Going on a trip should be a relaxing experience. But, it can quickly turn into a chore if you have to do all the preparations manually. With the best trip planner apps you can rest assure that your vacation trip is planned to perfection without disturbing your peace.

Are you bored from months of toiling around the office?

Do you need a vacation break ASAP?

You certainly deserve it given all the hard work you’ve done till now. But isn’t planning an entire trip and taking care of all the various aspects of the vacation equally tiresome to your job. Worry not dear amigo, we have the perfect business trip or a vacation trip planning or a rv trip planner app solution for you. It’s in your hands or your pocket right now, your Smartphone.

So sit tight for a spectacular tour across the world of trending apps and you are free to pick any souvenir apps that you like. We will be showcasing a range of best trip planner apps in 2024 from flight, hotel and car booking to money exchange and many more useful traveling related features. If you are going on a trip or traveling right now then these trending travel planning apps are what you need.

Looking for new app ideas for 2024 related to the travel industry? Well this blog is for all you young wanderlust entrepreneurs too.

Enough chit-chat let’s get straight to the first step of our vacation planning.

Best Trip Planner Apps for 2024

So you have finally made time to relax and watch the world from your naked eyes. But where should you go and what should you watch? For that, you need someone or something that suggests you the best places to go for holidays. Well, that something is an app that suggests you the best places according to reviews of previous travelers.

sygic travel planner app

Sygic Travel

No one wishes to toil with managing the whole vacation and just enjoy the warm sun and cold beach water. Do you wish that someone else made your whole trip and you just enjoyed the fruits of their labor? Well, Sygic Travel does exactly that.
A fantastic travel planner app that just needs you to feed the city name that you wish to visit and the number of days you’ll be there and it will make a completely customized itinerary for your trip.

The number of days that you enter in the app will make the app decide the top attractions of the place along with where you should go on which day based on reviews from previous visitors and other details of the attraction.

The USP that makes Sygic Travel one of the best trip planning app is that it has a huge database of attractions with additional information like timings of museums, nearby club attractions, etc which takes away the stress of researching each location and choosing where to go and where not.

Features of Sygic Travel Trip Planner App:

  • Offline 3D maps
  • Real-time traffic update
  • Speed limit and Speed Camera warning
  • Head-up display
  • Live Parking availability notification
  • Share location
Best app like blink


Do you know there is Tinder for sightseeing? We are not joking. Blink has a Tinder-like mechanism that works to choose sightseeing spots. Just choose the city you wish to travel to and Blink will start loading the top tourist spots for you to choose from. If you like what you see just press the heart icon to save the spot if not then just swipe away.

Blink doesn’t give a whole lot of information in detail about any spot but just a peak enough to judge the place if you’ll like it or not so don’t waste time reading 5 articles on the largest ketchup bottle in the world when you can get a gist of the place in a short paragraph. Besides tourist attractions, they also suggest you the best food joints of the location and related selection of restaurant.

Features of Blink:

  • One Finger Experience (Tinder type working)
  • Info on various aspects (food, art, entertainment, interests)
  • Interactive map
  • Descriptive card for each location

Best Trip Booking Apps 2024

Now you know where you wish to go but how will you get there, where will you stay? All such important questions need to be answered correctly from a reliable source. Such a source needs input from authentic establishments all in a single platform. So how will you book the right flight and hotel for your vacation?

trip booking app like skyscanner


Skyscanner is an all in one app that provides you a curated list of the cheapest flights, hotels and car rental deals. Skyscanner boasts of having the most number of airlines and travel agents that they access for their users’ needs. Skyscanner travel planning app is available in 30 languages with a color-coded calendar and chart view of the cheapest days to fly.

Besides airlines, this travel planner app also suggests the cheapest hotel and car rental deals for you in seconds. Find your right room by comparing various prices, reviews and locations and make your travel a bit easy on your purse.

Skyscanner is one of the best trip planner apps that has received various awards from the New York Times, Webby Awards, Timeout, among many others.

best travel planner app like airbnb


Are you bored of living in bland hotel rooms when you travel? Then Airbnb is probably the best travel planner app in 2024 that gives lodging a unique twist.

This app has changed the concept of bed and breakfast (bnb) with making normal houses turn into hotels. Choose over 4 million hosting across 191+ countries to rent from.

The hosts on this lodging app are regular people that own any type of property that they wish to list out for vacationers and travelers.

So if you plan to have a home-like place to stay for your next vacation or thinking about making some extra money from your home then Airbnb App is the best trip planner apps for you.

