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rental app like airbnb

Airbnb App – At a Glance

The owners who want to earn out of empty property can register as hosts on Airbnb. Guests can then choose and book a living space. It’s a win-win situation for all the three parties involved – the host, the guest, and the mediator Airbnb.

The property might not be a very luxurious one, but the most basic facilities are available. Also, for travelers with a strict budget, Airbnb is the best option. The Airbnb website and the app list every available property in the desired location. Be it single rooms, a suite of rooms, apartments, moored yachts, houseboats, entire houses, even a castle! Just enter the category you are looking for.

Hosts can list their property for FREE and set their own price. Some hosts who provide services like refrigerators, full cooking equipment, etc. are marked different from the standard listings.

Many apps similar to Airbnb charge very high platform commissions. But, Airbnb charges a commission from (hosts) property owners and a transaction fee from (guests) travelers. Most hosts allow 50% payment from guests at the reservation and check-out for guest’s convenience. You can book a stay via Airbnb in 200+ countries worldwide.

Screenshots of Airbnb App

Do you want to see how the Airbnb application looks? Here’s a sneak peek into Airbnb app design and its UI theme.
See the look of this mobile app for iPhone and Android!

airbnb app design screenshot

How does Airbnb Work?

For your ease of understanding, we have simplified the working of the Airbnb mobile app for you. Let’s read further!

After Airbnb app download is completed, tap on Discover. This feature helps you in exploring the listed places in the locality. You can save a location by tapping on the ‘Heart’ icon for future use. It gets saved in the ‘Wish List’.

You can enter your location type, number of guests, number of duration of stay, etc. in ‘Filters’ and ‘Advanced Filters’. Later you can book when you have found a desirable stay spot! You can also send a message to owners for any queries.

If you want to become a host by listing your property for guests, then you just need to upload HD photos and amenities available. Users can text you, so ensure you check your ‘Messages; section.

Download Airbnb app and discover beautiful places to stay and enjoy your vacation thoroughly!

airbnb app work

Features of Airbnb App

Airbnb mobile app is a very user-friendly application for both hosts and guests. Go through the features mentioned below available for both Airbnb app for Android and iOS:

feature of airbnb app
  • Manage Profile
  • Browse Properties
  • On-app Messages
  • View & Manage Bookings
  • Rate Hosts & Reviews
  • Manage Payments
  • Create a personal page to become hosts
  • Check Upcoming Stay Requests
  • Transaction History
  • Heart & Wish List

Airbnb App’s Development Cost

It is a huge responsibility to be a mediator between property owners and travelers. Building an app that supports the massive network of worldwide users, the app’s theme, UI and features should be brilliant. We are the best travel app development company that will help you gain the best UX for your customers.

Airbnb-like app development for Android or iOS should cost you between $50-60k, and its web version should be around $30-40k. Discuss with us the features, and we will give you a FREE quote to build the best app like Airbnb.

App’s Available On!

You can download the Airbnb App from Play Store and App Store.

app of play store
app of app store

In this post-pandemic period, isn’t everyone looking forward to traveling? This is the best time to take advantage of. If you are looking forward to becoming a medium for hosts and guests, contact us. We will help you to enhance your business idea and develop a suitable app like Airbnb.


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