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what is arogya setu app

What is arogya setu app?

As we have started our new section called “App of the week” for our regular & loyal readers, we thought it would be best to start with an app that has come out as a savior for the Indian smartphone users in this COVID-19 pandemic. The app could be a trendsetter in the upcoming months for many countries.

The government of India, by foreseeing the increasing number of corona infected cases, has come up with this amazing idea and developed this COVID-19 tracking app within a few days. It’s a much-needed step by the department of health to prevent the spreading of viruses by helping people to follow the best practices & stay safe in this pandemonium.

Arogya Setu has been downloaded by more than 50 million people in India within the first 20 days of the launch.

Screenshots Of The Arogya Setu App

If you look at the app, you will see the developers have created a simple interface and easy to navigate screens so that more people can understand it and use it.

Screenshots of the arogya setu app


The purpose of this COVID-19 tracking app is to inform a user whether or not he or she has crossed a path with someone who is infected with the COVID-19 positive or not. The app asks each user to keep the Bluetooth and Location sharing of their device turned on. Now, suppose, if any of the two users come into brief contact with each other, the Bluetooth in their devices exchanges the anonymous identifiers during the meeting.

Now, if any of the users get diagnosed with the COVID-19 positive in later days, the app would automatically alert the other user, in fact, any other users who had come into contact with the diagnosed user within the last 14 days. Also, the app will send them preventative measures and ask them to do self-assessment tests. Also, it informs them what they should do as a next step. Apart from that, the app provides important real-time updates and information on the statewise COVID-19 cases in India

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how does the arogya setu app work

Features Of Arogya Setu App

With the main goal of keeping everyone informed about their health & situation in this COVID-19 chaos,
the government has made this app with many handy features.

features of arogya setu app
  • Track & alert on COVID-19 Situation
  • Your Status
  • Self Assessment COVID-19 Test
  • Donate Money to Government fund
  • DashBoard with Updated Cases in India

Apps Avilable On!

You can download the from the Play store and App store

app of play store
app of app store

The county has taken its first of many steps to prevent the citizens from COVID-19 through digitization. Does your country have an app like Arogya Setu?


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