Best Telemedicine App Development
Everyone in the healthcare sector is going gaga about telemedicine app development and advantages of telemedicine. But what’s all the fuss about?

According to Meticulous Research, Global telemedicine market will grow at a CAGR of 23.0% from 2018 to 2023 to reach USD 12,105.2 million by 2023.

Healthcare industry can seriously bring the change in the life of the common people. We really seek the much-required change in the patient related operation. We are aware of the hustle in the hospitals or clinics- whether it’s just about booking an appointment or a routine checkup.

But the times have changed and the healthcare industry has adopted telemedicine method to have seamless operations. Whether it’s a clinic or a reputed hospital, they have understood the importance of telemedicine solution.

If we believe the reports to be true, then most hospitals have replaced phone booking system with online appointment booking. And even more, they are incorporating telehealth software for better doctor-patient engagement and enhanced care for the patient.

Are you a doctor who wants to be a part of the telemedicine app platform?


Want to know how to start telehealth business or what are the best telemedicine startup? then this article is for you.

In this article, you will know the need for the mhealth app and why telemedicine app development is a need for the hour.

Let’s get started!

What is Telemedicine Technology?

Telemedicine also referred to as Telehealth, is a practice which provides efficient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of the patient from the remote locations.

In a simple word, a patient does not have to be present at the hospital for his diagnosis and treatment. Healthcare professionals can easily provide medical facilities and remote care to the patients using solutions such as best telemedicine apps and software.

The reduced cost for the medical facilities and seamless operations have made e-health as a much-appreciated method. And that’s what has catalyzed telemedicine application development among clinicians.

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What Are the Use Cases of the Telemedicine?

Here’s how developing a telemedicine app aids doctors and patients.

Real-Time Consultation

Imagine a scenario, where you are paranoid after finding some symptoms that are matching the article you have read or heard about somewhere.

Most likely, you would Google that and no surprise that Google search will only worsen your fear. You would want to discuss it with a doctor but you have to pass through certain procedures like booking an appointment, traveling to the hospital, filling forms, etc. Meanwhile, you have already come to the gravest conclusions on what may have happened to you.

Now imagine, if you have a telemedicine application that allows you to fill out the primary symptoms and choose a preferred doctor for scheduling an e-meeting! Doctor confirms your remote meeting on the mobile and acquaints you with your condition with the pre-screening of your problem. Now your mind is at ease after a primary checkup.

Quite an improvement from the first scenario. Isn’t it?

On the whole, from the patient’s side, it reduced the time taken for consulting the doctor and from the doctor’s perspective, it saved a time that doctors can use to examine and diagnose other patients.

Follow-up Visits

online telemedicine app for doctors
We can understand that it is indispensable to be physically present at the clinics if the patient has some critical diseases or any physical injury that requires routine check-ups. But what if the physical examination is not needed and the problem can be just solved by the video chat or other telehealth solutions.

Often time follow up trips are costly for the patient and for the examining doctors as well. And this can be only eliminated by providing a more convenient method to the patient. With this intention, telehealth mobile apps are being developed by myriads of healthcare professionals.

Photo-Based Consulting

Same as the first use case, this is also another application to provide faster and efficient treatment to the patient irrespective of his location. Photo based consulting allow the patients to upload the photo of problematic spot and send it to the server. Once the doctor gets the notification he can diagnose the problem and respond back with treatment for the diseases or if further information he can schedule a video call or send it further for a lab test via mobile.

Some specialist such as dermatologist believes that they can identify the cause and problem just by looking visually once or twice. In a like manner, skin disease, eye infection, bruises, and other similar condition with visible symptoms do not require personal consultation.

Physician or doctors can utilize the store and forward telemedicine apps to address such kind of cases easily.

Online Psychotherapy Sessions

Photo-based Consulting
According to Mental health America, one of the major health problems America faces is mental illness. As per their report, over 44 million American adults are suffering from mental health issues.

Most of them think going to a clinical psychiatrist is shameful. They fear society. However, there has been some improvement in such rigid mentality about mental health and people are becoming aware of it. The psychologists are providing personal sessions directly to the person’s home.

One-step further, telemedicine has allowed online counseling to be a part of medical treatment. Now, the psychotherapist can take counseling session through the mobile app. While the benefits of telemedicine app development are clear for a patients, they don’t have to be ashamed of their mental condition. They can directly schedule a session on a mobile phone regardless of their location.

The advantages of developing a telemedicine app like Betterhelp allows psychologist to earn little more than they are currently earning and start their side income. Not only practitioners but retired psychologists can also take sessions and earn through their home.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring Telemedicine Applications
The advancement in telemedicine has remarkably increased the scope of remote health monitoring.

