) iOS ($/hour)
North America 150 168
South America 43 34
India 30 25
UK 70 70
Australia 110 110
Eastern Europe 35 35

3. Which Types of App Do You Want to Build?

Now we have seen that cost of making an app depends on the platform but it also relies on which kind/Types of app you are developing.

  • Simple Apps

Some simple apps do not require more functionality and database (Storage for data), you can have it built affordably. For example Calculator, stopwatch or timer, calendar, email apps, etc.

  • Data-Driven Apps

Whereas there are some data-driven apps which are not simple to code and need database and high standard features, thus they are costlier than simple apps. To make it efficient, additional features like a camera, internet connection, or permission to the gallery may be needed.

  • Social Media & Gaming

Social media apps and Gaming apps need a high level of graphics, database, and features that cost even higher. Some game apps require AR support, 3D graphics global rating, and even social media integration to make it more profitable.

As we had discussed earlier, games are one of the trending and popular categories in the mobile app development, the game apps may cost you between $60k to $250k.

  • Device-Specific Apps

Device specific-apps are those which access a mobile device and increases its functionality whether it is a flashlight, an alarm clock or any other function. For instance, an app named YouCam Perfect enhances your camera functionality by adding various filters and other editing functions.

Some applications are made considering the hardware specification. E.g, sensors

  • Functionality and Utility App

Nowadays, smartphones come with useful apps like a calculator and flashlights. But there is a high demand for Utility app development like measurement tools, bar-code scanner, remote control, weather forecast, etc. Which has their range of features that contributes to the final cost of creating an app.

4. Complexity of Your App

The cost to create an app usually depends on the time taken to build an app. Which is directly proportional to the complexity of the app. More features take more time to develop, and more time leads to more expense.

Simple apps come with most basic features so it does not take more time.

Moderate complex app will have new features that attract the users and enhance the overall UX of the app.

Whereas, the cost of complex apps is high due to its rich set of features.

If we divide the app into the complexity of making an app then it falls into three categories.

1. Simple App

2. Moderate

3. Complex App

Let’s figure out where does your app belongs to and know how much time it will take. By knowing the time, you will be able to estimate the cost to make an app.

Complexity Functionalities Time in Hour Cost at $40/Hour Cost at $100/Hour
Simple Simple features: email subscription, calendar, social login, etc 400 $16,000 $40,000
Moderate Customized UI, payment integration, API integration, back-end server 500-800 $20,000-32,000 $50,000- 80,000
Complex Multi-language support, 3rd party API integration, advanced back-end, Top-notch design, real-time features 800-1500 $32,000-60,000 $80,000-1,50,000

5. UI/UX of Mobile Application

Your app must have an alluring design that can attract more customers and worth the cost you have spent on your app development. If you don’t give attention to the design factor of app development, then no matter how many latest features your app provides, users will uninstall your app within some days.

Again the cost of app design also adds the final cost of an app. The rate of hire UIUX designer charges according to the country as mentioned below.

Hire UI/UX designer hourly rates Globally

Region $/hour (Average)
North America 15-75
Western Europe 20-73
Eastern Europe 10-59
SouthEast Asia 6-25

So, it depends on which level of designing work you need in the app development.

Mobile App design cost is usually calculated according to app complexity, a designer’s expertise, a mobile app design company you hire, and the number of platforms It has been designed for.

Now let’s consider the rate by dividing the design complexity into three parts. And know how much does it cost to design an app.

  • Bare Born Design

Simple design does not have too many of screens as well as animations. Hence, it takes less time to develop. For instance, when we had developed a simple food delivery app for our clients, We made three apps; customer app, delivery boy app, & admin panel for the whole solution.

Now, for our designers only designing for the delivery boy app alone took 75-100 hours which includes screens like accepting the order& navigating instruction to the customer’s home, and restaurant address.

Simple create an app Cost: 100 hours starts at $5000

  • Medium Complexity Design

Let’s take an example of an app that requires more screens & little animation to get users attracted.

Think of an app like whats app; an app like it consumes 200-250 hours to add a lot of screens, well-designed interactions, and various content that you can send in just one message.

Middle complexity app design costs: 200 hours- $10,000

  • Most Complex Design

If you are insisting upon customizing animation in your app, then you will have to be ready for paying extra hours. However, there are no such things as the most complex design. Most apps fall into the category of simple and middle complexity app.

