“This generation is Tech Generation. In this era; of smartboards and eBooks one cannot teach students from blackboards and papers only.” João Carlos Ramalheiro

As the technology is pacing into our lives rapidly from ordering food to booking travel ticket everything seems easy with digitization. Education sector has also witnessed tremendous growth in pedagogical methods. With the introduction of technology in the educational sector teaching and learning as become more effective.

Methods like blended learning and personalized learning, technology and educational apps are transforming classrooms.

Classplash is one such brilliant example of leveraging technology for the education.

João Carlos Ramalheiro started his journey as a music teacher in and since then we were aware of the need of a creative way to teach kids. So he started creating stories and drawings by interacting with the students.

Let’s check out my interview with João.

The Early Days: The Awakening of the Idea

When Did the Idea Come to Your Mind?

When I joined my first job as an educator, I understood the importance of integrating technology with education. Today, students are attracted towards technology and it is difficult to teach them complex process from traditional pedagogical methods.

During my research period, I realized some interesting facts about educational apps like:

Over 80% of the top selling paid apps in the Education category of the iTunes Store target children

Apps for toddlers/preschoolers are the most popular age category (58%), and experienced the greatest growth (23%).

I started creating new ways to introduce fun and learn methods in my classroom. Soon we came up with the idea of developing software to introduce innovative learning in the classrooms.

idea mind

The Introduction of the First Project: Oratio Classroom

Oratio Classroom

Which Was the First App?

We started this journey with the insignio labs, and Oratio Classroom was our first project of introducing the innovative pedagogical method. We began our process as a software concept; we worked closely with over 200 students to understand different aspects of learning patterns and their expectations.

After deep research of around a year, we launched our first app/software: Oratio Classroom, the app later earned two awards with worldwide recognition at the educational forums “Partners in Learning”, by Microsoft.

Today, it is the educational product line of the company, has evolved to a new name, “Classplash Music”, matching the company transition from Insignio Labs to Classplash.

Today, we have evolved into an innovative educational product company called Classplash.

Other Musical Education Apps

Which Apps Have You Launched till Now?

With classplash, we are trying to cover each aspect of education by means of innovation. Right now, we have launched three apps:

Flute Master

this is to teach the students how to play a recorder. The app works with a real instrument so that the students learn how to play instrument gradually.

Rhythmic Village

This is to teach the students how to play a recorder. The app works with a real instrument so that the students learn how to play instrument gradually.

Water Heroes

This is to teach the students how to play a recorder. The app works with a real instrument so that the students learn how to play instrument gradually.

Do the kids love your app?

What is the response of students with the app?

There is no doubt that children love devices, technology, and innovation. We are getting a great response from kids, students around the world are using the app to learn with fun.

The Reaction of Parents and Teachers

Parents and Teachers Reaction on Classroom Apps For Students

Are the Parents and Educators Allowing the Use of Classroom Apps for Students?

In the beginning, it was difficult to explain the benefits of the educational app for students as parents and educators were afraid to introduce smartphones or tablets in their classrooms. Once they understood the advantages and the engagement ratio of integrating technology into pedagogical methods there wasn’t any problem.

Today, several educators Contact Us to help them in integrating the educational app in their classroom.

What Did You Earn/Learn from This Experience?

I have earned international awards like at the Microsoft Educational Forums “Partners in Learning” (European: 2nd place and Global: 1st place in the category Educators Choice). Money was not my goal; I wanted to help my fellow educators and my students.

Today, I have earned my name, I like it when people invite me to award functions, at educational events like TedX.

earned international awards

Benefits of Technology for Your Idea

Benefits Of Technology

How Have You Applied Technology in Innovative Ways to Support Your Work?

Technology has helped us to explore the educational industry in a dynamic way. We were aware of the importance and advantages of leveraging technology in education field but the technology was the bridge to connect our innovative idea with the pedagogy.

We knew exactly what we want and how we can achieve it, but still, we were out of ideas of how to represent it.

Today, we are working to build educational apps for more students, educators, subjects around the world in several languages.

Opportunity for Other Educators

What Is the Best Opportunity for Innovation in Education?

Technology itself is the opportunity; we just have to learn the best way to utilize it. Educators out there are working hard to introduce new methods of teaching. Educators should focus on how to leverage the existing technology and how they can mold it into their teaching methods.

I have the specialty in music so my apps are based on music lessons and classes mainly.

Teachers or educators can introduce innovative apps in their niche subjects.

Opportunity For Other Educators

Best Trend of the Education Sector

Best Trend Of The Education Sector

How Do Education Trend You Think Is Helping Students? Is there a trend that is getting in the way of learning?

Mobile applications and social networks are the most beneficial trends for students and educators if used positively. If we are able to explain the benefits of using technology the right way and the disadvantage of misusing the technology to the students then we can introduce the best pedagogical methods to our students.

Educators….This Is Your Era!!

João and Classplash is an example of balancing technology with teaching methods.

The education sector is in strong need of digitization. Today, kids enjoy more with visual video stories than story books. The best way to captivate the attention of the student is by providing them the technology they love the most: Smartphones and Tablets.

Instead of banning smartphones in the classrooms, if we teach them to utilize the power of technology for their usage then we can transform the pedagogy to a whole new level.

All we have to do is, think of new ways to integrate apps into the complex subjects. If you have an idea but confused about what to do, then we have the expert panel to resolve all your queries.

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