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Patreon app at glance

Patreon App at Glance

Millions of voices go unheard, and thousands of skills & talents go unnoticed while billions of people keep looking for something exclusive to explore, hear and take a closer look at. But, for want of the right platform, they don’t get their purposes served.

But, that’s a matter of the past as the advancement of technology and the digital revolution has put everything to rest and enabled people to connect their fans, audiences, and admirers using a platform. At the same time, users can subscribe to their favorite creators (it can be singers, writers, comedians, models, or others) for exclusive content. With more than 200,000 creators and 6 million+ patrons, Patreon is the app of the day selected by experts at Excellent Webworld.

Screenshots of Patreon App

Get a glimpse of the Patreon app for creators through its exhilarating screenshots.

Screenshots-of patreon app

How does Patreon Work

You may be wondering “how does Patreon app work” and “how to use Patreon app” to subscribe to get exclusive contents or find patrons.

Patreon app for creators, Patreon is as easy to use as it appears. Choose the section for creators from the list given. For example, log in to the app using your credentials and select for creator section. Choose what you are uniquely skilled with. Fill in the information you are asked to. Or, you can choose to log in using a Google or Facebook account. They will automatically fetch data from the given account.

Create your platform, put your content for people, and get paid for what you are creating. Your audiences or fans can choose to pay you a few bucks per month or per post you release.

For patrons, you join the platform to connect with your favorite creator’s community. You can choose to pay them money or release wise or the content you love to watch, see, read or learn. You will be charged as per the plan you choose. For example, if you choose to pay $1 per video, podcast, or writing, you will be charged $1 for every release. That means if your favorite singer releases three videos in a month, you will be charged $3 from your card.

SpotHero App Work

Top Features of Patreon App

top features of patreon application
  • Registration
  • Profile
  • Create/share new contents
  • Leave comments/replies
  • Product (Lite, Pro, Premium)
  • Creators (Select Your Skills)
  • Pricing
  • Resources
  • Community
  • Contact Us

Patreon App Development Costs

Even though there is no fixed cost to build an app, it always differs, depending on the features, development model and development partner. The better way to estimate the cost is to obtain a price quote from some of the development companies you wish to work with. Usually, you may have to spend around $25,000 to $40,000 to build an app like Patreon.

App Available On

Want to explore more about the app? You can visit the website or download the app available for both iOS and Android.

app of play store
app of app store

So, whether you are a startup looking to raise a platform like Patreon app or an artist who wants to make your talents count, valued, and paid, getting inspired from Patreon will be a great help. So, if you are overwhelmed with any question, whether it is Patreon app cost, development time, resources and more, just find the right software development company, like Excellent Webworld and get your query solved.

Do you want a similar platform? Let’s connect with us and get the best and reliable solution at cost-effective rates.


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