If we believe the existing medical surveys to be true, then telemedicine is capable to take care of the patients with cardiac disease, asthma, and heart failure. They can be easily monitored on a real time basis regardless of location. This application of mhealth have made it easy for the people of the small and remotely located town where high technology healthcare providers and clinics are not available.

If the smart phone doesn’t have a required functionality and sensors, wearable sensors are useful for continuous monitoring, storing and sending data to healthcare professionals over distance.

Hence, these sensors are useful in constant monitoring health indicators and body positions of the patients and keeping track of sports and other activities.

Now that you are acquainted with the vast usage of the telehealth, let’s take a glance at the popular telemedicine mobile apps.

Most Popular Telemedicine Applications for healthcare in 2020

There are some situations where at least an interim solution is needed for non-emergency concerns. In this case, top telemedicine apps come to rescue. As discussed earlier these telehealth applications are used for various purposes-from an appointment booking & consultation to the real-time monitoring of the patients. Here is the list of applications of telemedicine if you want to develop a telemedicine app.

Lemonaid Best Telemedicine Application


The app is a simple and affordable way to visit the doctor online at your convenience.  $25 doctor consultation fee plus the delivery of the prescribed medicine is free. All you have to do is answer some basic questions asked regarding your health problem.

Wait for one or two hours for the doctor’s diagnosis and get advice from the doctor online. Additionally, the app will help you out by connecting you with the nurse practitioner on a video call.

They will guide you as per your medical condition and history and provide you a consultation on meds optimally and safely.

Available on: iOS | Android

PlusCare Top Telemedicine App Development

PlusCare: Medical Doctor Care

One of the best app for those who prefer to have online visit rather than going to the clinic physically. Book your appointment with the USA’s top doctors and get diagnosed or have a consultation on your medical condition on a video call.

One thing that differs PlusCare than other apps is its feature which allows users to use their insurance card.

Available on: iOS | Android

Talkspace Counselling Therapy app

Talkspace Counselling & Therapy

This app has come as a lifesaver who are struggling with their mental issues. The app has all the features that let you find the best therapist in the country.You can easily choose the best according to your need and schedule sessions as per both party’s convenience.

Features like unlimited chat options, photo, video, and recording allow the user to utilize the best possible way to feel better. You will be able to see the bio of the Psychiatrist and the certificates S/he has.

Available on: iOS | Android

On Demand Telemedicine App for Doctors

Doctor On Demand

Consider it as the hub or a doctor house. You will find all kinds of doctors who have specialists in various line. Log in, connect and consult psychiatrist, physiotherapist, pediatric, physician and what not.

You will get advice and treatment from medical to mental health on this telemedicine app. Most importantly the doctors are available at your service 24/7.

It will provide you the convenience you need. Never forget to check out on how much does the online visit will cost you.

Available on: iOS |Android

Top Babylon App

Babylon: Healthcare and Medical Advise

This UK based telehealth app is pretty much the same as the above-mentioned app but what makes it worth trying is its ability to find millions of symptoms within a second using symptom checker.

The Babylon health app has some free and easy to use tools to help you know the health risk factors, and building a health profile to live a healthy lifestyle. The app is regulated by the care quality commission in the UK so it is safe and advisable to use.

Available on: iOS | Android

So, these were the few examples of the best telemedicine applications for healthcare. Now in case if you are interested in developing your telemedicine app then you can take some inspiration from these apps and add unique ideas and features to your app.

Let’s say you have a business idea to develop a telehealth app or telemedicine software development and you are curious about the factors that need to be considered. Here’s what you have to know before going for telemedicine mobile app development.

Why HIPPA Compliant Telemedicine App Development?

Investment for developing connected health applications, of course, is a great money-making idea.  But building an app without following the medical acts may lead to some serious problems in the future. I will tell you why!

Think of a case, where some patient is using your telehealth app for his convenience and he has registered on your app. He has shared the photos and other medical histories on the online platform of your app. If the mobile application development is not under the regulations and laws, there are high chances, the data of the patient is at a security risk. It’s under great threats like theft of data and leakage of personal medical history.

For this reason, go for PHI ( Protected Health Insurance) and HIPAA Compliant app development.

Features to Include while Building Telemedicine App for Doctors

Now that you are aware about how to follow international standard while you are investing in an app, the next step is to know the best features that will make your app unique among other competitors.

Here’s the list of best features to include in telemedicine app;

  • Booking appointments
  • Video consulting
  • In-app Chat
  • Bios of medical professionals

  • Prescription sent to nearby Pharmacies
  • EHR integration
  • Online Billing
  • HIPAA- compliance


Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry, which will be flourishing in the near future and telemedicine app development will be prime technological advancement in the healthcare sector.

Are you looking forward to investing in such idea? Or do you have any telemedicine app idea? If you want to build your telehealth app, then you can contact our experts. We will guide you through all the procedure from the beginning to the last phase of app development as we have worked on multiple Healthcare solutions.