Gone are the days when doctors had to depend on patient logs and paper reports to take any decision for the patient. Everything is becoming digital and remote with real-time medical data sharing, thanks to the latest medical apps for doctors.

So you are either planning to build a healthcare mobility solution or make use of such software & mobile apps solutions in your medical practice. If yes then you are in the right place. You may find this blog a bit long, but it is worth a read. Why? Because we have covered almost everything related to mHealth and top medical apps for doctors in 2024.

What are Medical Apps?

Mobile medical apps refer to software applications that are compatible with smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets to work as a bridge between doctors and patients. In simple terms, medical apps refer to use of software applications installed in mobile devices for healthcare services. Those apps help doctors and nurses take care of patients, and people monitor their health accurately. Mobile health or mHealth is a popular term used today by health workers and health enthusiasts.

Be it iOS or Android medical apps for doctors, it can help doctors monitor their patients; help hospitals manage patients’ health records, and patient registration and provide smooth clinical processes. With medical apps, people can maintain a healthy lifestyle, connect to doctors from around the world, get health guides and many other facilities from the comfort of their home. Medical device development trends have emerged with new technologies that have helped immensely in the healthcare industry with the usage of remote apps.

Recent Stats of Medical Technology

According to Statista,the mobile health industry is expected to reach 189bn USD by 2025.

mobile health industry data

Mobile health app market size in the US is expected to reach more than 15 million U.S. dollars while predicted to reach 50 million USD by 2025.

mobile health app market size

With $2.4bn in 2017, the mobile medical apps market size worldwide is expected to grow to $11bn by 2025.

Medical Apps and all its Glorious Offsprings

Medical apps and solutions for hospitals and clinics have evolved enormously since 1982. And, it was the time when Dragon Systems developed the first voice recognition prototype for medical assistants. From personal computer-based software to innovative mobile applications, medical apps have revolutionized the industry with incredible offerings. Today we have hundreds of applications of mHealth technology.

We can assume the growth with the significant rise in demand for mHealth app development which includes telemedicine app development, healthcare management solutions, patient care app development, and more.

Medical applications help hospitals and clinics streamline their business process. At the same time, doctors and nurses can use them as their personal assistants. These apps can help doctors and nurses treat and monitor patients efficiently. All you need to do is to find some of the best medical apps, select the one and get going.

Besides, as technology advances, we have various types of medical apps based on particular purposes. We have rounded up the most popular apps for doctors.

Let’s explore some of the top categories of mHealth:

  • Diagnosis Apps: Epocrates, PEPID
  • Medical Reference Apps: Visual DX, OB/GYN Made Easy
  • Medical Journal Apps: Case, Read
  • Clinical Decision Helper Apps: MDCalc, AO Surgery Reference
  • Social Networking Apps (for doctors): Doximity
  • Medical News Apps: UpToDate, Medscape News
  • Productivity Apps: Evernote, Care360
  • Remote Monitoring Apps: Allscripts Remote+, Epic haiku
  • Doctor On-Demand Apps: Dectar, Doctor On Demand

The last category, Doctor On-Demand Apps is more for the patients, but it is such an important and most profitable app niche that we can’t refrain from talking about it.

Your Doctor is Just a Tap Away

On-Demand doctor app development have been in trend since the last couple of years, but where some are for mere luxury, others have become a positive necessity. Would you rather go through all the troubles of getting to the clinic and wait hours in line for your doctor’s appointment or get your doctor to visit you in the comfort of your home?

You can book an online doctor appointment with your preferred pediatrician, dermatologist, Physician, and many other doctors in any specialization. Book appointments according to your preferred time so no last-minute rushing or taking an urgent leave from the office.

We have made you wait long enough; so now let’s get straight to the main attraction of today.

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Best Medical Apps For Doctors in 2024

Medical Reference App Like Epocrates

1. Epocrates App

Epocrates is a subscription-based Clinical Decision Support Tool (CDST) integrating a large number of features into an accessible mobile healthcare application. This tool has many useful features that can be accessed by doctors on their desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

What Makes This Medical App Unique?

