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  • Microblogging App Platform
  • Photo Sharing Social Apps
  • Video Sharing Social Apps
  • Dating App Development
  • Community App Development
  • Consumer Review Sites
  • Blogging & Publishing Apps
  • Career-based Professional Apps
  • Sharing Economy Networks

Popular global social media platforms

  • Facebook (Social networking)
  • Twitter (Microblogging)
  • Instagram (Media sharing)
  • Reddit (Discussion forum)
  • Tinder (Online dating)

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Top social media application development features

An app is only as powerful and popular as the app features integrated into it. So, here are the most popular social media app features to consider.




Push Notifications


Live Video Streaming


News Feed


Social Commerce


Video Content


Influencer Marketing


Local Targetting


Create Communities


Real-time Chatting




Privacy Controls


Manage Events


Ads Campaign & Promotion


Inter-platform Integration


Social Media API Integration

technologies to integrate with a social networking app

Top 3 Best Tech to integrate with a social networking app

The technologies that power these social media apps have a lot of importance. Here are the future technologies that can be the stepping stone for your app.

AR Filters Integration

All you need is a best AR filters that clicks with people, and your social media app will witness a massive download surge.

AI-Based Content Suggestion

AI and big data can help create user-profiles and suggest to your app users the best content they would love to consume on your app.

Blockchain In Social Media

With distributed ledger and decentralization at its core, Blockchain technology ensures your app users privacy and secures the user content.

Our Recent Projects

We always believe in serving our clients with best and effective solutions that enables them to get over the startup challenges. Here we’ve showcased a few applications built by our experts based on client requirements.

Skriti - eCommerce Marketplace

After looking at our GoodFirms profile, this Texas-based client inquired about building an eCommerce marketplace dedicated to buying & selling various items like clothes, accessories, footwear. They wanted to clone the existing shopping app with a few customizations. Here’s how this project went!

Skriti Client Image

Reme Miah - Founder at Skriti

Hirely - On Demand Marketplace

Get everything you need at your doorstep with this errand service app. Right from buying goods to cleaning floors, everything is under one roof via Hirely – the on-demand marketplace app. Explore what is the app about and how our contributions helped it succeed!

Hirely Client Image

Anantha Rishitha - Founder at Hirely

Peppea - Taxi Booking & Car Rental App

One of our clients from Kenya approached us to build an all in car rental and taxi booking app "Peppea". Peppea contains so many unique features that make it one of the best taxi apps in Kenya.


Eric - CEO, Maridady Motors

FAQ: Social Media App Developemnt

You must have heard the quote that “if you are not paying, you are the product.” So, the most important way of earning through free social media is via the advertising models. Companies that pay you to advertise their products and services need a very accurate social media users profile to target. Hence the better your app can analyze user behavior, the better your earnings in the advertisement model.

Social media mobile app development is a costly affair. There are myriad of security protocols and technology standards to follow while build a social media, making it an expensive project.

Additionally, there are several other factors to consider while deciding the development cost—Factors like app features, unique app design, number of users planned to serve,basic features, chosen technology stacks, the app’s complexity, etc.

It’s easier than you think. First, you need to come with a USP for your social media platform. That USP will be the anchor around which you will build your app. The next step is to find a social networking app development company like ours, that provides a dedicated business analyst who will study your business plan and create a technical document for the app development project.

Once you are satisfied with the app feature list, development module, project timeline, and pricing, a team of designers and developers is assigned to you, which starts working on your app.

In case that you lack enough funds to build a complete social media app, you can also go with the MVP development approach and launch it for analysis purposes and pitch the results to investors for more funds.

Once the app is developed, passes the QA testing phase, and is ready to launch, you can start marketing the app and your brand across the internet.

The timeline of build a social media app project is entirely subjective and depends on the level of app complexity, the number of app features integrated, quality of app design and UI/UX, and also the experience level of the developers working on the project.

Buying a clone app solution is a good option only if you lack the funds to develop a custom social media application. So, if you are looking for a very basic app that provides only the bare minimum features and customization, then going with a clone app would be the most cost-effective way.

We have a sister company specializing in clone app solutions, and their USP is they provide app clones that are 100% customizable in terms of design and features at the fastest timeline in the market. Check out aPurple’s specialized clone app solutions.

If your goal with the app is to succeed and see an ever-growing social media brand that will one day reach the likes of Facebook and Twitter, then Excellent Webworld is the app development agency that can help build your vision into reality.

Our social media application developers have been rigorously trained to find a way out of deadlock problems and keep innovating until you and your end-users aren’t satisfied. The firm with more than a decade of experience and a resource pool of 80+ talents is quite capable of meeting all your requirements.