Do you know? There are relationship apps to help improve your bonds with your significant other. These apps aren’t just for fixing a fight, or for learning how to rekindle your lost flames; they are for couples who want to grow stronger together and plan life.

The modern day couples face a lot of issues in their day-to-day life, learn how relationship apps are helping them solve such issues everyday.

12 Best Relationship Apps for Couples

Simply Us Calendar Apps for Couples

1. Simply Us: Top Relationship Calendar Apps for Couples

Simply Us is an app to organize your activities. Whether you want to make to-do lists, projects, send photos between each other, and stay in the loop when you’re away, Simply Us has you covered. Many couples have a hard time remembering everything they have to do, and Simply Us makes sure no fights start because of it.

It’s a free app for the iOS.


2. TheIceBreak: Best Relationship Tracker App

What an interesting app. If you’re a new couple, or even if you’re an old one, there is still a lot you want to know about them. That’s where TheIceBreak comes in. It’s an app where you can answer and ask questions anonymously. What kind of  pets  do you like? Do you believe in love? The more questions you answer, the more rewards you get, like discounts and cash back. So it pays to play. Breaking the ice has never been easier. You can find it on iOS for $1.99.

Between Best Love App for Couples

3. Between: Best Love App for Couples

Between is an app where you can create photos, send them, send cute little stickers and emojis, and do other things together. It’s great for couples who are apart. While there are many ways to send messages, Between is so stylish and it brings a new way to share. Between is free for Android and iOS.

Raft couple family calendar app

4. Raft: Best Calendar App

Raft is a calendar app. You may wonder how it’s different from the calendar app that’s already on your phone. Raft is different because it synchs with your partner’s schedules. When you’re in a relationship with someone who has a different schedule, Raft can work miracles. It’s for iOS, so if you have it, try it.

Honeydue best couples money app

5. Honeydue: Best Money App

Many relationships end because of finances. If you’re having trouble managing finances with your partner, you can do so with Honeydue. It looks at your bills, your bank account, your spending, and helps keep everything organized. Seeing where your money is going can deliver some good peace of mind. You can find it on iOS and Android.

Kindu For Couples app

6. Kindu: Top Intimacy App

Sometimes, improving your sex life is what you need to improve your relationship. Kindu is an app with 1,000 ideas for sex and romance. It has many different kinds of spicy ideas, and your partner can tell you if they’re open, or not open. It’s not just good for your sex life, but it can help spark conversation as well. You can find it on iOS or Android.

You Me Couple messaging app

7. You&Me: Couple Messaging App

This is another app that has messaging and photo exchanges, along with stories. When the two of you are together, the interface does change, too, to reflect that. Pretty neat, huh? It’s overall a great app that puts a twist on the boring messenger you may use. Find it free on iOS.

dirty games Truth or dare

8. Dirty Games Truth or Dare

No matter your age or relationship status, everyone loves a little game of Truth or Dare in their life. Truth or Dare is an app for couples who want to spice things up, or for parties and get togethers as well. Whatever the occasion, play a nice game of truth or dare. Just make sure to be open to anything, as these games get spicy.

Free for the iOS.

fix a fight best peacemaking app

9. Fix a Fight: Best Peacemaking App

Couples are going to fight. Perhaps it’s over financial and revenue issues. Or maybe it started off as a silly little miscommunication and evolved into something monstrous. Whatever the reason, it’s how you fix the fight in the end. Fix a Fight gives advice, proven ways to make up, and ways to soothe and exercise your mind when you are both heated. It’s from psychotherapist Mark McGonigle, so you know it’s good. Anything from a professional is bound to help. Find it for $4.99 on the iOS.

pathshare best location app for couples

10. Pathshare: Best Location App

If you’re ever having trouble finding your partner, PathShare may be the app for you. This app has a GPS, and it synch with your partner’s phone. You get your partner’s location in real time, and if they are headed towards you, you can see how long until they make it. No more having to describe where you are or taking pictures. Pathshare makes it much easier. And if you don’t want somebody to know where you are, you can disable location sharing, too. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Line best couples app

11. Line: Most Popular Couples App

When you are a new couple, especially when you are long distance, you’re going to have long phone calls. If you have a plan where you have to pay a lot for a long conversation, Line can help. As long as you have WiFi or 3 or 4 G, Line allows you to communicate free of charge. Great for travels as well. It’s overall an amazing app for communication, and yet another good way to talk to someone that’s different from the norm.

yuggler messaging app couple

12. Bonus: Yuggler (Messaging App)

If you have kids, you need to think of cool activities that the entire family can do. This app can help you and your family. Kids’ activities can help them grow and help you bond with your children.

Take the first step towards building a successful relationship app with us.

Sometimes Apps Aren’t Enough

Apps can help, but they aren’t the end-all to solving your relationship debacles. If you are suffering from relationship problems, severe depression, anxiety, or just need life advice, there is no shame in talking to a counselor or a therapist for help. Online therapy has made it much easier for couples to manage their relationship. Leading the charge are sites such as Regain. For more information, click this link

Time for an Action!!!

Relationship apps are the modern couple therapy for the digital generation. Every app serves a special function and solves problems that almost every couple faces. All you have to do is install the app and understand your relationship.

If you have any similar idea (i.e best LGBT dating apps, Black Dating apps, hinge dating app, etc.) which can lead as one of the best apps or couples then we are here for you. Our team of dedicated developers and intuitive designers will deliver the best relationship app.

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