Most Complex: This kind of apps takes about 400 hours and it costs you $20,000

Now, this is not the sole factor that affects the design of app development budget. Here are some that also add cost to your design and ultimately your app development.

Here we have made an infographic that will help you consider how much would it cost to design your app.

Factors affecting Cost of Design

6. Will Your App Have Backend Management?

We have already discussed that some apps need a backend panel that helps the owner of the app to control some operations. Confused?

Let me explain to you what backend for your app is!

Think of that you are building a mobile app development project for food delivery. If you are providing a big platform for restaurant app owners, then you will have to create multiple apps i.e customer, delivery boy app, and restaurant panel or iPad app.

In this case, you are super admin, so you will have to build your own admin panel as well to manage and monitor all the activities and purchase done at restaurants. You will need features by which you can manage delivery boys and their data.

Now if there is a simple app like any photo editing app or game app where your inclusion is not needed, won’t add the cost of the admin panel.

Hence, cost for making an app depends on whether or not your app has backend or not.

  • Server Dependency

Some apps gather a lot of important data of the user such as their email ID, their photos, addresses, contacts, and whatnot. Which requires a secure server that stores and saves this vital information. When a user wants to sign in for your app again, the server matches that data to allow access to the registered users.

In other words, apps that need to retrieve the data need a server and that costs some price, Whereas application which does not need server costs less.

7. Third Party Integration

Users’ retention is the prime goal if you want your business to carry ahead. But what if your app doesn’t have the required functionality which compels the users to download another app for that purpose. People don’t want to experience tool fatigue from having so many apps on their devices.

For example, if you have an e-commerce app and if you compromise on-chat options or various payment integration, at the end your users suffer. They won’t think twice to switch onto your competitors’ app where they will find everything in a single app. Henceforth, if your app has everything a user needs, you can keep them engaged in your app. And you can even maintain the cost to develop an app as there will be no need to revamp your site frequently.

If your app falls into the B2C category and used as a lifestyle aid, consider including third-party APIs such as;

  • Social Media
  • Music
  • Payments
  • Messaging

If your app is made for targeting B2B, you should take into account including apps like

  • Marketing tools like Mail Chimp
  • Dropbox or other file sharing apps
  • Payment systems

So that your customer would find everything on your app and have the best user experience using it.

Concerning this, the addition of needed third party API integration is imperative to have the best app in the store. Which will be an important aspect of considering the app development price and choose mobile app development company.

8. App Maintenance Costs

Usually, we are asked these common questions by our clients that;

Why do I have to keep paying once my app is made and published in app store?

And it’s obvious to have a question like these but it is a truth that has to be accepted. The final publication of your app into the App Store or Play Store is not the end of app development.

Your customers will want some updates on your app as time passes. As the new technology evolves they would expect it in your app. Otherwise, they would find an alternative.

In addition, maintenance of an app is necessary because if your app depends on a server to save & store the data like user information, payment history and other vital data that needs to be managed. And for that, cost of maintaining an app must be considered while figuring out the final mobile application budget.

There is no particular fixed cost for maintenance but our experience in app development and past projects suggests that you must put aside 20% of the total cost of making a mobile application.

In other words, if your final app development rate reaches to $1,00,000, then $20,000 would be the app maintenance costs.

  • Post Release Expenses

It is not the development cost for your mobile app but these are the expenses that you have to bear after the development. Just like any other business, your mobile app needs promotion/subscription and that would add the extra cost to build your app.

Apparently, companies don’t send you a quote by including these expenses. Therefore, you will have to keep these factors as well and backup for more cash after the development.

Some of the post-release expenses Include;

1) App Monitoring

2) Licenses

3) App updates

4) App Engagement and Marketing

5) API Subscription

6) Cloud Hosting


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Mobile App Development Cost Estimate: Features Wise

While you are searching for the answers of how much will it cost to make an app, once you decide the platform, type of app and design complexity of the app, you might also wonder the separate cost of features.

We have compiled a list of each possible feature that exists in the mobile app stores & price of each feature.

Which other features do you want to include for a more efficient app?

1) Transaction (1000$) (2 Days)

Payment gateway is an imperative feature which aids the user to pay for the product or service smoothly. Most eCommerce apps where online payment is a necessity have various transaction option.

