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What is The Chosen App?

Does the thought ever cross your mind that you should be reading the Bible to learn about Jesus Christ’s preachings?

Well, The Chosen App helps you with at-par experience without overreliance on words. So, instead of forcing yourself into reading a Bible, The chosen can devote the entire episode to several short scenes from the Bible.

The Chosen app is much-hyped, as it is the largest crowdfunded TV series of all time. In these times of mounting despair and global anxiety, Jesus offers you all the hope you need. You would love to watch Jesus use his sense of humor that glues to watch the next episode.

The chosen app works similarly to the Netflix app; it creates and streams its content. The app lets you dive into the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of those who knew him. No matter where your spiritual journey is with Jesus Christ, this show is for everyone.

Screenshots of the Chosen App

If you want to make an app like The Chosen, you can inspire its UI/UX design. But, first, have a peep into the screenshots of the app.

screenshots of the chosen app

How does The Chosen App Work?

Excited about how you can start watching the first episode? Let us guide you on how the app works.

The only requirement for you to watch this series is your smartphone. Surprisingly, The Chosen app doesn’t work on the subscription-based model. The app requests the users to fund them; the pay it forward option in the app allows users to donate the amount they wish to contribute towards the app. This donated money is utilized to produce the next season of The chosen series.

The bonus clips give you the behind-the-scenes clips. Also, they have an option of Thank you letters sent to those who contribute to the show.

The Chosen series app has successfully raised $11 million, the highest level of crowdfunding. So if you too have a concept like this in your mind, connecting with an entertainment app development company can fulfill your expectations.

how does the chosen application work

Top Features of the Chosen App

features of the chosen app
  • Set-up account
  • Family Sharing
  • In-app Purchases
  • Coming Soon Contents
  • Skipping Introduction
  • Bonus Clips
  • Data Usage
  • Thank You Letters

App Available On!

You can download The Chosen app from the Play Store and App Store.

app of play store
app of app store

OTT platforms have made a strong grip in the entertainment industry. If you have a unique concept like The chosen app, connecting with the right app developing company would be the next step. For any questions, you can talk to our experts.


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