  • The app has the latest medical innovations with a wide range of researched resources and discoveries.
  • The app works offline so the users don’t need the internet to access the data of the app.
  • The doctors can connect with each other via the app through the text service called Athena Text.
  • The app includes an array of features that make ePocrates one of the best healthcare apps for doctors. Symptom Checker, Disease Database, Clinical Guidelines, Medication Database, Drug References, and Medicine Specific Calculator, are few amongst many others.
  • All of these features are available in the free version of the Epocrates mHealth app.
  • If you are ready to pay for the advanced version, Epocrates Essentials; you will get advanced features like Lab References, ICD-9 &10, Alternate Meds, etc.
  • Epocrates e-health app is improving healthcare on a global scale with more than a million healthcare providers accessing this app in their daily profession.
apps like Visual DX

2. Visual DX App

Diagnoses can be tough; doctors cannot remember every rash, clot, and injury sign. With 18 million diagnostic errors each year, it’s time for a second opinion. Visual DX is a diagnostic tool that uses images of patients to give the correct diagnostics of any medical case. It is available on all major devices like Desktop, tablets, and smartphones for two platforms; Android and iOS. The app boasts that it has increased diagnostics accuracy by 120% for medical professionals across the world.

What Makes It One of the Best Medical Apps?

  • Visual DX is a library of more than 32,000 digital images with different variations of diseases shown in each picture.
  • The images in the database represent patients of different ages, skin types, and other diagnostics.
  • The app has specially dedicated sections for the eyes, mouth, hair, nails, and genitals.
  • This app can be useful for multiple specialties including dermatology, pathology, radiology, emergency medicine, oral medicine, infectious disease, and ophthalmology.
apps like doximity

3. Doximity App

Doximity is a new healthcare smart app developed by the founders of Epocrates. This healthcare app for doctors is a private networking platform for physicians, surgeons. It is free for all doctors on Android, iOS and Web. Doximity is capable of eliminating time wasted on trying to communicate. It offers the network and necessary tools to easily collaborate on patient care with any doctor across all medical settings.

Why It Is One of the Top Apps in the Medical Field?

  • You can search doctors using your choice of filters like specialty, location, clinical interests, publication, language, hospital affiliation, or experience.
  • Doctors build and edit their own profile so there is no chance of error in the database.
  • The users can send secure faxes and encrypted messages related to medical cases that meet HIPAA requirements.
  • This best online app helps you connect with leading hospital employers, search jobs, and compare salaries.
medical news app

4. Medscape News App

By the name of the app, it is obvious that this is one of the top medical apps for doctors, physicians, surgeons that keep them updated with the latest news and findings related to the medical information. But this mobile Health app is more than just a glorified news app for doctors, it is a complete glossary for doctors.

What Makes This App Unique?

  • Doctors can look up drug information, check disease symptoms, and identify various medications.
  • Multiple drug interaction checker feature can inform if any drug would cause an unwanted reaction to the patient.
  • Latest news reports regarding various medical topics.
  • Guidelines and prescriptions information for about 8000 drugs.
  • Tool to visually identify various pills and more than 600 dosage calculators.
  • This best online app also provides formulary information and directories of physicians and pharmacies.
pepid app

5. PEPID App

PEPID is a clinical reference and decision support tool that helps doctors to diagnose and treat patients with ease and accuracy without leaving the point of care. The app is being used in more than 150+ countries. The PEPID healthcare app can work without accessing the internet.

Why is PEPID Among the Unique Healthcare Apps for Doctors?

