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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

What Is Hungerstation

What Is Hungerstation? Know It In and Out.

Founded on March 5, 2012, in Dammam, Saudi Arabia; Hungerstation is the first-of-its-kind online food ordering and delivery app in the Country. Hungerstation portal is today’s leading online food ordering platform in the region that connects thousands of restaurants and eCommerce businesses across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Currently operating with 10,000+ partners in 80+ cities in Saudi Arabia, like Hungerstation Jeddah, Hungerstation Riyadh, Hungerstation Dammam and Bahrain. Hungerstation is the place for you to order as you wish and what you wish and gives you a seamless ordering experience. You can place orders from your comfort zone while enjoying online and cash-on-delivery options.

Presently, Hungerstation App is one of primary Saudi Arabia’s Online Shopping Apps and it offers all that you want in one platform conveniently. Hungerstation gives its customers a delightful experience by offering local and international restaurant brands and is one of the prominent Grocery Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia.

We have briefly added this app as the Best Food Delivery App in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Now, let’s move forward with an understanding of the working of this premium Food Ordering and Delivery App.

How Does Hungerstation App Work?

Hungerstation App can be installed on both iOS & Android devices, and it has a quick registration process and smooth access for new users. This app has a neat and clean appearance. The colour choice gives it a calm feeling and makes it easy to use without fear.

An application’s swift and smooth workflow is vitally important for its success. The same goes for Hungersations Sucess, as its workflow is seamless and effortless. Users can log in with personal info, like the contact number. The Hungerstation registration information collects for easy and quick delivery.

Its starts with the customer searching for stores located nearby them. After that, the user searches for their favourite restaurant and their favourite dishes and makes an order online through Hunger station. Then they update their preferred delivery time and location. Next is the payments section, where you can pay online or select the cash-on-delivery option.

The restaurant now prepares the meals according to customer orders and sends them out for delivery at the given location and time. Here, the user can choose either take away or delivery. The App has the option to get registered as a delivery boy through Hungerstation Rider App.

Through innovative and futuristic Technologies and sophisticated delivery systems, Hungerstation, Food Delivery App in Saudi Arabia, proved to be a trailblazer in the region’s Online Food Ordering and Delivery Segment.

Hungerstation App doesn’t charge any fee for the delivery or its sevices. Still, any delivery fees charged if taken is by the restaurants or third party like the drivers, who registered through Hungerstation Driver App. Billing is at actual restaurant prices.

How Does Hungerstation App Work

Let’s View This App Through These Eye Catching Screenshots

Hungerstation’s Saudi Arabian app is as authentic as its traditional cuisine. Take a sneak peek through these screenshots to believe.

Hungerstation App Screenshots

Unique Features This App Offers

Unique Features of Hungerstation App
  • Effortless User Registration
  • Multi-languages Support
  • Track Orders in Real Time
  • Order Scheduling
  • Online and Cash on Delivery
  • Instant pop-Up Notification
  • Products Filter Options
  • Take Away Or Delivery Options
  • Exclusive Promotional Offers
  • Store Order Status
  • Rating & Reviews

Top 2 Features That Sets Hungerstation App In Top Apps In Food Delivery App Market

These two features make this App the best and most user-friendly App in the Food industry in Saudi Arabia and these are the two features that set it apart from Food Ordering and delivery Apps:

Multiple Languages Icon

Multiple Languages Support

The App can run in multiple languages like Arabic and English. The users can choose the language of the App and efficiently understand and operate in their native language. This helps customers to conveniently place an order in a better way.

Order Scheduling Icon

Order Scheduling

You can order and schedule its delivery time. You can comfortably place an order between 8 AM and 2 AM, but you can choose the delivery to your doorstep as and when required. This allows you to plan late-hour parties and get-togethers.

Development Cost of an App like Hungerstation App

Several variables determine the cost of developing a food delivery app like Hungerstation. As with every mobile development cost estimate, four significant aspects contribute to the average price estimates: features, app design, agency location, and team size.

However, to give you a rough idea, the cost would range between – $15,000 to $50,000.

Note that the above price is an estimated range. The actual cost may differ depending on the App’s features and other requirements you want to include.

Hungerstation App Is Available On

Hungerstation App is available as a web platform for browser users. And in Android and iOS devices for convenience to its mobile users.

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App Store

You are going through this brief introduction cause even you want to build a Food Delivery app. And to execute this purpose and give a positive push to your recent Food delivery business, you will need an experienced on-demand app development company. For assistance with designing and developing an app like Hungerstation’s, discuss the ideas that come up in your mind, and we will help you to bring them to reality.

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Yes, cash will be accepted on Hungerstation. You can pay cash on delivery.

  • App users can go to the login page and register using their active phone number.
  • To register as a rider or delivery boy, You need to register using a Valid Personal ID, the Serial no. of your vehicle and a selfie with white background showing up to your shoulder.

Hungerstation has 1 investor, Foodpanda and is owned by Hellofood SA.

There are almost 20 Food Delivery Apps in Saudi Arabia, like Talabat and Uber Eats.