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The most tiresome and boring part of being an Entrepreneur is to go through all the official paperwork to get your company registered and to get the required permits to start your cab business. We are here to answer the question growing in your mind; what documents do you need to start a cab business?

This blog will guide you through all the administrative procedures to get the relevant license and permit to start your cab business. It’s important to follow all the civil laws to avoid steep penalties, fines and also bad reputation in the eyes of the law. Most of the countries have their own regulations when it comes to startups like a cab service business. Even the cities in one particular state may have different rules for such businesses.

So we will be giving an outlook towards the most common legal requirements to start a cab business and also answer the legal side of the question of how to start a cab business.

Vehicle Permit

This vehicle permit will consist of the model of the car, its manufacturer details, proof of ownership, etc. The submission of vehicle permits form for all the vehicles that will be working for the cab company must be done along with the vehicle-for-service application.

Vehicle-for-Service Permit

Almost all the cities in America require a vehicle-for-service permit to be submitted for approval by the regulatory authority of that particular city. The administration and regulatory department of the city have the power to authorize taxi businesses; they require a complete application form which can be found online on the state’s website like this one for Colorado. The application form should be notarized; this could be done by any public notary.

Driver’s Medical and Character Certificate

Each and every driver that works for your cab service company will be needed to go through a complete medical checkup done by a certified doctor and also present a character reference form: collectively known as M&C (Medical and Character) certificate. This medical examination consists of vision check and other bodily checkups for any serious health conditions like heart trouble, epilepsy or any other medical condition that could be dangerous for a driver.

The character certification needs two people to vouch for the driver’s character and his alcohol and drug usage.

Vehicle Insurance

Every vehicle used by your cab service company should have insurance. In some cities, this is not mandatory but still, it’s advisable to have insurance. These Insurance policy forms are available at Regulatory Service Department. You need to bring every vehicle used by your company for personal inspection with certification of title alongside.

Bonus Tip:

Benefits of having Cab service app are a lot with respect to increased customer base and revenues. But there is an additional benefit if you add an “e-documents” feature to your cab business app in the development stage; you can add a digital version of all the above-mentioned documents.

So, all the documents are within your reach at any given time saving you a lot of time and troubles in administrative activities.

So these are the documents you will need if you are planning to start a cab business. Besides these documents, there are many other factors to be fulfilled to start your taxi business like having vehicles and other inventories. All such requirements are mentioned in other blogs of our Taxi cab business startup guide section.


All the above-mentioned permits and licenses are the most basic requirements to start a cab service business. There could be some additional requirements according to your city of business which will be specified on the government website of the concerning activity. The main goal of this blog was to clear out all the doubts related to the legal requirements to start a cab business.

There would be many more doubts in your mind concerning how to start a cab business? All the answers to this question can be found at a complete guide to start your own cab service business.

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