  • The doctors have access to more than 3000 disease profiles and clinical conditions.
  • High-Definition radiographic images, descriptive illustrations, and medicine pill photos.
  • PEPID medical app has the most comprehensive drug database.
  • PEPID is very easy to use, just input the patient’s symptoms, lab results, and physical exam findings, then the app determines the accurate diagnosis for the patient.
  • The medical app is free to use and available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Practitioners can earn Continuing Medical Education Credits while actually treating patients.
case medical research app

6. Case App

The best way to be updated to the latest medical innovations, researches and findings is reading medical journals and research papers. But with busy schedules and hospital runs this is not possible for most popular doctors. That’s why kernel networks built an easy to use mobile medical journal app called “Case”.

What Makes This App Unique?

  • Case scans through thousands of medical journals across the world to bring its users that most trending reports on diseases, drugs, and precautions.
  • Case publishes content for more than 81 medical specialties.
  • The app works like Netflix, the app suggests articles based on what you read and liked in the past.
  • The abstract for all the articles can be accessed in 100 languages.
MDCalc App

7. MDCalc App

In 2005 MDCalc was a WordPress site for EM residents which then due to its high popularity was made into a smartphone app. MDCalc is considered one of the best apps for medicine due to its capability to offer more than 350 decision tools for very specific patient care scenarios.

The medical calculator app is supporting healthcare professionals, medical students as a reliable physician assistant.

How It Became One of the Best Medical Apps?

  • MDCalc decision tools offer solutions for 150+ disease states.
  • MDCalc gives solutions for 35 unique specialty areas.
  • At present more than a million medical professionals across 190+ countries use this app every month, in the US alone more than half the physicians use MDCalc.

8. UpToDate App

If you are looking for an app, which offers chock full of medical information, then UpToDate should be in your device. The app enables you to search more than 8,500 topics, more than 4,400 expert discussions and more from the comfort of your fingertip. Bookmark your favorite subjects, retrieve the recently updated topics or information, and make informed clinical decisions.

Some of the Top Features of UpToDate Includes:

  • Latest medical news, events and alerts.
  • Suggestions from the medical sectors.
  • Multi-lingual to search topic in your favorite language.
  • More than 10,000 graphics with illustrations.
  • Top 1,500 topics to help you do a good practice and discuss with patients.
  • Medical calculators.
  • A drug-interaction checker.

The app is free to download, though you need to buy paid subscriptions which may cost you around $495 annually. If you are a student or resident doctor, you can use it by spending just $195 annually.

DynaMed Plus

9. DynaMed Plus App

Reference and evidence-based information matter the most to doctors running his clinic or hospitals. DynaMed is a kind of app that is important for every doctor, clinic and hospital to make day-to-day decisions. Whether you are looking for a quick answer to your questions or want something explained precisely and straightforwardly, this app can be a great help. The app provides a wide range of reviews given by top medical experts.

Reasons why DynaMed Plus can Fit Every Health Warrior Needs:

  • Easy to navigate, search (enabled with clear-cut search capabilities).
  • Access to drug information from Micromedex Clinical Knowledge Suite.
  • Faster services, evidence-based resources.
  • Free access to institutions.

Download the app, subscribe to its services (it’s paid) at $395/annually, $99.95 for students and free for institutions—gain expert advice on the go.

So these were our pick for the top medical apps for doctors of medicine. In case you are still puzzled with the question “what are the top medical applications for doctors?”, we’d suggest you explore the best medical apps online (across app downloading platforms), go through their independent reviews, talk to your colleagues who are already using these applications and make decisions.

Almost all app suggestions given in the list are paid, though they are the best apps for doctors. If you use a third-party app for information purposes, then you are supposed to pay for any genuine contents, information and support. However, you can also develop your own app for your clinic and hospitals. That will help you manage your hospital well.

Build a Similar Types of Medical App with Our Team of Mobile App Experts

What Apps do Doctors Use in 2024

There are mainly two types of mobile apps doctors use around the world;

  • Third-party apps
  • Personal App/Customized App

Third-party apps: It refers to when a doctor or hospital registers their services on apps provided by third-party vendors. That will be chargeable or commission-based apps. Or, you can subscribe to their services and manage your hospital efficiently.

