How to create an EHR system development? 

What exactly is EHR software development? Is it just electronic paper and pencil?

Yes, you heard it right, the electronic health records are the new paper and pencil. It carries multiple benefits that improve care for your patients much better than the traditional paperwork or EMR solutions. 

Think about the number of times you could recall a patient’s medical history and quickly find the records you were looking for. The answer would be vague.

Custom EHR system development helps clear the confusion and efficiently manage or share the records.

However, many healthcare professionals still follow the EMR systems or manual records. To their knowledge, EMR and EHR systems are similar, so why opt and learn the new system.

Despite a few similarities between EMR and EHR Systems, EHRs are more reliable and efficient. Let’s dive into it further.

EMR or EHR Systems? How a Single Letter Makes All the Difference

EMR and EHR software is digital record used in the healthcare industry to maintain patients’ health information.

Electronic medical records (EMR) have been used for decades but these records stay only with the doctor. If the patient changes doctors, the EMR is unlikely to follow.

In contrast, EHR systems allow you to share patient records with multiple doctors and healthcare providers.

Are you still confused as to why EHR is more popular? Let’s check the statistics before we explain the additional advantages of electronic health records over EMR.

As per statistics, the EHR market is estimated to reach 47.25 Bn by 2027 at a CAGR of 71.4%. This depicts that the electronic health records market is growing higher. For better understanding, check out the below-given image.

Globa EHR EMR Market

EHR does everything similar to EMR, yet let us give a detailed guide on EHR software development, its benefits, features, and how much it cost. Let us start with the EHR system development process

EHR System Development Meets All The Requirements For Healthcare Industries

Well, we all know that the EHR system focuses on the patient’s total health history beyond current clinical data collected.

And most importantly, EHR software allows you to share information with other healthcare providers, such as labs and specialists, to contain all the information provided by the clinicians for patient care.

EHR takes a step further in notifying and exchanging information across the continuum of care.

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Features of EHR Software Application

Patients Panel

The most essential and basic feature of EHR software will help you create a panel that includes information about a patient. It is all connected to the concerned personnel, whether doctors, lab assistants, or the patient themselves.

Access Control

Compliance is the most crucial part of every EHR system development. Also, the most significant advantage of EHR system development is that these solutions are all compliant. Everyone cannot use or access the medical history of any patient, and EHR systems have restrictions. It should have a primary user interface and be easy to modify software.

Integration with the Lab

One of the significant steps was developing an EHR software system with unique lab integration features. Integrating the software system into the EHR will help the doctors to track and receive the test results. 

Multiple features can be integrated into the EHR software for better diagnosis and treatment of the patients. Let us list out the tech stack that helps switch EMR systems into how to build efficient EHR systems. 

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Benefits of EHR System Development: Why Prefer EHR Software Over EMR?

The healthcare industry is fastest growing with the revolution of medical app development like telemedicine, mHealth, blockchain oriented healthcare systems, IoT & wearable devices, etc.

Patients Health History

EHR system holds what manual chart holds, i.e. ICD-code 11, health issue list, test reports, and medication list.

Reports Management

The EHR software connects you with the laboratories to receive timely test reports, X-rays, radiology reports, etc. These electronic reports, once saved in the system, prevent any duplication in the future.

Prescription Orders

Forget the old prescription pads; prescribe the medicines using secure e-prescribing technology integrated with EHR systems. These automated prescriptions reach either directly to the participating pharmacy or the patients.


Securely talk to your patients, medical practitioners, assistants, hospitals, nursing departments, etc. Interoperability is a medium to streamline the workflow between all connections related to the patient. Also, it becomes easy to connect to labs and imaging centres to receive the reports.

Online Support

Provide your patients with online material of EHR systems benefits, so they can learn and enter the data related to the tests accordingly. Guide them to use home monitoring devices and fill the online questionnaires. This helps you to diagnose and treat them fairly.

Admin Process

The whole administration part is handled online via EHR systems. Now, it’s easy to book an appointment, and the staff can check anything related to the patient’s history and insurance eligibility.

Report Analytics

This is one benefit every hospital or health professional would love. Would you not love to see those records or treatments that you have completed long ago? Yes, with EHRs, it is possible to check the data that has been recorded years back.

So, here we end up with the additional benefits of EHR.

