A Raw Idea of Veterinary Telemedicine App

In recent years, Telemedicine has gained a significant amount of popularity and acceptance in the various fields of healthcare. And now, it has expanded beyond human care and allows veterinary care also. It enables pet owners to consult a doctor remotely, providing convenience and timely access to professionals for the better health of animal companions.

Solid next-gen apps for pets and humans are necessary to bring the evolution and make it a beneficial service for app owners. The solution provided is quite simple and unique in the Veterinary world.

Build a Veterinary Telemedicine App
Current Problems in pet care app

Current Problems in Pet Care

Many pet owners become perplexed when they find pain or unusual behavior in their pets and rush towards veterinary hospitals. It turns out that 80% of the time when people think there’s an emergency problem, it’s not that severe. So sometimes, vets must forgo some clients whose pets have critical issues.

The ease of availability of pet care services is always a challenge. Also, traditionally, veterinary services are pretty hard to find due to factors like long waiting and geographical constraints.

These obstacles can often result in delayed or inadequate care of the pets, leading to increased distress between both pets and owners.

Moreover, not many virtual services or apps are available, so for even the smallest health issue, they have to separately take out the time and visit a doctor, which can become quite a time-consuming process.

Role of Our Company In Providing Sure-shot Vet On Demand App Development

Our telemedicine app development company recognized this problem and provided a robust solution through the Veterinary Telemedicine app. We have years of expertise and experience in mobile app development and a certain understanding of the veterinary domain. With such app development, we mainly want to revolutionize the pet care industry.

UI Research-


After the client’s approval, it was our UI designers who took the work on their hands. They created low fidelity wireframes and prototypes as per the user flow. As the final design got approved by the client, the design was handed off to the development team.

UX research


As per the client’s requirement, we carried out UX research by asking relevant questions to expert vets and pet owners. At the end of the process, we created a complete user flow.

App Development


As the platform required multiple apps and panels we had to allocate different teams for the same. Our project manager had some suggestions on the project which the client lauded. We made:


Admin Panel (Owner Panel)

We made a beautiful admin dashboard that lets the client know the total enrolled clinic, total pets, and daily earning. We also developed functionality that allows the owner to know all the pet owner information and total visits.

Vet Panel

As per the client’s demand we coded the backend for the vet panel as well. Through this panel, vet experts can keep an eye on their active clients, their pet information, visit logs, earnings, and more. They can also chat or video call through the panel. We made sure that every vet could set their rates as per their expertise in the field.

Vet Mobile App

Our iOS & Android team programmed the native mobile app versions of the vet panel which lets the vets manage their clinic on a fingertip.

Pet Owners’ App

We built feature-rich iOS & Android pet owner apps that allow them to instantly connect with their preferred vet and get quick answers on their Pet’s health.

Features We Included in the Veterinary Telemedicine App

The Vet On Demand App we created has tonnes of handy features that allow admin, vet, and pet owners to perform their respective operations effectively.

Admin Panel

  • Birds Eye View Dashboard
  • Client & Clinic Management
  • Pet & Pet owners Management
  • Payment management
  • Animal Management (Breed & Animal Type)
  • Add/Edit/Delete Health Reasons
  • Generate Reports

Vet (Web panel/ Mobile App)

  • Dashboard
  • Start/End visit
  • Chat
  • Video Call
  • Add Photos
  • Active Visitor Status
  • Visit History
  • Rate Management
  • Pets & Pet owners details
  • Add/Remove Responders
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Pet Owner App

  • Chat
  • Video Consultation
  • Add Photos
  • Add/Remove Pets
  • Add/Remove Vets
  • Active Visits
  • Chat list
  • Add Edit your Pet Profile

Overcoming Challenges For an Effective Solution

The development process is quite fascinating, yet numerous challenges exist, such as ensuring data security, integrating telecommunication technologies, and complying with regulatory frameworks. Mainly, the result after such intensive challenges can be quite flabbergasting.

We successfully addressed these challenges by adopting a rigorous approach to quality assurance and collaborating closely with veterinarians and pet owners during beta testing. We fine-tuned the app for optimal performance and user experience.

Screenshots of Apps

Here are the thumb-stopping screenshots of the Veterinary telemedicine app.

brand guideline

Technology Stack

veterinary telemedicine techstack

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