Customized Apps: It refers to when doctors or hospitals build their own app with personalized features and functionalities. Even though it involves upfront costs, you may get more flexibility and comfort. Importantly, you may not have to share the profit with any third party vendors.

However, suppose you have newly started your clinic or hospital. In that case, it is advisable to get registered with third party vendor apps. Once your clinic or hospital starts getting a response, you can consider approaching a Healthcare app development company to develop your own mobile healthcare app.

What do Doctors look for in Medical apps?

There is no hidden formula to make successful medical apps for physicians; there are just a few variables and features that are must for such mHealth apps for doctors.

Mobility and Connectivity are important as the medical professionals may need to access the app at any time from any device that they can get their hands on.

Data Security is of utmost concern while building such an electronic health record app. The personal information of every patient and their diseases should be kept a secret. So the development of EHR systems should have A-grade security towards cyber attacks and security breaches.

Compatibility with Latest Medical Instruments may be required in some apps as they provide diagnostics and biometric vitals of the patients.

GPS to track the patients and give an update to the doctors in case of a medical emergency with any of their patients.

Quick Response feature to chat with the doctor and give proper assistance to the patient according to the situation and patient conditions.

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The e-book can be a perfect guide for you to understand a step-by-step process of how various technology works with healthcare.

Why does It the best Choice to Go with Mobile Health Apps

Flexibility. Yes, this is the first word that comes to mind when someone asks this question. No doubt, mobile health apps can help you connect to larger people —beyond geographical reach.

Here are the top reasons you should have mobile apps for your clinic and hospitals;

  • Help you strengthen your client base, earn more loyal customers.
  • With app integration, you get simplified tracking patients’ health conditions.
  • You get a centralized database that eases your routine process.
  • A useful marketing tool in the form of a mobile health app.
  • Productive management, convenient payment system.

How Can You Make $$$ From Best Medical Apps?

You must be thinking, I too wish to create a medical app for doctors but how to make medical apps? More importantly how to earn from this app? There are many ways to earn revenues from such apps but the main 3 ways are:

Advertisements have always been the main source of income for any app creator. Pharmaceutical companies and medical instrument companies can advertise their products for your users (the doctors). This way companies will definitely pay more as they know that their advertisements are reaching directly to their primary audience.

The paid model is the next biggest source of revenue from mobile apps. Build an amazing app that doctors will be ready to pay for and then sell it on the app store. You can ask for a decided price whether it is a one-time fee or monthly/yearly subscription fee.

Freemium is the Next great idea if paid apps won’t earn that much. Let the users have the basic version of the app for free. If they wish to upgrade to the more advanced feature then charge an amount for that version.

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Mobile medical apps are the backbone of the healthcare industry. From accuracy, efficiency, productivity to convenience, medical apps for doctors can make a way to becoming an industry leader. In the coming days, the entire healthcare system will be tied to the ropes of innovative technology where every segment of healthcare will be connected. It will help doctors and hospitals provide better healthcare facilities at a cost effective rate.

So, If you are a doctor or a healthcare professional, then you can access all the patient information from your Smartphone. In case, you belong to hospital administration or you are a healthcare provider, then medical applications will help you keep a digital record of daily medical supply, and send the reports to the patients. We have already suggested the top medical apps for doctors, you can use any of them as per your needs. However, when you use third-party apps, the only lacking point is you have to pay subscription charges monthly or annually. Meanwhile, you may also face the issue of limitation. That means you use what they provide. For example, features, functionalities, and others will be decided by them, not you.

Whereas, needs differ from one hospital to another. And, if you want medical apps designed specifically to your hospital needs, then you may have to go with custom medical mobile app development. And, when you want the healthcare technology revolution to be a part of your business process, then you need to hire dedicated developers.

We’re also the industry savvy of healthcare and we deliver tech products, services and solutions to our healthcare clients worldwide. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the medical apps, then you are free to contact us anytime. Our chief technological officer is all set to guide you anytime.

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