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What is Miro App

What is Miro App?? – Whiteboard At a Glance

‘Collaboration without constraints!!’ – this is the tagline of the Miro app.

Miro is a great way to accelerate creativity and bonding among the collaborators. Without a doubt, nothing beats the on-paper doodling.

The creative heads majorly use this app to collaborate. This app aids in cross-functional teamwork. Also, remotely located teams benefit a lot from this app.

It is safe to say that the Miro app is an improved version of the Zoom app. It has become so easy to organize meetings and workshops. Furthermore, it has a Miro whiteboard that eases the explanation or training process.

While working on client projects, all expectation details can be compiled and stored on one board for reference. Apps like Miro are no less than a blessing for creative masterminds.

How Does Miro Work & How to Use Miro Whiteboard App?

Designers can register using their email address or mobile number. Later, they can sync their contacts to add members on the boards when they want to work together. One can also create a guest account for temporary login.

Every canvas is unique!. The custom templating enables the users to use it as a free playground per their requirements. Creating wireframes and sharing them with colleagues has been easy with collaboration tools like Miro.

It is one of those apps for designers that also allows the user to create prototype designs of their choice. Remotely located teams can communicate and collaborate with each other using the screen share systems.

The drawing board app also allows the user to curate a mindmap. This can be a user journey on the app or website, a helping hand for app testers to try out all the alternative routes, etc.

Do you know the best part yet? A user doesn’t need to switch to another app for keeping notes. There is a to-do list section for users to note their activities, checklists, or tasks.

How Does Miro Work and How to Use Miro Whiteboard

Screenshots of the Miro App – Preview the Designers Team Collaboration Application

Miro is a designer’s app that has a beautiful UI. Designers who use the app in their daily working vouch for the exceptional UX of the whiteboard app. Here are a few must-see screen captures of the application.

Screenshots of the Miro App

Miro’s All-Inclusive Features List

Miro is a creativity cum productivity app very rich in features. Listing a few of its helpful features down below:

Miro App Features List
  • Run online meetings
  • Edit, annotate & mark up documents
  • Digital notes
  • Plan and manage agile workflows
  • Online teaching
  • Create vision board
  • Develop character personas
  • Create user journey mapping
  • Lay down strategy
  • Cards & tags for more clarity

What Excellent Webworld Loved About the Miro App!!

Two highlights about this mind-blowingly amazing Miro app are:

Collaborative Research Icon

Collaborative Research

Teamwork makes the dream work!! This is about the team sitting in different corners of the world and still being able to brainstorm, conduct team discussions, and present unique ideas on the same project.

UX Research Icon

UX Research

Creating a flawless UX can be difficult. But the all-in-one UX research tool considers its five major principles — empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test the design viability. It makes the UX design process a smooth ride.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Miro?

To be precise, Miro is a feature-rich application. Most whiteboard apps are not equipped with as many functionalities as Miro is.

To build a basic whiteboard designer’s app, you would have to spend nearly $25000 to $35000.

On the contrary, if you directly wish to launch an advanced version to take over your competitors, you might want to keep aside the budget of around $35000 to $50000.

Note – Can’t afford the above figures? Simply get in touch with our business analysis team, who will help you with application specifics that sit right under your budget.

Miro Application is Available to Download On!

If you are interested in exploring the various features of this app, you can download Miro application on your Android and iOS devices. There are Miro desktop and mac apps also available.

app of play store
App Store

The team at Excellent Webworld loves to bring innovative ideas into reality. To build a design app like Miro, reach out to a good mobile app development company with your concept and experience the best end-to-end development and design services by our team.


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FAQs – Miro Whiteboard App for Team Collaboration

Yes, only that Miro is an enhanced version of the Zoom app. It allows team collaboration along with functionalities like a whiteboard, to-do list, UX tool research, etc.

Yes, Miro allows the users to share screens for real-time collaboration and brainstorming.

Yes, Miro is a free application to use. A team together can visualize, share, and collect ideas via the Miro free plan. The app offers a paid version too.