Options for credit/debit card payment or payment via wallet, and other popular payment gateways like Paypal, PayTM, etc has to be installed in the app.

Expect around 16 hours to the development of payment features. Your cost to make an app here will be between $500 to $1000.

2) eCommerce Integration (2500$) (10 Days)

On-demand grocery apps or retails store apps have eCommerce integration which helps their owner to automate their sale and its inventory. If you integrate an eCommerce in your app, the information about the sale will be automatically updated in the back-end. So, you won’t have to update it manually.

App developers will take about 60 hours to complete it, which will increase the app creation cost if you include eCommerce in your app.

3) Search (200$) (2 Days)

To provide users with seamless performance, the search option in the app is required. If your app has high functionality or you are building an app that would have product listing, then the search option is vital.

It will directly allow your app users to find the product they are looking for.

Usually, to develop this feature in the app takes at least 16 hours to complete.

4) Rating System (700$) (4 Days)

Users love to share their experiences if they are provided with a platform. The rating feature for your product or service increases the credibility of your application and your business.

Usually, on-demand applications or e-commerce apps incorporate review features so that they can know what people are loving and where the improvement is needed.

Hence, adding the review feature in the app will add its share in the cost of building an app. Expect no less than 32 hours for creating a review system for your app.

5) Chat (1000$) (10 Days)

A chat option in the app has gained so much popularity because it provides a hassle-free experience of the app. In-app chat integration allows users to instantly know about the detailed product or service and that too 24/7.

Amazon-like marketplace apps let customers interact with the customer support department on the go. Overall, app developers will require 80 hours of work to complete it. And that will be considered in the final cost for the app.

6) Calls (1000$) (12 Days)

If you have used Uber or food delivery service like UberEats, then you might have used an in-app call option which allows you to directly contact your driver or delivery boy. By having these features you let your customer contact without exiting the application.

On an average, developing in-app call option will require 96 hours.

7) QR Code (500$) (2 Days)

Your business irrespective of its size, could utilize QR codes in several ways. Nowadays, almost every smartphone comes with an in-built QR code scanner.

Hence, if you are insisting upon integrating QR code which contains information like product details, offer details, contact details, event details, a coupon or any other parameter, then it might take around 16 hours to build it. So be prepared to add $500 in the final project cost estimation if your app requires QR code.

8) Social Sharing (1000$) (4 Days)

Social Media platforms are the most preferred sources for consuming any kind of information. By having social sharing in the app businesses provide a shortcut by which users can share their experience conveniently through the particular app.

The integration of the social sharing option in the app will need about 32 hours.

9) Location Tracking (2500$) (10 Days)

Real-time tracking in the on-demand food app or ride-sharing app has caught the eye of most users. By including these features in the app, your users can track the live position of their order or cab which ultimately saves their time that gets wasted in calling and waiting for it.

Thus, the location tracking features add its cost for the app development.

10) Augmented Reality (5000$) (20 Days)| Virtual Reality (5000$) (20 Days)

E-Commerce app, restaurant apps and games like Pokemon Go require an interactive user interface that allows users to e-Commerce in an altogether new dimension.

Inclusion of AR In the retail store app will let the user check any item in a 3D view without going to the retail store.

Restaurants are also adopting AR/VR to give their customers a new experience by implementing AR-based 3d food models in the app. Yes, this might increase your cost for developing an app, but will even help you to attract more and more customers.

This trending features will require around 96 hours each.

11) Activity Feed (1500$) (5 Days)

It’s an amazing way to know about how your customers are interacting with your app or business. This feature give you an insight when a user of your app has called your business, mapped directions to your business, or click on your website.

It may take 40 hours to build this feature in your app and will add in the ultimate cost of making a mobile application.

12) Admin Panel & Content Management (2500$) (19 Days)

Some app ideas demand your involvement in managing and monitoring the app related operations. For example, If you build an on-demand app like Ubereats, then you will need a content management system in your app so that you can add, edit and delete the restaurant partners and delivery boys.

Apart from that, you can hide or display festive offers and coupons, set your working hours and many more things.

A content management system generally requires 152 hours because it is complicated to build than other features.

13) Push Notification (500$) (2 Days)

Almost all the apps come with this amazing feature which notifies users or customers when any new update in product or services has occurred. It’s a real-time update that keeps users up to date with the activities related to the app. The feature comes with options such as simple text notification, image pop up, or call to action button.

