School structures have been re-defined today. Yes, this is true! Education softwares on mobile screens have replaced the classrooms with blackboards. This has been made possible by worldwide digitization. Do you also want to create an educational app or website and want to join the race?

This exhaustive blog covers all the information on how to create an educational app, the needs and benefits of developing the same, and some special tips from the experts at Excellent Webworld.

Why Are School Mobile Apps the Need of the Hour & Why should you Create an Educational App in 2024?

Where the generations before the present one only imagined phones being used in the education sector; today’s generation uses phones casually. It was a luxury and now is a common sight.

But look at today’s generation! All are blessed because… Mobile apps for Schools, Teachers & Parents!

Techjury states:

  • The worldwide e-Learning market projection will be worth 325 Billion USD in 2025.
  • Retention rate is greatly important. It was found that e-learning increases retention rates from around 25% upto 60%.

According to the Global Market Insights:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Cloud-based LMS are the driving forces behind this market growth.
  • The E-learning market is expected to witness a 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2028.

Of course, the above stats look very promising! Furthermore, let us help you with a plethora of information on building mobile apps for schools. Bu first, here are some benefits of mobile apps in educational institutions.

But look at today’s generation!

Ever since the technology has started playing a big role in educational app development, all these hurdles and dilemmas have simplified up to a great extent.

Mobile apps for school and university have started playing a big role in education.

The article is all about how mobile app for schools and colleges are becoming popular these days and how to develop it.

But before that, let’s have a look at some basics.

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Benefits of Mobile App in Schools, Colleges & Universities

One of the major reasons behind developing a mobile app for schools and universities is to improve communication between students, parents, and teachers.

If you have second thoughts about developing a school app then here are the benefits of mobile apps for schools

Best Educational Apps Trending in 2024

Here are some of the most useful apps for school that are helping students, teachers, and parents as well.

Memrise (For Learning A Language)

Learning with fun is all about the best language learning app. Memrise is one of the best language learning apps for students.

The app lets you learn different languages with grammar and pronunciation.

Not only by reading but you can also learn from the local people of the different country.

Edmodo (Social Learning Platform)

Connect and collaborate with teachers and parents with this fully-featured social learning platform.

Edmodo lets students get access to homework, school notice, and grades online.

Teachers can use this app as an online blackboard and inbox. They can post quizzes, assignment guidelines, polls, and summon students to submit the completed assignment.

Teacherkit (Classroom Management For Teachers)

TeachersKit comes with dozens of features that help teachers to manage students’ grades using included Grade book.

This school app for teachers organizes the information in 4 types of reports; class summery, student summery, seating chart and Gradebook.

This app provides you with the tools for handling students’ attendance, their behavior. It stores the information of students in the form of photos, grades, and assignments.

iMovie (for Students And Teacher)

This app is not only for students but it also helps teachers for introducing content in a meaningful way.

The presentations created by iMovie are ideal for all kind of students and aid them in the study. Students can utilize it to tell stories using digital media including pictures, images, and music.

Ultimately it helps students to increase their verbal fluency and communication skills.

What are The Types of School Mobile Applications?

If you have decided to make an app for school, your next step should be to think about which kind of app or website you want to develop.

The below mentioned list is the categorization of the most popular education mobile app development ideas for schools and colleges.

  • Language teaching apps
  • Online tuition app solution
  • Online school fee payment app>
  • Attendance management app
  • Managing workbook & worksheet apps
  • Exam preparation apps
  • Quiz and puzzle with answers apps
  • Storytelling for kids app
  • ERP software for school and colleges
  • App Development for Kids

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What are the Must-add Features in Creating an Educational App?

It is imperative to add specialized features that facilitate school admin, teachers, parents, and students communicate real-time messaging and stay updated about the latest events.

Checklist for your school mobile app features

  • Student/Parent Login
  • Employee/Teacher Login
  • ID Card Generation
  • Gradebook & reports
  • Timetable, attendance & scheduling
  • Online examination & assignment
  • Fee management & online payment
  • Personal messaging for parents to keep in touch with school authorities
  • Parent-teacher collaboration
  • News Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Certificate Generation
  • Courses and Batches
  • Worksheet & report card
  • Monitor progress
  • Calendar and diary
  • Push notification for events, exam schedules, and important announcement

What are The E-Learning App Development Trends

From time to time, app development trends keep changing. This is because the entire development industry is evolving at a break-neck speed.

