7 Most Popular Xmas Apps for Your iPhone & Android

It’s that wonderful time of the year, Merry Christmas to all you beautiful souls. This year let’s bring Christmas not just to your homes but also to your phones with some of the best Christmas apps.

Some people may think why we should let technology enter our holidays. I say why not? Ciaran O’Kelly truly said, “The story is technology and internet. It’s going to be an E-Christmas”, and why shouldn’t it be. Smartphone’s have done so much to improve our lives then why not improve our holidays too.

So here we are to give that splendorous touch to your Christmas with a list of top Xmas apps for iPhone and Android. We have something for everyone, so keep reading and keep up the holiday spirit.

Top 7 Christmas Apps for iPhone & Android

#1 Santa Video Call App

Santa Video Call Christmas App
Do your kids love Santa? Of course, they do. Then make this Christmas more special for them by getting them to call Santa. This Santa app is a real winner among children as you can video call, voice call, message and even track him with the Santa Tracker app.

There are some copies of this app in the app market but none match the standard set by this app. This app has the most customizable and varied conversation option and Santa talks to your kids by using their name.

This call Santa app is not just a collection of simply recorded videos but a dynamic simulated call. You can feed list of your kid’s information like name, age, the month of birth, their favorite color, fruit, vegetable, sport, and recent life events, and the app will make a video call message with all these information to make a special message for your kids. You can give a custom message to the kids if they have been naughty or nice and tips to be good, etc.

Type: Free & Paid Both


#2 Christmas Wallpaper App

Christmas Wallpaper App

Wallpaper Apps have been a very lucrative app idea that has been earning a lot in app stores. When it comes to Christmas people are more joyful and ready to spend on an awesome holiday experience. So, wallpaper category Xmas apps for Android and iPhone are on the rise. One such app that stands unique from all other apps is this one. It is more than just a collection of many still Christmas tree images.

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Christmas live wallpaper is a free app with animated mobile wallpapers. Many aspects of the wallpapers are animated like the fireplace, garlands and Christmas lights, snowflakes. The best part is that it will stay asleep while the phone is inactive, saving mobile battery. The app uses various mobile features like gyroscope, touch sensitivity, and gyroscope to make the experience more smooth and amazing.

Type: Free

#3 Christmas Gift List App

Christmas Gift Idea App

Christmas is not all joy and fun. There is a lot of work to be done to make this holiday special for your family and friends. One of such work is to get the Christmas gifts for them. Has any of you ever forgotten to give a gift or just slipped out of your mind to gift wrap it? Happens to the best of us, but there is a solution for that. It is one of the best wishlist apps for tracking and building a gift list for Android and iPhone.

It is a complete gift management app from setting a budget for each person’s gift to mark gift purchased, gift wrapped, etc. as a completed task. You can password protect the gift list so that no one else gets their hands on your gift plans. You can access the list via email, Evernote, and even a tweet. Automatic archival of gifts as New Year begins. For easy understanding, you can add pictures, links, and personal notes for each gift. The app supports multi currencies and languages.

Type: Free.

#4 Christmas Photo Frames Apps

Christmas Photo Frame App

Christmas is the season of beautiful memories and what is the best way to preserve memories than pictures. Convert any of your snaps into a Christmas themed picture. Christmas Holiday Frames has a large collection of 50+ templates to choose from and make a Christmas album for yourself and your loved ones.

The images that you create can be shared and also use as contact icons, wallpapers, e-Christmas cards app, and as a post on social media with your friends. You can also create an entire calendar of your photos.

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Type: Free

#5 Christmas RADIO App

Christmas Radio Music App

Music is a strong part of people and community, quite more in holidays, especially Christmas. There are many online radio apps in the market but a very few specially dedicated to Christmas. Christmas RADIO is one such app that tops the list for this category. This year’s most famous stations are Xmas in Frisko, New Orleans Christmas, Christmas Lounge and Christmas Country and one of the special channels is “My North Pole Radio” which broadcasts directly from the North Pole.

