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About National Parks Guide App

About The Project

The app is built for Yaxha national park situated in Guatemala city of central America. The app is a Travel guide app to help the tourists to locate the national park and provide the major places to visit.

The listing of various tour packages provided to the visitors helps them to plan their visit.

What We Have Done

We developed a Travel Guide Hybrid mobile app using ionic by which the visitors can personalize their package by selecting the places to visit or requesting any special needs. The tips section provides address and information of the hotels to stay.

Get the direction and information on the places of tour package like temperature, walking distance, duration of the tour and the terrain.

Other Features

  • GPS and Google map integration
  • List of attractions to visit
  • Easy trip planning
  • Easy log-in
  • Hotel booking
  • To do List
  • Upload your photos & Share
  • GPS track
  • Send your exact location to help in case of emergency

Result Business Benefits

  • Direct Connection with Customers
  • Increase Customer Base
  • Get more Customers
  • Double Your Travel Business Revenue

Beautiful Design

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