From our fact-based research, we bring to you six app development trends used to create an educational app. Let’s go!

Artificial Intelligence

AI has propelled the user’s expectations to another level! The CAGR is expected to rise to 47% from 2018 to 2023. It is the bot that understands and acts according to the user-generated data that it collects. A chatbot is an excellent option for the same. A student user can ask questions while learning from the app.


Microlearning boosts the efficiency of students by 17%. Dividing the concepts into more minor subdivisions results in better understanding and an increase in the learner’s focus. This helps the student in absorbing the topic better.

More Videos for Interaction

This is no new fact that more colors and interactive content amplify the learning process. Moreover, considering the current scenario of the world, including webinars, video streaming, and conferences, helps a lot.

Trying a Game-based Approach

Most learners on such educational apps belong to the younger age groups. This means that there are more chances of attracting and gripping the users to the application. For an increased gamified experience, you can include progress bars, medals and trophies, and leaderboards.

Including AR with VR

Both virtual and augmented reality in education provides an immersive experience. Not only in creating an educational app, but these trends have made their place in the entire app development industry. The best part is that this trend brings great business and public-benefit possibilities.

This can be very fruitful for some education fields. For instance, medical students can perform medical work virtually supported by technology.

Personalized Approach

There are two things to take care of in the personalized approach. This also helps students in charting their course in their own time. Firstly, learners will be more interested if they are given the liberty to complete the course in their duration. Secondly, the names like – ‘Hi, John, resume learning from Chapter 2 Page 35’.

How to Build an Educational App?

How to Build an Educational App

3 Surefire Ways to Monetize Your Mobile App for Schools, Colleges & Universities

There are multiple ways to monetize an application and earn from it. Hence, to guide you better, here are three ways to monetize your education app.

  1. Subscription:
    Whether a long-term plan or recurring payments every quarter or month, users can choose the plan that suits their needs and budget. In this way, the user pays for what they want to learn, and you earn as an app and service provider.
  2. Advertisements
    You can sign a contract on the percentage of income you want to generate from the advertisements that you allow on your application to run. This is a great way to earn some bucks.
  3. In-app Purchases
    Whatever the users purchase from the application, a part of that earning goes to the app owner. This is just like a commission or a platform charge that the app has the right to collect.

As we also mentioned earlier that these are not the only monetization techniques. There are many other revenue streams that you can adopt.

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Tips from Excellent Webworld To Create an Educational Application

Your task is not just to create an educational app. It is to create an app that engages the users with the application.

Do you want to know ‘how to make an educational app addicting?’

Go through the following tips:

Tips for Create an Educational App

  • Using simple teaching methods like tutorials, quizzes, etc. Monotonous activities will bore the users. Hence, different activities will keep the user gripped by the app.
  • Make your app compatible with various devices and systems.
  • Craft freemium plans for users so they can first make themselves familiar with the application.
  • Be creative! Brainstorm and incorporate features of your choice.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App For Schools?

The cost of mobile app development for schools, colleges, and universities varies according to different factors such as location, time, features, functionalities, and the number of resources required.

An average school mobile app price may range from $15k to $100k.

If you want a basic app then it costs you around $15k.

Complex app with additional feature may cost you $50k.

Please note that the above figures are just an estimate. They can go up or down. Hence, feel free to get in touch with us to get a clearer idea.

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Parting words – How to Create an Educational App?

The numbers of mobile apps for school are increasing at a rapid speed. In fact, they are becoming a link between students, teachers, and parents to get stuff done.

We hope the above information has explained the point and now you are sure about the selection of your platform for your mobile application development solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions – Build Educational Website & Apps

Most schools pay between $25k and $50k. Today, such educational institutions have been agreeing so readily because the education applications have taken place in the user’s hearts.

Mobile applications have caught steam today. In fact, it is safe to say that the education mobile app development industry is growing by leaps and bounds. If you are thinking of building an educational or any other mobile app, it is a green signal for you to kickstart your project today.

The education app market from the period of 2021 to 2025 is expected to grow upto USD 70.55 billion. The number itself states that the market will expand more now.

It would be a time- and resource-consuming idea to first go through the entire app development process and then realize that the development company’s quality of work is not up to the mark. Hence, it is essential to have a ready-to-use checklist before finalizing and signing the contract with an app development company.

Communication, sending over notes, uploading presentations, doubt solving – every process becomes very streamlined. An application becomes a medium between school administration, a faculty panel, students, and parents. This helps in keeping everything compiled.

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