Christmas RADIO has 80+ unique stations from all across the world. This app is absolutely free and can work over any WiFi or cellular network making it the perfect representation of Christmas, an app that only wants to share the joy with its music to the world. The online radio category of apps is a very profitable business model that is on the rise amongst new startup enthusiasts.

Type: Free

#6 Christmas Ringtones App

Christmas Ringtone Phone Music App

Why not spread the spirit of Christmas wherever you go. We just talked about music and if you too love the melodious Christmas carols and Christmas songs then you need to download this ringtone app for Christmas. With hundreds of Christmas ringtones to choose from, preview and install in seconds.

All the ringtones in the app are absolutely free to download. New ringtones are added daily so lookout every day for new ones. There are holiday ringtones in several languages.

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Type: Free

#7 Hidden Object: Christmas Magic App

Christmas Game App

Christmas is not just for kids so you too can enjoy a Christmas game on your phone. This hidden object game format is a very popular Smartphone game category that is loved by a majority of mobile users around the world.

This special edition is Christmas themed for the inner child in you who still loves this holiday dearly. But beware, this game is tough to crack and only a true Christmas head will be able to clear all the levels. There are three modes in which you can play: Casual Mode, Normal Mode, and Challenge Mode.

Type: Free

So these were our pick for the very merry Christmas apps for your mobiles. But wait we have something more. Being the season of miracles we can’t send you just like that.

Top Xmas iPhone & Android Apps

Bonus round of the best Xmas apps for iPhone and Android based on top user ratings.

12 Days of Christmas

Take some lovely Christmas videos and sing along to sweet melodies.

Appy Christmas

After the sensational success of Talking Tom, here is the most amazing Santa Claus app for you to play with.

101 Christmas Cake ideas

Do you love to cook lip-smacking delicacies for your family? This app is the genius you need for this holiday cooking.

100 Christmas Gifts

From the makers who made the famous 100 Gates game, comes a Christmas puzzle game for you to solve.


If you wish to go out with the family this holiday season then this app will come in handy to get a precise forecast of any region.

Christmas Countdown App

A fully customizable countdown timer that can play Christmas music, give gift ideas and also gift you holiday wallpapers.

Christmas Dinner Recipes

Make the perfect Christmas dishes like a professional chef with the help of this amazing holiday dishes cooking app.


Do you always get confused about what to gift your loved ones on Christmas? This app provides the best Christmas gift ideas to make yours and their holidays the best.

Final Thoughts

Santa Claus is coming to town and bringing a lot of amazing Christmas apps for you to enjoy. These were our pick for the best Christmas apps this year. If you have an amazing Christmas app idea then you must consider an app startup.

Building your own Christmas themed app is a very lucrative idea that you should think upon. Talk to our Christmas app development experts for the same. Until then; Feliz Navidad and a Happy New Year to all of you.

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FAQs for Christmas Apps

1. How Can I Call Santa Claus for Free?

There are several Christmas apps available in the app stores that offer custom Santa voice and video messages. We’ve mentioned the best ones in the article below.

2. How Do I Give Gifts on Christmas?

Christmas is nothing without the gifts from our loved ones. So, don’t forget to get all your gifts using Christmas TO-Do list app mentioned in the article below.

3. How Do I Add Santa to My Photo?

Holiday seasons almost here and if you wish to bring Santa to your photos there are many Android and iOS Christmas apps that offer such Santa filters.

4. Where Can I Listen to the Best Christmas Carols?

There are several online radio apps that provide special Christmas channels that play Christmas carols all through the day.

5. Which Are the Best Christmas Games?

From finding hidden objects, to helping Santa deliver all the presents, there are some really exciting new games available this Christmas in App Store. We’ve mentioned a few in our article as well.

6. How Will the Weather Be on Christmas?

The moods are always jolly on Christmas, but what about the weather in your city? We’ve mentioned a few weather apps that will give you the heads up on the holiday weather.

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