A Step-by-Step 2023 Guide: How to start a taxi business like Uber in your city or a global taxi services company around the globe.

Mobile applications have taken the taxi business by storm.

Times have changed!

The market for traditional taxi services is taken by the Lyft & Uber Business model. In fact, the whole business is run on a mobile app. So, the growing trend of online taxi booking apps has resulted in a potentially useful business model for taxi startups and ventures.

Moreover, the success of Uber has solidified the faith in the startups based on taxi booking mobile apps. So, now you can also start an Uber in your city, but before doing that there is a lot that you need to understand and learn about the process and the cost to start a business like Uber. 

Don’t know how to start a taxi service like Uber? Not to worry!

This article is for those who are searching how to start a cab company like Uber, Lyft, didi, etc. and how much it cost to start a taxi business.

But, before that let’s clear out a few basics.

Why do you Need to Start a Taxi Business?

If we believe the latest reports by Statista then, by 2022 the revenue of taxi services in the U.S. will amount to approximately $8.40 billion. So, setting up a taxi service company is one of the best uber business models that involve a lot more effort to establish.

However, you don’t have to be an expert in the transportation field before you start this type of uber business. All you need to know ranges from the mobile app features, and business model to the cost of realizing the next Uber business idea.

How to Start a Taxi Business like Uber? – Key Points to Consider

There may arise questions about “how to start a cab company”. So, before you begin to think unnecessarily, let me assemble some of the few points to remember before starting the cab business: 

  • Do competition researching
  • Determining your niche
  • Arrange for cabs and ensure their effectiveness
  • Estimate your budget
  • Apply for a driver’s license
  • Arrange for a workplace
  • Get your staff ready
  • Strategize your marketing plan

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Taxi Business like Uber?

After learning about the massive earnings of Uber, Lyft, Grab, and similar types of taxi companies, you may fearfully think, “how much money do I need to start a business like Uber?.”

Well, believe it or not, you don’t need a million-dollar investment in starting a business like Uber.

Initially, if you are thinking that how to start a taxi business with one car? Then you can also start your own taxi service just with one car and expand as your business grows.

Even though you may not need a million-dollar investment (Praise the Lord!!!) you still need a budget. So, let’s find out how to start a business like Uber with fewer investments.

Before jumping on to the business of starting your own Uber business you need to ask yourself these questions.

What kind of taxi business do you want to start?

There are numerous types of taxi services you can start which involves a taxi moving passengers and goods between the location of their need.

Some of the taxi service examples are

  • Low Cost Car Rental
  • Water taxi service
  • Kids’ taxi service
  • Medical taxi service
  • Airport taxi service

What is the scope of running a taxi business?

Before proceeding further in the taxi business, always look for the room to maneuver your business and remember the key question, what do you need to start a taxi business in your city?

Carry out the survey to find out the present and future scope of Uber’s business model in that area.

Who are your competitors?

Scrutinize the details of your competitors.

  • What is their current condition in the market?
  • Are they earning well?
  • What is their growth rate?
  • How did they start their taxi startup?
  • How do they work at present?

Get their ABCs out and study their working model.

You need to find out the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors. It will facilitate you in making competitive strategies.

Will you find enough passengers for your area?

Carry out a survey of the area where you are starting a taxi business.

Suppose you start a taxi business without doing the survey in your area and later you find that your areas have a good transport system and passengers can conveniently utilize it.

Hence, to avoid this do proper research before launching your taxi business.

What is the future of your Uber-like Taxi Business?

Obviously, you won’t open a business that will have less chance of growing. Hence, knowing whether there is a chance to grow your business in-future or not becomes indispensable for you.

Once you find an answer to these questions you can proceed further to invest in your taxi app business.

Now let’s come to point of discussion and know what will it cost to start a taxi business.

What’s the Cost of a Taxi Car?

The prerequisite to opening a taxi business is a taxi car. So the only expensive investment that you will be making is on a car to be used as a taxi.

Depending on the car model and condition (if you are going for used cars) you will have to shed around $15,000 from your pocket for a car.

It is best to start a taxi business with one car so that the car-related costs would be limited to only one, initially.

Buying a used car is advised as they comparatively cost less than new cars but you must thoroughly check it when you buy because a faulty car can cost you more than a new one.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Taxi-Related Accessories?

Taxi top light, Taxi cab meter, taxi paint or decals on the car, etc. are needed to transform your car into a taxi.

The goal is to make your taxi as much visible to the customers as possible, to get more customers.

An average taxi cab meter can cost you around $150 per piece. While the taxi top and decals will cost you comparatively less, at around $80.

But if you go for paint instead of decals for your car the cost would rise significantly.

You would also need to install a radio or cell phone communications system in each cab to keep in contact with your drivers.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Taxi App?

In this digital era where every start-up or business needs to be on the internet not just to survive but properly thrive. Hence, your taxi service should have a mobile app to help you reach customers easily and fast.

To start the uber business model, you need an Uber-like app that would help you get customers via the internet.

To Make an online taxi/ Cab service app you would need expert taxi app developers who know how to code and design your taxi app.

This app will be made according to your preferences and requirements. So the design and features of the taxi app would be of your choice.

The cost to develop an app like Uber depends on many things:

  • Are you building your app from scratch or using Uber app clone scripts?
  • Do you need just the basic features or want more advanced features?
  • Do you hire a local (higher cost) mobile app development company or outsource (lower cost) your project?

All these factors and many others depend on how much does it cost to start up a taxi business like uber?

Your app development cost can be as low as $4999 to as high as $65,000.

Total Cost of Starting a Taxi Business like Uber

Apart from the taxi app development process, there are certain expenses that add to the cost of starting uber like taxi business.

  • App Development Cost- From $5000 to $65,000
  • Licensing-$800
  • Insurance-$300
  • Gas and other incidents- $700
  • Vehicles-$15,000
  • Equipment such as Top Lights, Meters, etc.-$700
  • Calibration and Installation- $500

Going for the low-cost taxi booking software solution is never the right move for any taxi Start-up business.

Hence, try to find an app development company that has at least some years of experience in developing taxi app solutions.


To beat the competition you need the best weapon you can lay your hands on.

This blog provides you with basic information on the cost of starting a uber business.

You may definitely have many more in-depth questions on how to start your own taxi services business; all these questions are answered in detail in a complete guide to the costs and options in the online taxi service app.

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If you are thinking of starting your own taxi business, then building an app is the first and foremost thing to begin with.


The taxi industry is a necessary means of transportation, especially in urban areas. The reason? It provides both – economic as well as mobility solutions. Economic solution because many people have got employment in the taxi industry and mobility solution as it helps you to go from one place to another freely.

Yes. You can run your taxi business from home as far as you have one cab. The only prerequisite is to get a private hire license with vehicles like minibusses, and it can transport 7-8 passengers.

There are two ways:

1. Renting the cabs to drivers
2. Splitting the fares with the drivers

Undoubtedly, taxi companies have enormous expenses. But they too make way to earn money. Big companies usually rent cabs to the drivers daily or weekly. In rental cars, drivers find passengers on their own. On the other hand, both the company and driver agree on a fixed ratio to divide the total income in fares splitting.

A big yes. Companies usually look to make money by investing less. And taxi cab service serves to be the best bet. The reason is that the customer demand for cabs keeps on increasing. But simultaneously, compliant planning and service are essential to driving your taxi business to success.

You can be a self-employed taxi driver. There are many benefits to it also. You can be an independent worker and set your work hours, which also helps you balance your personal and professional life. Also, you can get payments from all the journeys you complete.