The embedded products market size is expected to grow by USD 76.39 billion from 2020 to 2025. If you are an electronic product company or an engineering firm about to launch a product, you will need hardware product certification.

But, are you worried about launching your product? Or unable to mass-produce your engineered product? Can’t run ads for your product because it isn’t certified?

To perform any of the above, you will need multiple certifications before you start its mass production or sales. Every country’s marketplace demands its certifications. Later in this blog, we have explained some certifications for products in the US, Canada, EU, and also the UN.

Global Embedded Products Market

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Usually, product engineering and software companies fail to acquire the certification on the first go.
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What are the Essential Benefits of Complying/Certifying your Products?

Certifying your hardware with international standards can be a cumbersome task but you will bear its fruits in the future. And that’s a promise!

The fundamental importance of certified products is to assure the consumers that it is safe to use. Additionally, it complies with the health and safety measures of the country. This helps the company in the long run by tapping new markets, reaching all across the globe, acquiring new customers, etc.

Beneficiary Point!

DON’T RUSH THE TEST! If you anticipate making major changes in the design or development of the hardware product after the certification, there are chances you may void the test.

Confused about when to go for the test? Ask our experts at Excellent Webworld!

We can help you in several ways by making your product more reliable and better in quality. And we, at Excellent Webworld, can also develop your product furthermore that meets with the applicable standards.

Let’s check why you should hire a consulting partner for certifications for electronic hardware products:

  • Pre Compliance Testing of Hardware Product Certification

Can you imagine the pain of failing the certification tests again and again due to trivial errors?

Undergoing multiple cycles of certification tests can be heavy on the pocket and time-consuming. But, we have a solution for you. We can save your time by running your DUT (Device Under Test) and preparing test cases for the final certification test.

Nonetheless, if you want to front-end the certification process and wish to avoid the repetitive tests simultaneously, reach out to us for product validation.

  • Your Best Testing Partner with all Apparatus

If your product is ready, we can run tests on the same. EWW has in-house equipment required for testing. If needed, we also rent out labs to cover all equipment requirements, so you don’t have to.

Excellent Webworld Services – Regardless of your needs, simply contact us and we have a solution for every problem.

  • Ownership of Certification Process

Our staff of skilled experts can stand in the accreditation houses on behalf of your company. Taking care of the pre-compliance process is also our responsibility. Taking the pain of getting the product approval is on us, while you can relax and wait for the approval certificate.

  • 100% Safety & Protection

Humans tend to trust products with a certificate or a piece of jewellery with diamond grading certificates. For example, such a certificate helps in gaining the customer’s trust.

After knowing the extensive benefits of hardware product certification, let us throw some light on the types of certification your product needs.

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Certifications Electronic Products in the Market

There are ample certifications applicable for engineered hardware products. But, which is the right one for your product can be a little difficult to gauge. Every hardware product certification’s requirement is different.

Type of Hardware Product Certification

Let’s check the most popular hardware certifications out one by one:


FCC is the mark and short for Federal Communications Commission. This certification guarantees that the RF (Radio Frequency) emitted by the electronic product and its electromagnetic compatibility are both within the maximum allowed limit. The goal is that the oscillating signals should not interfere with and distort communication.

Furthermore, certification required for electronic products can become achievable if all guidelines in the FCC Part 15 are adhered to.


Industry Candara, IC mark on the product, is a very similar and equivalent certification to the FCC. It follows the same regulations as the FCC.

If it is less than a year since your product passed the FCC, you can quickly get IC for your hardware.


To manufacture, import, or sell your products in the EU (European Union) market, you must have the CE RED mark, i.e., Radio Equipment Directive: Conformité Européenne.

The CE mark assures that the product has passed the safety, health, and environmental regulations of 28 EU member states.


If you want to manufacture or market your product in the US or Canada, your battery-optimized hardware will require the Underwriters Laboratories Certification or Canadian Standards Association Certification.

You may sell your products in the US without an electronic hardware certification, but you may be held questionable if anything goes south. Why take such a risk when you can lay the risk off by thoroughly testing your product’s international industry standards.

UL certifies you to sell your product in the US, while CSA makes you eligible to sell your products in the US and Canada.

★ UL1642 – Lithium polymer batteries, i.e., cells

★ UL2054 – Rechargeable & Non-rechargeable household and commercial batteries

UN/DOT 38.3 (United Nations) & (U.S. Department of Transportation) – This self-certification standard does not require a third-party lab or help. It ensures the safe transport of lithium content batteries across the globe.


Restriction of Hazardous Substances is approval for EEE (electrical and electronic equipment) in the EU. Approximately ten dangerous metals (like mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.) should not exist in the hardware. If found, the product is not RoHS approved. However, this focuses more on a particular product, and it is a vertical line of legislation.

RoHS approval is one of the most prominent electronic product certifications.

Various methods detect unsafe metals in the hardware. One of the techniques is XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy), while the rest are chemical-based testing in labs.


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals is a horizontal line of certification meant for the whole product life cycle.

REACH can be a self-declaration, or a third party can give the results out. You will require this certification for products like paints, varnishes, chemicals, etc.

We also have experience in wireless technology certifications for Zigbee, Zwave, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products.

How To Get Your Product Certified?

After exploring the product certifications, you must wonder what the process of getting a certification approval for your hardware product is.

We have simplified the procedure for you in 6 steps:

1. Apply for the Certificate

You cannot produce batches of your product without getting it certified. Find the applicable certificates and the authorities that can certify your product for you. You can do it yourself or even hire a certification partner.

2. Testing

Before you submit your product, it is best to self-check the product. This means you can create a checklist and verify if everything regarding the product’s quality has been taken care of.

3. Submit to Approval House

The next step is about submitting the product along with its details to the accreditation authority house.

4. Get Approval

After submitting the product to the certification house, if your product ticks all the boxes of the checklist, then you get the approval.

5. Adding the Certificate Mark

Now is the time to enjoy all the benefits of hardware product certification. Once you get your product certified, you can begin with its mass production and sell it locally or overseas.

6. Maintain the Certification

The certification partner’s job ends at this stage. You can retain the certificate by maintaining the quality of your product and not making any unnecessary changes that would make your product fall out of the approved category.

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Wrap Up! – Hardware Product Certification

It’s not about how many times we run a compliance check on your product; we want your product to go through the approval in the final test. Our goal is the same as yours, to get your product’s approval. We believe in striving to get the desired results for your hardware product certification.

We have the right path to achieve hardware engineering services for you.

Contact us to Get Your Product Certified

Hire CTO at Excellent Webworld to get started on the certification process. Additionally, you can also get the costing criteria as per your product’s specifications.

FAQs About Hardware Product Certification

Q1. How long is the procedure of hardware product certification?

As a matter of fact, the pre-compliance procedure and certification at accreditation houses completely depends on the type, specifications and complexity of the product. Duration also depends on the speed and expertise of the agency you have hired for certification aid.

Q2. What certifications do hardware products need?

There are a number of hardware product certifications as regulated by the industries. The primary ones are FCC, IC, CE, RoHS, REACH, UL, CSA among many others. For any queries regarding these, consult the team at Excellent Webworld.

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