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What is a Coinbase App?

Coinbase is the app that lets you trade in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and several others. The Coinbase wallet app offers you a platform where you can purchase, trade, and profit from cryptocurrencies.

You start by buying cryptocurrency with your traditional money, and then you can trade among the various cryptos available in the Coinbase app. Moreover, you can sell or receive cryptocurrency from other people too.

Coinbase app downloads has crossed over 10 million and majority coinbase app reviews are 4.7 out of 5 on Play Store. People are finding coinbase as the easiest way to invest in the growing crypto market.

The coinbase app provides a platform to study and stay updated about cryptocurrencies and then invest in them. Hence people are more inclined towards downloading this app.

The customers can easily make or receive payments through the e-wallet options available in the app. E-wallets support payments of Euros, Pounds, Dollars, and many others.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Screenshots of Coinbase App

If you want to make an app like coinbase, you can take inspiration from its design. Below are the screenshots of the app.

app like coinbase screenshot

How does the Coinbase app works?

Coinbase wallet app offers you a simple and safer way to buy, manage and sell digital currencies. Here’s how you can start using this app.

The first thing is to create an account page; you need to fill in all the basic information such as your name, email address, and password on this page. Then, the app will verify your email and phone number.

Then you need to link your bank account with the app to deposit or withdraw money for the trading. Based on your country and account type, you may have to provide KYC verification.

From there you can start buying and trading your preferred cryptocurrencies.

The app has an all assets feature that will avail with the option of following different coins. For instance, if you choose to follow bitcoin, then the app will update you with all the information about bitcoin on your front page.

The account feature of the app has the list of all the coins you own. One of the app’s interesting features is the invite option that asks you to share the app link with your friends and family. In return, you will earn $10 of free bitcoin if your friend or family member buys or sells at least $100 of cryptocurrency.

coinbase app works

Top features of Coinbase App

If you are thinking of building an app like coinbase, then these are the features you should include in your application.

Features of Coinbase Application
  • KYC Verification
  • Bank Account Linking
  • Deposit/Withdraw Funds
  • Real-Time Crypto Tracking
  • Automatic buy and sell option
  • Crypto News Alerts
  • Trader Insight
  • Remote Disable Phone Access

App’s Available On!

You can download the app from Play store and App store

app of play store
app of app store

Cryptocurrencies will be the prime impacting force in the future of business transactions. So if you are thinking of building an app like coinbase, you will need a hi-tech fintech software solution for mobile apps.

Stop talking about other’s apps, and start building your own best crypto wallet app like Coinbase.


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