Features of Airbnb:

  • Last minute bookings
  • Invite friends and family
  • Message your host for any query
  • Add experience and events
  • Manage reservations at one place
  • Update listing and calendar

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create a booking app like hoteltonight

Hotel Tonight

Did your Airbnb plans fall through at last moment or your stay got extended? So where will you stay now in an unknown city? Hotel Tonight offers a solution for such problems. This trip planner app thrives on last-minute deals. Hotel Tonight has partnered with various hotels that offer up their empty rooms.

When other establishments are asking for almost double price on last-minute booking this is the best trip planner application that shows discount offers on such bookings. This app claims that you can book a room under the wire and yet it will not take more than 10 seconds (but your fingers should be as fast as this amazing app).

Features of Hotel Tonight:

  • Book a room in 10 seconds
  • Search by city or attractions
  • Boiled down Hotel Description
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Reviews and rating for all hotels
  • More discounts for frequent users

Most Popular Travel Planning Apps in 2024

Now that you have made all the necessary bookings it’s time to leave for your trip but wait there is a lot of things to do before leaving. You got to pack your bags and make sure you have everything important packed and also some entertainment for the long journey ahead.

tripit travel planner app


This is no ordinary travel planner app; it’s a one-stop for all traveling queries. Just forward all your travel confirmation emails to TripIt and the app will create a travel schedule for you. So struggling to find and maintain all the travel and accommodation details is worries of past, thanks to one of the best trip planner app, TripIt.

This app is so versatile that it handles the largest and smallest detail of your trip. Be it the time to reach your flight gate or know the exact location of your hotel or even your restaurant reservations. Besides the benefits in traveling, TripIt also perfectly works for scheduling meetings, events and syncing them with your calendar.

Features of TripIt:

  • Organize complete travel plan at one place
  • Offline Support
  • Add/Edit plans anytime
  • Multiple Device access
  • Store digital copy of travel documents
  • Sync with your calendar
best roadtrippers planner app


You can call this app as a mini Google dedicated to traveling. The tagline that Roadtrippers follow is “focus on the journey, not just the destination”. So do you wish to see the biggest ball of yarn in the world or wish to see the Smithsonian museum? Roadtripper has a very simple concept and a very strong app.

Just plot your journey and the route you will be taking and the Best road trip planner app will suggest the best attractions that will come across your route besides useful stops like local diners, restrooms, gas stations, etc. The team that made this piece of beauty says that you’ll always be just 5 minutes away from something; it’s up to you what to visit.

Features of Roadtrippers:

  • Live attractions near current location
  • Showing various travel concerned spots
  • Estimated time and route display
apps like google trips

Google Trips

Google does everything better and they have done it again for traveling with their Google Trips app. It takes your emails and automatically organizes them into individual trips to the very last detail.

Google Trips can be considered a mash-up of all the good things mentioned above. Just as any other Google product this app is simplified, straightforward and very intuitive.

Also, you can read reviews given by other travelers for any spot, restaurant or hotel and make your plans accordingly. It’s synced with other Google apps like Google maps and so you can also view what attractions are near you using live-location.

Don’t have internet? No problem at all. Google trips also works offline so all the important information related to your trip is always accessible to you.

Features of Google Trips:

  • Automatic trip organization
  • Complete trip plan available offline
  • Completely customizable itinerary
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Organized day plan with your preference in mind

Bonus Apps

Well now that you have been a very patient reader, here are some bonus apps that you will love to learn about. These are not trip planner apps per se but they are a very useful set of apps that can be a handy tool while traveling in unknown cities.

best travel app like uber


You don’t know how to drive or simply don’t wish to rent a car, book an Uber. The most widely used cab service in the world, Uber is loved by all that have used it even once. It’s USP is the ease of the whole process, just book your ride from the app and a driver nearest to your location will come to pick you up where you are standing.

XE currency travel app

XE Currency

XE Currency may not look that aesthetically pleasing in its design but it is one of the most practical and efficient apps on this list of best trip planner apps.

Available for both the major platforms (iOS and Android), it converts currency rates in real-time. Constantly being updated with the live exchange rates of all the currencies in the world and also precious metals, XE currency will help you get the real-time rates of currencies.

This app can also store the most recent rates so you can access them if your device is offline. Also, it is integrated with Android Wear and Apple Watch.

mobile passport travel app

Mobile Passport

This app is more useful for U.S. travels. Mobile Passport lets you skip the line to enter the country by giving you a digital copy of your passport. This app is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. So, next time if you are going to the U.S. then skip the long line and show the digital passport using this app.

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So these were our pick for the best trip planner apps 2024 that will be useful for your next vacation trip. If you have a unique idea to travel app development or best vacation planner app,that is helpful for travelers then you can share it with us and Get a Free Quote and guidance on how to build such an app.

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