About The Project

The app serves as one of the best mobile app platforms for staff recruitment which completes every type of staff requirement order within no time. The user can put the request order for the staff and get the needed manpower within a click without many efforts.

We were asked to conceptualize the idea and build a Recruitment mobile app which will be quite a user interactive and easy functioning.

Another requirement was to build mobile backend development solutions to manage entire app data, such as industry type, employee type, request orders, feedback messages, etc. The admin should be able to handle all data by performing certain operations.




iOS, Andriod, UI/UX Design



What We Have Done

Our expert mobile app developers have successfully built the staff recruitment app as per client requirements. We have given a choice to select the desired staff from listed categories. The staff recruitment app has developed with functions which are quite user-friendly and by using them one can instantly hire the staff or an employee.

The backend development solution provided by our full stack PHP developers can include all the information regarding the portal on which admin can perform edit and delete operations and can also change their status.

Similarly, admin can manage the user profiles, feedback messages, registered company, requested and special employees along with their status.

Other Features

  • Staff Category
  • Instant hiring
  • Easy Login and Registration

Result Business Benefits

  • Quick order fulfillment
  • Convenient features
  • Better user experience

Screenshot for recruitment app development

Recruitment App Development

Looking forward to turning your idea into a fab app as we did for them!