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What Is Twitter

What Is Twitter – Know Everything About An Amazing App

Twitter is a social networking and real-time communication app launched in 2006. The popularity of an app is such that today it is used by millions of users and organizations to share and discover information quickly.

The app Twitter, which started as a mere SMS-based platform with a 140-character limit, has come a long way.

Now you can use it to share posts of 280 characters, and gather information by using relevant hashtags. In addition, you can communicate among social groups and organizations.

It also allows users to follow the topic of interest so that they don’t miss important information that matters to them.

They can share these posts, which include photographs, videos, quotes, and article links, and initiate a real-time conversation about hot topics, breaking news, and interesting information.

Overall, Twitter is a platform where businesses, marketers, designers, and creative people can all thrive together.

How Does Twitter Work?

Twitter is a massive social networking site that brings individual together and allows them to express their ideas. To use the Twitter app, you need to have an account.

Once you have a Twitter account, you can start building your networks of contacts. You can send an invitation to others so that they can see your tweets.

Apart from building a network, the app also allows you to share links and text through direct messaging. These direct communications will be private between the people sending the message.

Additionally, when you scroll through the Twitter page and you can see what others have posted, and based on that you can engage with them.

The ‘Pin Any Tweet’ is one of the simplest, yet most powerful features of an app. Using this, you can keep any of your tweets at top of your feed. This allows you to reach more people and more engagement, likes, and clicks.

With Twitter Moment features, you can tell a story that encompasses more than one Tweet and showcases several viewpoints.

So, this is how Twitter app works. Now let’s move ahead and see the UI & UX of a Twitter app.

How Does Twitter Work

Screenshots of the Twitter App

Below are the UI & UX design of a Twitter app, which makes it lucrative and easy to navigate for the users.

Screenshots of the Twitter App

Features Of Twitter App – Use It To Resonate With Your Audience

Features Of Twitter App
  • Create Twitter Moment
  • Pin Any Tweet
  • Text Link In Tweets
  • Post Scheduling
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Group Management
  • Activity & News Feed
  • Customize Tweet Alerts
  • Advanced Search
  • Create Photo Collage

Awesome Features of Twitter App You Should Know

Tagging Account Icon

Tagging Account In Tweets

This is one of the best features of Twitter, using which you can notify other users of your presence. Things like following and mentioning help you appear in their notification inbox. Hence expanding your reach.

Flexible Posting Icon

Flexible Posting

The majority of other social media networks are far more feature-focused. While Facebook is all about people, Instagram is all about pictures. On the other hand, Twitter is a jack of all trades, which has previously held it back

Development Cost of An App Like Twitter

The development cost to create a social media app like Twitter depends on various factors, which include app features, UI & UX, MVP, Design, and more. However, to give you an estimate, it is somewhere around $20,000 to $75,000.

Of course, this cost would differ depending on the features you want in your application.

Download Twitter App for iOS & Android

You can download the app to explore it further from….

app of play store
App Store

Social media has become the next big thing. Today, out of 7.9 billion people, 50% of people use Twitter. This number is overwhelming, right? You can look at this as a business opportunity and invest in creating an app like Twitter. For that, you can take the help of the best app development company.

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To download the Twitter video, copy a Twitter media URL, paste the tweet URL into the input field and then click on the download.

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application for the management of Twitter accounts. It lets you see multiple timelines and lists all in one place.

The trending feature on Twitter is where you can get information about a widely discussed topic.

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