The timeline for creating this feature is around 16 hours. So, inclusion of push notification also influences the final cost of making an app.

14) Subscription and Newsletter (1000$) (4 Days)

Businesses always want their customers to keep updated with the latest trend with their content or the latest additions.

Permission-based marketing generates the trust of your customers. The app asks users their permission whether they would be willing to subscribe to their newsletter or not. If users accept & provide his email id, then the app owner could send them updates on their blog or any newly arrived product.

Implementation of this feature in the app should take around 32 hours.

15) App Icon Design (250$) (2 Days)

Big brands are known for their custom icon and logo designing. They have some unique logo design which has created a trust in their customers. It becomes your company’s identity.

Building an app icon for your app will make your app unique and easy to recognize in the application stores. The app icon designing will need 16 hours including brainstorming and designing. Which add minimal cost in building an app.

16) Device Sensor Data (2500$) (10 Days)

Many applications depend on the Phone’s functionality. To exemplify, a temperature sensor in your mobile phone allows it to track the real-time temperature around you.

Some others are;

  • Gyroscope
  • Digital compass for knowing the orientation of the magnetic field.
  • Barometer for getting altitude data
  • Light sensor to set your screen’s brightness according to light
  • Proximity sensor to avoid touch commands by your ear
  • Pedometer for calculating user’s steps
  • Fingerprint sensor

Hence, to integrate an app logic with these sensors will need on an average time of 80 hours.

Hidden Mobile App Development Cost

Most clients think that the calculation of design and development costs will be the final cost of creating an app. But when they approach to the company for app development they get surprised to hear the hidden cost in development.

We want you to get familiarized with the each & every factor which add the expense. So we have curated a list of hidden charges which is not included in actual programming cost.

  • Infrastructure Services

As we have discussed in the type of apps section that some apps require a database where the data is stored and hosted. These are the infrastructure from where the data is delivered to your users. This storage adds both cost and complexities.

1. Data Storage:

Data of your users is the most vital information and your app will collect and contain a lot of it. Hence, it is imperative how and where it should be stored. Therefore, you must keep in mind the cost of hosting as well.

Annual Price: $3,600

2. Servers:

In a simple term, servers are the place where your data will be rested. If you are a large enterprise and your app is also an enterprise app, then you can afford to have a server at your place.

But if you don’t want the server to be at your place then you can utilize services like cloud storage provided by companies like Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon, etc.

Annual price: $12,000

3. CDN:

Consider you have an app that has a large number of user-base all around the globe. You will not want them to keep coming back to one far off location to get content because your app will perform poorly.

But you will provide a CDN (Content delivery network)services offered by firms such as Cloudflare, KeyCDN, Akamai and more which deliver the content to the app based on the geographic region of the app users.

Annual price: $3,600

4. Image Data:

Nowadays most application contains a lot of Image base data. You will require to have a place to download, process and transfer images. Companies like Google and CloudImage.io provide image resizing, optimisation and CDN delivery.

Annual price: $4,800


Final Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Create an App?

By digging through all the aspects of app development and affecting factors, you might have realized that the costs of making an app depends on your personal choice.

Take for an example, your friend wants to start a business in the food industry and wants to make an app like UberEats. He selects an app development company in North America, prefers iOS and Android both the platforms (Native approach), wants to build an app for customer, delivery boy, restaurant panel, super admin panel and Includes all the latest features

How much it will cost him to make an app like UberEats in North America? $1,00,000 + cost of app maintenance

If he chooses to develop that same app from an experienced mobile app development company in India, it costs $30,000 + maintenance cost to build that app.

Think of the other scenario where a News company wants to make an app for their loyal readers. A news app does not need high functionality and features like real-time location tracking and chat application.

So the company prefers to build an app in a Hybrid platform. The whole app for iOS and Android cost the company $40,000 in the USA and $8,000 in India.

So, How much money does it cost to make an app?

The final answer is it depends!

Just find out what features, which platforms, and how many total hours it will take to complete the app development with design. Finally, select the country, select which kind of developer you want- freelancer or agency and what is the per hour rate.

Multiply the total hours of app development with per hour rate to calculate the final app development cost. And yes, don’t forget to consider hidden cost and maintenance cost.

