On-Demand Transportation App Project Synopsis

At the time when demand for commercial shipment is growing by leaps and bounds, finding the reliable shipping partner has been a significant challenge for businesses across Saudi Arabia. Businesses, especially with large shipment needs, look for trusted transportation partners or trucking companies to help them transport their goods to destinations safely and conveniently.

Even the trucking business in the region goes through immense challenges, and getting less freight booking is a significant one. Our client, Abdul Valid from Saudi Arabia, sensed the need for constructive reform in the trucking sector to deliver benefits to both the consumer and trucking sector. He came up with a unique on-demand transportation app approach to build a platform that connects shippers and truckers together.


Saudi Arabia


Web Development, UI/UX Design,
Android/iOS App Development



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Clients Requirements for Transportation App

Our client approached us with the idea to build an on-demand transportation aggregator app that connects groups of transportation service providers, including individual truckers, to the wide range of shippers, mostly with B2B shipment needs around Saudi Arabia. He shared his transportation app idea with our CTO and explained his business concept in detail.

His main goal was to make a transportation app that brings unique and innovative transportation solutions to both truckers and shippers. It should not just provide an easy online transport booking system but also win the trust of both shippers and carriers by offering safe and reliable transportation and a reliable way to connect with shippers across Saudi Arabia for truckers. He needed four apps —two for Android and the other two for iOS platforms.

Our Approach

As soon as we got the requirements, we constructed a team to build the truck app that included senior-most developers, designers and a project manager. The team studied the needs and went through a detailed analysis.

Once we completed our initial analysis, we contacted our client, narrated everything, including tech specs, feature suggestions, required resources and time to develop the app for transportation and overall cost to develop the app.

Our client liked our suggestions and everything we suggested to implement in the app. The time and costs were matching the client’s requirements. So, we got a green signal to kick start the project.

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Features of Transportation App

The transportation app for HJM Tech created by our team has two panels —one for shippers and the other for carriers. Besides, one admin panel. Let’s take a look at the top features that both panels consist of.

Customer Support Panel

  • Manage alerts like
  • SOS – Breakdown
  • Return receipt
  • Off-ROUTE
  • EIR Document
  • Battery Low
  • Shipper App Ticket
  • Driver Call
  • Sales
  • Shipper Call
  • Loading Exceeded
  • Off Loading Exceeded
  • Carrier Enquiries
  • Shipper Enquiries
  • Manage job case & inquiry
  • Track live shipment with system alert

Carrier Panel

  • Registration & Login
  • Notifications- Push, SMS
  • Live Chat with Shipper
  • accept or reject jobs
  • Live route
  • Half-Way Destination Alert
  • Monthly Earning Report
  • Customer Support
  • Set PreDestination

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Push Notification

Shipper Panel

  • Registration & Login
  • Select Truck Type
  • Book Carrier
  • Schedule Carrier
  • Estimated Trip Time
  • Track Consignment
  • Notifications- Push, SMS
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Address Book- Set Favorite Address
  • Live Chat with Driver
  • Complaint/Customer Support

The Key Challenges We Faced During App Development

We cannot imagine any exceptional work without challenges. The transportation app was no exception to that. Let’s take a look at the top two challenges that kept us exploring a little longer.

Half-Way Destination

It turned out to be the most challenging task for us. Our team was tasked to work on the feature that would alert the driver when it completed half of its shipping destination.

Loading and Unloading Timer

When shipper books trucks, a predefined loading and unloading time is allocated for each shipment. If loading or unloading takes more than the decided time, then the shipper has to bear the extra charges. It took our team a little extra time to meet the client’s expectations.

Explore the App with Some Exhilarating Screenshots

Keeping the client’s expectations in mind, we successfully created a transportation app within the deadline given by our client. Take a look at some of the gorgeous screenshots of the app.

app screenshots for transportation

Technology Stacks

Technology Stack

Do you want to begin with a similar project for your city? Or, do you have something similar in mind and want to build your own truck app? Let’s connect together to bring your ideas to life. We can offer you plenty of options, from cost-effective resources to SaaS-based solutions to build your app —all at your convenience.