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what made uber freight so popular

What Made Uber Freight So Popular?

Looking at this unique trucking solution more and more users are getting comfortable with it. The Uber for trucking industry makes it easy for the shippers and truckers to achieve their goal. Carriers and shippers are allowed to make a deal at any time as per their convenience. Uber freight app will save the users’ time that they spend on negotiations with the brokers. The app comes with a non-negotiable quote for the users.

With that, Uber for trucking even came up with an innovative Freight quote tool, called “Lane Explorer”. Through this feature, shippers can know the market-rates of two weeks in advance and can lock in the future rates to build loads upon them. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of the Uber Freight app.

Another thing which makes Uber freight popular among truck drivers is their payment system. This trucking app makes a payment in 7 days of proof of delivery whereas in the traditional system, it takes around 30-50 days for the payments. Starting a trucking company like Uber freight will come with lots of fortune. We are aware that it is high time to go digitized looking at the current COVID 19 crisis.

The app has been downloaded more than 328,000 times and 12 percent of 350,000 U.S. owner-operators have completed the Uber Freight onboarding process. -TechCrunch

Screenshots of Uber Freight App

Looking at the screenshots of the Uber for trucking app, you will get a more clear idea about the app. For starting a trucking
company like Uber Freight, these screenshots might be helpful in building the UI/UX of your application.

screenshots of uber freight app

How Does Uber Freight Work?

The working of Uber Freight is quite simple. The app will act as a bridge between the shippers and truckers. Both users can match their needs and services to make a deal. Shippers can post about their freight on the platform with a few details like pick-up spot, a number of pallets, weights, timings, drop locations, material type, and more. Later, truckers can confirm the shipment and move forward with the process.

Shippers can track loads with real-time tracking features. Once the delivery is made, Uber freight will share the photo of delivery to the shippers with a bill of lading as proof. The truckers will receive their payments within a few days of the delivery. The technology performs the part of the broker that will avoid any issues.

Uber Freight will always cross verify the trucking company for the safety purpose. That’s all about the working of Uber Freight. Starting a trucking company is never an easy process, but with the help of digitization, things can be made quite simpler.

how does uber freight work

Features of Uber Freight

Here is a list of some attractive features of trucking apps like Uber freight.

features of uber freight
  • Live Tracking
  • In-App Chat
  • Uploading New Loads
  • Distribution Management
  • Truckers Profile
  • Shipment Scheduling

Cost Breakdown of Uber Freight App

Driver App

Features Time (Hours) Cost
Registration 30 $900
Phone Number Verification 10 $300
Unique Driver Profile 60 $1,800
Real-Time Transport Requests 30 $900
Accept/Decline Service Request 25 $750
Real-Time Route Navigation 25 $750
View Shipper & Consignment Details 15 $450
Bidding for Shipment 40 $1,200
In-App Chat with Shipper 55 $1,650
Capture Photo 15 $450

Shipper App

Features Time (Hours) Time (Hours) Web App Cost
Registration & Sign In 25 25 $1250
Smart Load Suggestions 20 25 $1200
Shipment Cancellation 8 8 $540
Live Tracking 25 40 $1710
In-App Payments 30 40 $2160
Offers & Promo codes 20 16 $1080
Reviews & Ratings 15 40 $1410
Invoice Through Mail 15 12 $888
Password Recovery 10 8 $690
Talk to Driver(Cellular call outside the app) 10 $450
Schedule Shipment 20 16 $1080
Address Book Management 15 $690
Instant Quote Generation 20 24 $1176

Admin Panel

Features Hours Cost
Create Sub-Admins 80 $900
Reports & Analysis 80 $300
Payment Management 40 $1,800
Complaint Management 80 $900
Rate Chart Management 40 $750
Multi-Level Admin Access 40 $750
Profile Management 40 $450
Route Management 80 $1,200

App’s Available On!

You can download the from the Play store and App store

app of play store
app of app store

For starting a trucking company like Uber Freight you need to make a deep research on the current trends in the trucking industry.

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