Cost to Make an App: Know From The App Cost Calculator

There are numerous online cost calculators on the internet but no other calculator will give you an insight into the days & price for a particular feature. You will at the end of calculators get the nearest value of development price according to the features you require.

An easy way to get a ballpark cost of your app is to use a simple formula;

Cost of App = Development time * Rate per hour


Development time= Total Hours taken in needed features development.

Formula to Determine Cost of an App

All you have to do is pick your platform and add features you think your app will need. At the end of your result, you will have accurate details of what features you have chosen and the final figure.

Now let’s go in detail & scrutinize what factors affect the final cost of building an app.


How Much Does it Cost to Build an App on a Budget?

Having an app for your business is a wise decision. But investing in it without thinking considering all the aspects backfires and does not give you an expected RoI.

Initially, as long as you don’t know how will a user will react to your app, you should approach an MVP (Minimum viable product) Development.

MVP for your app will include the most basic and essential features for your app idea. To illustrate, if you are creating Netflix like app, you don’t want to go high as Netflix has gone initially. You could approach a development agency with having requirements for only basic features like Registration and log in, content search, user profile, and payment gateway.

Once you get the thumbs up from your users, you can gradually increase features like push notification, chat options, and extra setting features.

The second option for your app development is Hybrid mobile app development. The cost of hybrid app development is considerably less than native development. Nevertheless, you must understand, hybrid apps have not the same quality and performance as a native app.

But if your app does not require high functionality like real-time chat & Geolocation tracking you could go for a Hybrid approach.

There is another option for app development where you directly make a clone script of the popular app unless you have a new idea. Clone script is a new app with the new name, new UI/UX but the same features & same code.

There are thousands of companies all over the world that provide a white label solution (Clone scripts) for the app you want within a few days of time. Most importantly the cost to clone your app goes down to bare minimum-ranging from $3000 to $20,000.+

How Development Agencies Charge You?

App development companies have a pre-defined structure for charging the development cost. Most companies charge a 25-30% upfront cost of total app development. Some companies charge you more at the starting of the projects.

It’s like an installment system.

As the work progress, you get the constant update on your app development and you have to pay accordingly.

Stagewise Payment

Stage Charge You
Project setup 30%
Analysis & wireframing 0%
UI/UX completion 10%
Milestone 1 15%
Milestone 2 15%
Milestone 3 15%
QA & Release 15%
Total 100%

What is Our Approach?

We have been successfully delivering customized app solution in all the niche for the last 10 years. Hence, before you get the mobile application costs, we provide you a free rough ballpark. We have curated our task in some stage that helps us to give you accurate app cost estimation.

  • First, as we get the inquiry from you, our business manager will contact you for having some raw insight about what you want and how you want to digitize your business. Our manager will provide you some useful guidelines about app development and give you scope for your business.
  • On the second conversation, our business analyst will get a detailed insight about your product and your requirement, to render you a solution which meets your goals and expectation. Which leads to the final estimation stage of development cost.
  • Next, our system architect prepares a layout for your app structure, provide viable use cases, and contribute ideas regarding technical implementation for the app.
  • Afterwards, our business manager will converse you regarding project offer which would give you clear detail on how many apps you will need, how many hours it will take, what you have to provide, what will be deliverable from our side and what will be the exact cost of app development.

Go through this informative infographic and know the detailed app development cost breakdown.

App development Cost Infographic


Bonus Points: Cost Estimation of Popular Apps

We have made a list of app store’s popular mobile apps and their development cost and time it took in developing.

So, if you have any idea of making such kind of app you can directly get the estimated cost and time for the application development.

Let’s start with the world’s most sophisticated on-demand transportation system.

1) How Much Does It Cost to Make Uber Like App?

For building an app like Uber, you have to take into account all the different apps & panels. All take their share of time and cost into the final price of app development. You will require;

1) Admin Panel

2) Customer App

3) Driver App

Let’s take a look at the best features for passenger and driver and the time it will take to develop.

  • MVP( Minimum-viable-product) Driver App
Features Hours
Registration 50-65
Status updates 35-45
Reply to request 65-78
Tracking 70-85
Notification 36-46
Booking History 54-64
Total hours 305 to 387 hours

The above-mentioned driver app features are vital to make your app unique among your competitors. So, the overall total hours of developing an MVP for the driver app will be 305 to 387 hours.

Now I won’t give you the estimated amount for driver app development, because now you know you need total hours to calculate the final app development cost.