We assure you that implementing EHRs is fruitful for any healthcare organization and health professionals. Let me give you an example of how this system is reliable in today’s time.

Why is EHR System Development Reliable? – Example

Best EHR System Development

Let’s consider a patient who has visited you after a few months of treatment. Of course, you would need to recall the previous reports and the medications you prescribed.


If the patient has changed the doctor and is visiting you for the next course of action, changing the medication is not possible as you do not have access to the previous dose provided by the other healthcare providers.

Is there any solution to these issues?

Yes, the ultimate solution to manage all of these is to implement EHR systems. These solutions are unquestionably robust with all the benefits mentioned above.

However, do not forget the importance of compliance regulations in the healthcare industry. When switching to EHR, consider HIPAA compliance. The HIPAA EHR privacy rules will allow healthcare providers to safeguard the sensitive personal health information of the patients.

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How to Build an EHR System – A Detailed Process

Now that you understand the difference between EMR and EHR let’s understand how to create EHR software.


Before you understand how to create the software, realize the possibility and probability of a custom EHR software development. Ensure that you understand the precise expectations of the client for their EHR systems. Understand the pain points of the users like:

  • Do the users take long to fill out the medical form
  • Ease of communication with patients and other health professionals

Discovery & Prototype

The discovery phase of EHR systems needs a flowchart or the process. This flowchart involves features of the EHR systems. The technology stack is essential where the software company developers would also know the cost of EHR development

Once this is complete, you can start building an EHR system. Develop a prototype that will help you understand how the software works and improve it

Design & Development

Next comes the designing part of the EHR system development. Create a basic design of the software for trial. Creating these modules helps streamline the tasks, fast-track the development process, and check scalability.

Testing & Debugging

Testing is included as a separate process stage to identify the quality assurance of the EHR systems. The development stage, designing, and monitoring the operations are well-built with a vision of EHR systems. 

Testing will continue until the functioning of the EHR systems meets the goals.

Launch & Maintenance

It is better to launch the product in the right environment and market. The process of how to build an EHR system should be specific to the user’s requirements.

Launch an MVP version to analyze the performance and receive feedback from the users. It gets easier to change the features of the system if needed. 

After knowing how to develop an EHR software, you must be wondering about the cost. Let’s give you a fair idea of how much it cost to develop an EHR system.

It’s Time For EHR System Development

“Change is Constant.”

On the same note, switching to EHR systems from EMR is equally essential to sustain the healthcare system for years to come. So, how to build an EHR System?

These days, with the help of EHR systems development firms, it is easier to implement such services to improve patient’s care.

To get a fair idea of developing EHR solutions, get in touch with our team of experts. Our engineers have vast experience in almost every industry.

Discuss your requirements now and our team will serve you with the best resources and solutions on how to develop EHR systems.

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EMR contains only standard information gathered at one clinical office. In contrast, EHR goes beyond the clinical office data and includes more detailed knowledge of the patient’s medical record.

Technically, all EHR systems fall under two main categories.

1. Server-based– It means the records are stored in-house in your network with a local server used on hardware.

2. Cloud-based: Cloud is based on the location of the data stored on a remote server operated by a third party vendor.

With the latest technology, the best move is to use the EHRs with a cloud-based system. It helps a lot in reducing the cost of purchasing the software or hardware.

EHR systems can include information like a patient’s medical history, test, results, growth, and development records, medication records, health insurance, billing information, and any other data that involves the patient’s health.

Electronic medical records are the EMR developments used to provide both patients and doctors access to reports and prescribe treatment quickly without any delay.

EHR development is nothing but software development that provides patients’ health records to treat them remotely. Traditionally EMR systems were used only for clinical offices.

Today, EHR systems have taken a step further to integrate with the latest technologies and work for the betterment of the people.

If you are thinking about how to develop an EHR, you need proficient developers that help you with how to develop software.

EHR software development will have multiple features and tech stacks used, so hiring an EHR system developer from a software development company is the best option.

There is no exact cost to develop an EHR software, and it all depends on your requirements and what you are looking for in your EHR software to serve your patients.

The software development includes a lot of stages and processes that would cost separately.

Yes definitely. Building an EHR system would be the topmost priority if you are a doctor or own a healthcare organization.

You can develop one with the help of the right software development company. With a proficient team of developers, we can create EHR software according to your requirements.

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