Project Overview

You will find tons of apps for health and fitness, but very few possess the ability to inspire people to take care of their health. Surprisingly, the worldwide health and wellness market size was estimated to reach 4.4 trillion USD in 2019. It is expected to reach 6 trillion by 2025. However, there is a dark side to the health & wellness trend.

For example, people want to stay healthy, but very few take a step out to make it happen. They spend thousands of dollars behind health and fitness gadgets, but just a few utilize those gadgets for health purposes. For the rest, it is just a style statement. Our client, Abdulaziz Alotaibi from Saudi Arabia, came up with a unique idea to motivate people to stay fit and healthy without spending thousands of bucks on expensive gadgets, gyms or equipment. An app that will not just motivate people to take a walk but also earn them points which they can turn into cash to purchase products.


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Health & Fitness

Our Client Wanted Engaging Health & Wellness App

In market research, our client found that people like to spend money on fitness, but their interest level does not last long. As soon as they join a gym, most of them either drop the gym or do not plan to renew their membership. So, he wanted to build an interactive platform that would keep users interested and engaged.

The app should be interactive enough to motivate people to complete the task, not just one, two or three times but every time and every day. MoveCoins was our client’s well-thought idea, and we were assigned the project to make it as creative as possible.

best health wellness app
creative health and fitness app

Making a Creative Health & Fitness App was Our Prime Approach

Having received the health and fitness app development requirement, we selected expert designers and developers to form a team. All developers and designers were selected after a technical test taken by our client. Once we got the final list of selected experts, we initiated the project under the guidance of a project manager.

The first thing we did was explore the market and competitors. We did not have many competitors there, given the type of app we wanted to create. Even from a market perspective, we had some good opportunities to harness. We wind up our initial analysis, from features list, tech specs to deployment and post-development support. Our project manager explained everything to the client, and all suggestions were appreciated and accepted by him. That means we got a green signal to kick start the project.

A Well-Thought Health and Fitness App Ideas Deserved a Creative Set of Features

We created a single app with three panels: Users panel, vendor web panel and super admin panel. All required customized features to fulfill specific needs. Let’s explore the features that these panels were integrated with;

User Panel

  • User Registration
  • Account Setup
  • Create Profile
  • Add Account Details / Debit / Credit Cards
  • Real-Time Steps Count
  • Earn Points & Get Discount
  • Discounts Earned
  • Map / Geo Location
  • Make Connection / Friends
  • Profile Map View
  • Accept Friend Request
  • Share Rewards Points with Friends
  • In-Application Text Chat
  • Block Any Users
  • Shopping / Buy Products from Application
  • Explore Shops and Products
  • Payment Gateway
  • Rate and Reviews

Super Admin Panel

  • Dashboard – Business Statistics
  • Graph Reports
  • User Management
  • Shops Management
  • Manage Approval for Shops(Verification)
  • Commission Management (Edit Rate)
  • Reward Points Management
  • Block Any Users or Shops
  • Reports Export (Backup In CSV File)
  • Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Reports
  • Earning Management
  • Commission Invoice Management

Vendor Panel

  • Registration
  • Create Profile
  • Add / Delete / Set Pricing / Discounts
  • Product Delivery Management
  • Accept Order Request
  • Order Management (Cancel Order)
  • Send Billing Through Email / SMS
  • Stock / Inventory Management
  • Selling Statistics
  • Daily / Monthly Sales Report
  • Return Product Management

The Key Challenges

The health and fitness app we created was not limited to the health sector. We had to integrate the app with eCommerce features as well. But, these were not so tough as we faced while creating the step count feature, especially when the app is closed. Let’s explore what that was.

Count Steps When the App is Closed: Our client wanted that the app must work even offline and in the background. That means the app must fetch data in the background to store their step count if they forget to start the app before taking a walk. Integrating this feature was easy, but given the type of app our team was building, it was a bit challenging. Our project manager spent a sleepless night to find the suitable solution for this feature. However, it was done smoothly, and as the way our client wanted it to be.

Take a Look at Some Exhilarating Features

The project outcome was as awesome as we had assumed right before starting the project. Let’s take a look at the app, how it looks and the services it offers. You can also download the app from the App Store to check the quality of work.

screenshot health fitness app

Technology Stack

Backend and API

PHP: Codeignitor/Laravel



Real-Time Data Transfer



Android Native, iOS Native

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