It’s up to you in which country or which developer you are developing your app.

All you have to do is multiply the hours with the per hour cost of that particular development agency or freelancer and add a 20% maintenance cost to it.

For now; MVP for Uber Driver App: 305 to 387 hours

  • MVP for Passenger App

The passenger app needs some more features compared to the Driver app, hence it will take more hours to make an MVP for the app.

Take a Look at the Features & Hours It Will Take:

Features Hours
Registration 50-65
Booking 102 -121
Payments 35-45
Tracking 70-84
Notification 38-52
Ride history 60-75
Total hours 419-530 hours

The overall time for passenger app development will be about 419- 530 hours.

  • Total Time for Uber like App Development:

Total Cost of making an app like Uber

2) How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like UberEats?

UberEats as we know it is the world’s fastest growing food delivery app. There are numerous UberEats like apps in the world.

Hence, how much does it cost to create an app like UberEats for your city you might ask? Let’s figure out what you will need.

1) Customer app

2) Delivery boy app

3) Restaurant Panel

4) Admin panel

UberEats like apps provide a platform for the restaurant to register on the app. Mainly it delivers the food to the doorstep of the customer from their favorite restaurant.

  • MVP for Customer app
Features Hours
Account authorization 70-75
Creating profile 50-55
Location tacking 50-55
Search Parameters( restaurant, food) 25-50
Push notification 65-70
Tracking 70-84
Payments 35-45
Total hours: 365-434

Customer app in on-demand food delivery app has to be feature-rich so that it can provide a smooth experience for using an app. Above mentioned features are must have features for customer app.

The overall time for customer MVP development would be around 365 to 434 hours by app development company.

  • MVP for Delivery boy app
Features Hours
Registration 50-64
Status update 34-46
Tracking (Restaurant location & customer’s home) 70-84
Notification 36-46
Order history 54-64
Reply to request 64-78
Total hours: 308-382

Delivery boy will need features like a reply to the request, restaurant tracking and customer tracking to deliver the food on time.

So the overall total time it will take to build MVP for Delivery boy app: 308 to 382 hours

Total Cost of creating an app like UberEats

3) How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Tiktok?

TikTok has become a rage among all age groups within a short-time and is the 6th most downloaded app worldwide.

It is a Chinese music video platform that allows its users to build musical videos and then share them with a friend on the social media platform. Users can also add animations and music which serves best as an entertainment dosage.

If you want to make an app like it, then you must know about the time and cost it take to build.

From our experience of develop an app like Tiktok, we have made a list of features and estimated time to build that.

Features You Need to Make MVP for an App like Tiktok

  • Primary registration
  • Basic UI
  • Music library
  • Duet Option
  • Posting
  • Search

Apart from these features, you can’t overlook the music licensing cost while considering the cost of Tiktok like app. When app development company made an app it took around 985 to 1950 hours including UI/UX design & development time.

Total hours: 985-1950 hours

Total Cost: 985-1950 * Per hour rate of your development company

4) How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Netflix?

Netflix is the most popular Subscription-based Video on demand service on earth. And its subscribers are increasing day by day.

Currently, Netflix has around 86 million global users including 47 million subscribers in the U.S. If you don’t know the business model of Netflix, then it charges its users with a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Netflix has its versions made for TV and mobile app. All are synchronized across various platforms.

You may ask how much does it cost to develop an app like Netflix. Instead of creating a feature rich app should go for MVP. Last year we had made Netflix like app called Hootu so we have given the development time and cost of an app only for MVP.

Features Hours
Registration +log In 13
Payment gateway 60
Content search 30
Chat & comment 126
Push notification 15
User profile 40
Setting 400
Total Hours 684

Here you can see the inclusion of push notification, search option, and payment gateway is necessary because those are the most needed feature users want.

Total app development cost of building an app like Netflix = 684 hours * Per hour rate of your app development company

5) How Much It Costs to Make an App Like Amazon?

E-commerce & m-commerce marketplace is becoming famous among worldwide users. We all know how Amazon has penetrated the whole e commerce Industry. There is hardly anything that you cannot buy from Amazon like marketplace.

Most successful start-ups are relying on a single business model but that is not in the case of Amazon. Amazon’s business model is diversified. It is dependent on the mixture of independent models which generates unbelievable revenue every year.

