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Why you Should Make Your Own Flashcard App like Quizlet?

Quizlet implements a scientific approach in learning and teaching which other educational apps fail to do.

Currently, in the US, the app has more than 50 Million active users. What is more, it is used by one in two school students and one in three college students in the US.

Teachers and students can collaborate on a single platform even after school hours. It is like virtual classes where the teacher creates a class and adds students to that. Due to its popularity, there are over 200 million study sets worth of content in the app. Which means students have access to the content of the subjects they want. Some of the popular subjects on the platform are maths, science, art, history, language learning, aptitude, general knowledge, filmmaking, and more. with Quizlet app earns through its pro and premium membership.

Screenshots of the Quizlet App

Screenshots of the Quizlet App

How does Quizlet App Work for Students & Teachers?

An easy registration process allows anyone to join the platform as a student, teacher, or parent. The app asks everyone to have a Quizlet username which is unique to everyone. You can find anyone by their username.

For Teachers

Teachers can create a study set, class, and a folder for a particular subject or a topic. For example, a history teacher can build a set on a history topic for teaching historical events and its dates. They can create a flashcard, diagrams, and quiz on a particular subject.

In a study set, the teacher can add a term and its meaning with images to make it more interactive for students. For example, a French teacher can add a french term and its meaning with an image. Teachers could also go live with Quizlet live and connect with their class students and play a competitive quiz game. In a premium membership, creators can scan the documents and add them directly to the app.

For Teachers
For Students

For Students

As more and more students are on their smartphones nowadays, they can use Quizlet no matter where they are. They can search for a particular topic and subject and start studying them right there. One of the interesting things about Quizlet is that it allows learners to grasp the concepts in multiple ways.

They can hear the pronunciation, learn from flashcards, write the proper spelling, give tests, play games, and whatnot. Even they can search their favorite teachers in the app through the Quizlet username. If a student wants a distraction-free learning experience, they can upgrade it to an ad-free version which also opens loads of new features for them.

Creating an app like Quizlet is a very lucrative startup but you need to avail the best education app development services from the top IT firm.

Features of Quizlet

A few features which made Quizlet the favourite app of many users.

features of quizlet app
  • Create Flashcards
  • Quizlet Live
  • Search Set, Class, & User
  • Remainders for Study
  • Quizlet Learn
  • Make Diagrams
  • Device Synchronization
  • Premium Plans for More Subjects
  • Track Students’ Progress
  • Scan Documents

What Do We Like the Most About Quizlet

Well, we liked the whole app but to be more specific we loved the following features the most.

Flashcard Teaching

Flashcard Teaching

Making the learning process convenient and effective is the sole goal of Quizlet. And they have done it by means of Flashcard.



Diagram allows teachers to present information in the most engaging and fun way. They can make a diagram using Charts, Illustrations, a Map, or a Photo.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live

Through this feature, teachers can set up a team of students and play games collaboratively. They can create a quiz game through flashcards and generate interest in students.

Scan documents

Scan documents

Do you feel creating separate study sets every time is time-consuming? With this Quizlet’s premium feature you can create the new set instantly by importing existing documents and notes by importing them.

Apps Avilable On!

You can download the from the Play store and App store

app of play store
app of app store

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