Over the years, the restaurant menu ideas have changed. There was a time when big restaurants used to just write down the menu on the wall or the small blackboard. From that time, the restaurants have gone through a remarkable change in menu ideas. Today, owners are inclining towards digital & interactive food menu ideas. They value customers’ time and their fondness of digital gadgets.

For restaurant owners, food menu is not just a list of varieties they serve, it’s an asset to make it an unforgettable experience for their customers. Even, foodies love to spend time browsing through the aesthetics and the feel of the menu.

In this article, we are going to browse through some of the catchy restaurant menu ideas and cafe menu ideas which lead to better customer relation and retention. We’ll also figure out why AR-based menu ideas are trending and how it works.

Theme Based Restaurant Menu Ideas

People love intuitive menu design ideas that have a theme of their favorite movies, TV shows, history, or something vintage. They can connect better with your food and restaurant.

For example, a restaurant providing seafood in Singapore called pelican seafood bar has a vintage sea map in the background of the food menu page. The theme goes with their food menus i.e seafood. An illustration on the old map and world globe make it more distinctive than traditional menu ideas.

Another widely adopted concept is to embellish the menu with popular and classic movies, and TV shows.

In recent time, A menu with all the one-liners and items related to characters of the TV show has become most popular among the audience.

Can you guess the show???

Yes! Game of Thrones!

People found themselves connected with the diners and cafes who have incorporated such ideas for restaurant menus. They cheered the idea of Including one-liners like “Dinner is coming” and “All men must dine” in the restaurant menu item list which goes with the original dialogue of the show.

Theme Based Restaurant Menu Ideas

There is innumerable theme-based idea out there which you can employ in your menus. Do you want to design a restaurant menu based on a theme? You can go for local favorite movies or shows. Or the history of your country to attract new customers.

Creative Menu Ideas (Hand made)

What makes these kinds of restaurant menu design ideas more appealing is its creativeness. Food-lovers are in awe of such menus that have something handmade. Besides, for the restaurant owners, it is affordable to make these menus. All you have to do is find a person who is into handmade stuff and crafts.

Olivia’s pizzeria’s one of the pizza menus is made in the shape of a slice of the pizza. To give an artistic touch they have made it in a way that as you open it or slide it, the other pages of the menu opens the same in the slice of the pizza shape. So when you open the menu wholly, it gives you a look like a Japanese fan.

Falashin, a fruit & snacks shop in the Ahmedabad, India has a menu that has a wooden box. Which contains different menu card of small size with vivid colors of fruits.

You can also try out popular monuments of your city as the pages of your food menu.

wooden box menu idea

Minimalist Menu Ideas

As more and more website designs are turning towards a minimalist trend, you can try that trend in food menu as well.

minimalist menu ideas

The minimalist menu design ideas has only required information on it. If you want to give your customer with immaculate design with clear pictures of prepared food, then this is the trend you are looking for. These kinds of menus don’t use too much color. They are easy to navigate and understand and looks elegant. If you have a fast food business, then such kind of restaurant menu layout ideas are very helpful.

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AR Based Food Menu (Hottest Trend)

Have you ever used Augmented reality app? You must have used Pokemon Go or at least heard of it! There is a multitude of restaurants that are applying the same technology to serve engaging and never seen before interactive restaurant menu.

People often want to try new options in food but they couldn’t visualize or they don’t have any idea of it. Usually, they can just see a photo or a waiter can explain about the food. But the AR-based restaurant menu ideas are game changing.

Unlike physical menu, customers can place it virtually on a plate. They can zoom in, zoom out and rotate it 360 degrees. So, they can have a better idea of the food. Most importantly this revolutionary idea has increased the user experience to a whole new another level.

AR based food menu

How Does AR-Based Food Menu Work?

AR services provider company integrate smart devices to the augmented reality technology to create a virtual 3D model of the food.

All you have to do is just click the photos of the food from the 360-degree angle. AR technology will convert that photo into an interactive 3D virtual model.

Your users have to download your restaurant app into their phone so that they can scan the food before ordering. Here’s the video from the restaurant that has enhanced its business through a virtual menu.

How AR-Based Menu Increase the Business?

AR in the restaurant has not only benefited for menu ideas but it has also aided restaurant owners to carry out an effective marketing plan using 3D models of the food.

  • Better showcase: As explained earlier, Augmented reality restaurant menus can be customized to show information about each food dish, such as 360-degree visualizations, details of ingredients used, portion sizes, calorie and nutrition info,etc.
  • Upsell: By using AR food menu restaurants can elevate their monthly sale. Apps are often programmed to recommend ideal complements to selected dishes like starter, beverage, dessert combos, etc.
  • Promotions: Restaurants and cafes can utilize AR services to directly market specials, discounts, etc. to the potential customers.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement: Unlike traditional food menus, AR food apps can be customized to display a wealth of content on demand. Restaurants can integrate videos such as, chef interviews, customer testimonial, and cooking videos to engage customers and build brand visibility.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: AR food menus can serve as tools to gather data about customer preferences. Use of augmented reality in food industry can provide data on in-demand dishes, time spent on viewing promotional features and collect & combine answers from surveys to provide valuable information to business owners.

Thinking One Step Beyond: Building Your Kabaq like App

Now, how about building your kabaq like brand? Kabaq is one of the popular restaurant menu apps which helps in building AR menu.

Instead of promoting kabaq, why don’t you build your own restaurant app with AR feature?

Restaurant owners nowadays understand the brand value of their restaurant. And they know having a dedicated food menu app for their restaurant increases trust and popularity of the restaurant. Ergo, building your restaurant app with features like online table booking, push notification, rewards & discounts, mobile payments, and most important feature like kabaQ in your app makes your restaurant app stand out.

Do you see the difference?

Now the customers will use your app to scan the food to have the best user experience. Which leads to the increased brand value of your restaurant chain.

The Cherry on the Top

If your restaurant is working on a cloud-based PoS or you Intend to incorporate one then it will be a great combination for you. Since Cloud based PoS usually work from just a tablet, you can integrate your AR based menu into that.

work flow food menu app

How Much Does It Cost to Build AR Restaurant Menu App like Kabaq? (Only AR app)

The cost of AR apps like KabaQ depends on many features, complexity, and even the restaurant app development company that you choose. Functionality and the design of the apps have to be realistic as the users are meticulous about these things. Hence, mobile app cost like KabaQ varies as per the 3D rendered images and video.

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The unique food menu in your restaurant will make your restaurant one of a kind among your competitors. In fact, an increasing number of restaurant owners are experiencing their food menu with different menu design ideas to attract more customers.

Additionally, AR-based food menu has also mesmerized the restaurant goers and also owners. Do you want to create your own restaurant menu app? Feel free to talk to our experts about augmented reality food menu.

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