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What Is Mint App

What Is Mint App? In Depth-Analysis of Personal Finance App

Take control of money-spending habit in your hand with Mint

Mint is a popular free budget app that offers a variety of easy-to-use financial planning and tracking tools.

Developed by Intuit, the mint financial app connects with your financial account and gives users a clear picture of their financial health and total debt within the app. It has an easy-to-use interface that displays financial information in a slick way.

Users can alternatively maintain the default categories offered by Mint or build new categories to meet their needs.

The app captures and organizes every transaction into categories and visual data. Mint also analyzes your budget and spending habits and suggests ways to improve your financial literacy.

Besides all, Mint enables users to take steps to improve their credit, increasing attractiveness to lenders and making it easier for them to qualify for personal loans with favorable rates and terms.

All the features in the app are free to use and have no upgrade options or paid plans.

How Does Mint App Work?

To start with the financial app, you must first register and link your main bank account with the app. Once finished, you can use Mint to track your budget, create savings goals, and get alerts on your spending.

With the elegantly designed dashboard, users can get a bird’s-eye view of all their spending and account summary.

There is a budgeting tab in the app through which you can set up bill reminders and get alerts when you overspend beyond your budget, get charged a late fee, or when an upcoming bill is due.

The mint mobile app also has a variety of credit card deals, insurance, investment options, and other financial instruments through which you can save and improve your overall financial status.

Mint reports and free budgeting tools are helpful if you’re just starting out with budgeting. Suppose you need an automatic system that tracks and categorizes your spending at every stage to figure out where you’re at with that breakdown. Mint app is the way!

How Does Mint App Work

Screenshots of Mint App UI

Not only in terms of features, but Mints come with alluring UI & UX. Check out the below-given screenshots.

Screenshots of Mint App

Mint App Features – Now Control All Your Finance From One Single Place

Mint app is a complete package of budgeting features that helps you make wise decisions with your money.

Mint App Features
  • Track Bills
  • Investment Tracker
  • Help Make Budgets
  • Set Financial Goals
  • Reports & Trends
  • Categorize Your Expenses
  • Recommend Insurance Products
  • Net Worth Tracker

Two Best Features of Mint App Liked By Excellent Webworld

Budgeting & Tracking Expenses Icon

Budgeting & Tracking Expenses

This is one of the most noticeable features of the Mint app. With this budgeting option, you can make every dollar count. Get a smart budget based on your 1st-day expenditures & keep track of your balances with a budget tracker.

Creating & Managing Goals Icon

Creating & Managing Goals

Another notable feature that differentiates Mint from others is creating and managing goals. It allows you to choose the desired timeframe for your goals and provide advice on how much money you should spend each month to meet that deadline.

Development Cost of Building An App Like Mint

Mint is the best money management app out there. So, the development cost is relatively high. However, to give you an estimate of the mint app cost, then it is around $15,000 to $80,000.

Remember, this is just a rough cost, and the actual cost may vary depending on the features you want to include in the app and its UI and UX. So, schedule a call to discuss your requirements.

Download Mint App For Android & iOS

The best budget app mint is available for both Android and iOS platforms. To learn further about the app, you can download the app from.

app of play store
App Store

Now you know everything about the popular free budget app. If you are looking forward to building a successful financial app like Mint, choose a reliable mobile app development company that can provide you with a robust solution.

We at Excellent Webworld carter you with the best app development services option from ideation and wireframing to app testing, deployment, and marketing.


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Mint doesn’t cost anything to download or use, and there are no in-app purchases or upgrades.

Yes, the best budget app, Mint, is available for a desktop version. The app helps users to take charge of their overall finances.

Yes. The Mint employs the latest security and technology measures to protect its customers’ personal and financial information.

First, you must sync your financial account with Mint to use the mint budget app. Then it will allow you to track your spending and credit score and sign up to receive daily, weekly or monthly notifications.

To build the best personal finance app, hire a top mobile app development company that provides you with a robust solution.