As per the statistics, in 2022 Amazon’s net sales increased to $127 billion in Q3 as compared to $110 billion (Q3) in 2021.

So, app development budget for app like Amazon?

If you are investing in an online store like Amazon then you will have to build;

1) Buyer app

2) Seller app

3) Admin panel

  • Time to make an MVP for Amazon (Buyer App)
Features Hours
Search 84-110
Messenger 104-122
Shopping cart 66-80
Payment integration 60-70
Push notification 15-30
Tracking 50-55
Total Hours 379-467

The MVP for the Amazon buyer app takes around 379 to 467 hours to complete. There are vendor panels as well as admin panel which add extra hours to the Amazon-like app.

Features Hours
MVP for Buyer app 379-467
Admin panel 160- 200
Seller App 160-200
UI/UX 60-80
Total Hours: 759-947

Total hours for build an app like an Amazon: 759-947

6) How Much App Development Budget need to Build an App Like Spotify?

Spotify is the world’s leading digital music streaming service which gives you access to millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from the singers and music directors all over the world.

The app appeals to world users because you can get the content for free just by signing up using an email address or by connecting with Facebook. Users don’t have to download songs and store them into the hard drive of the phone to enjoy.

There are basically two versions of the application: One is free and the other one is premium which charges $10 per month.

A listener can download, make a playlist, and share their playlist with other Spotify users which is useful for connecting with people around the globe having the same kind of music taste. The Download option is only available in the premium version.

Here is a time taken to create an MVP of Spotify. Again note down that MVP only consist of essential features.

Let’s breakdown the time and app development cost of building an app like Spotify.

  • MVP development time of Spotify
Features Hours
Registration 40-62
Streaming player 140-300
Search 110-160
Library 70-150
Album/artist 35-46
Back-end 200
Total Hours 595-918

Total Cost = 595-910 * Per hour rate of your app development company

7) What Is The App Development Budget to Develop an App Like Instagram?

Instagram is the app that does not require any formal introduction to know how much it is famous throughout the world.

People who don’t have a smartphone are also aware of the app. There are many Instagram like apps in the market; Snapchat, Vine, Flicker, Swipe, etc.

These all app are not exactly like Instagram but have tweaked its feature according to market demand.

Users of the app can create & upload videos and photos, apply filters, add hashtags, and more.

If you are thinking of building an app like Instagram, then you must remember that it is a little bit complex app to create. The image filtering features and back-end image loads add some works for developers which leads to more development hours.

Here is the ballpark for the MVP for Instagram like app development.

Features Hours
Making/Edition profile 50-55
Account Authorization 70-75
Messaging 140-145
Setting 100-135
Photo Customization 140-400
Geo Location 50-55
Search parameters 25-50
Push notification 65-70
Total Hours 650- 985 hours

Cost for making app like Instagram: 650-985 * Per hour rate of your development agency

If you have any confusion on how to hire app developers and how much does it cost to make an app, feel free to contact our experts. Do you want to build any popular app clone for your startup? Enquire Now!

FAQs On Cost Of Making An App

Cost of an app is influenced by manifold factors namely Location of the company, Platform, Maintenance, Type of app, Complexity, UI/UX, Backend panel and more.

Cost for iOS app development depends on the development agency you choose. But if you do some research and explore your development firm properly and then you can develop your iOS app in around $15k-$25k.

Unlike native apps, hybrid apps do not need two separate teams to make your app. There is only one team that works on developing your app on both platforms (iOS and Android). So comparatively the Hybrid app costs less than native app development. Typically, development agencies charge around $13k to $18k for hybrid app development.

Normally, you will get different quotes from different firms for Android app development. However, if you are eyeing for a reasonable rate, then you can have your Android app built in $13k-$23k.

Charge for maintaining an app is the most overlooked aspect of the app development process. It should be taken into account, while you are estimating your development expense. By rule of thumb, cost for app maintenance is 20% of the total cost of app development.

Usually, there is no fix cost for hourly rate. Each country has their own hourly rate for app development. Some countries charge as low as $15/hr, whereas, some goes as high as $150/hr. Always go through the per hour rate of all the countries.

Design is the most important aspect of app development. Therefore, you must give a thought to design cost as well. Generally, the cost of designing an app relies on multiple factors like expertise of designer, Location, and complexity of the design.

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