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Freight trucking

Freight and Trucking Business

Automate fleet management and truck dispatch operations with a truck dispatching system.


Logistic Aggregators and Startups

Establish a seamless connections between shippers, truck drivers and carriers with Uber Fright like app.

Packers Mover

Packers and Movers

Allow customers to find movers and packers and transport goods easily and comfortably.

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The Transportation & logistics industry is the lifeblood of worldwide commerce and economy. And the biggest support for the industry is trucking businesses and truck drivers.

Uber For Trucks Market Insights and Statistics:

For shifting 10.55 billion tons of cargo yearly needs more than 3.4 68 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks and more than 3.5 million truck drivers. In short, without trucks, America stops.

Not just for America, the trucking business has its own worth and contribution to the global economy and market. Though the transportation and logistics business has quite a good scope in the commercial world, somewhere the industry seems to be fragmenting.

How Uber for Trucking Apps is Transforming the Freight & Transportation Industry

One of the key reasons behind this fragmentation is the relocation of the empty containers which causes a huge loss to the entire logistics industry.

The precise solution is to make an app like Uber for trucks. By developing an Uber-like app for trucks, you will get rid of all the frustrating processes like contacting the brokers and connecting them with truckers to fill the trucks with load.

Uber for pickup trucks builds a direct connection between trucks and those who call for them. It’s a Two-sided marketplace that connects shippers with carriers.

As per the American Trucking Association report, around 70% of all cargo in the United States transported by Uber for trucks. And exclusive of trucks, the American market brakes to an end.

The elimination of brokers from the transportation chain is not the motive behind building an Uber for trucking apps for transportation & fleet management solution. Rather the intent is to automate the trucking businesses by offering effortless and end to end transportation solutions.

Features That Make Uber For Truck App Even More Efficient

  • Freight Schedule Management
  • Targeted Freight Tracking
  • Freight Tendering
  • In-Built Payment System
  • In-app Messaging
  • Push Notification
  • Send Shipping Requests
  • Precise List Of Available Freight Orders
  • Real-Time Location Tracking

Top Benefits Of Developing An Uber-Like App For Trucks

When you choose to build an app like Uber for trucks you are having end to end shifting solutions for your entire trucking or logistic business serving uncountable benefits to each aspect incorporated in it.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Business Digitization
  • Enhance Productivity and Efficiency
  • Better Control and Real-time Tracking
  • Faster Business Expansion

Benefits for Truck Drivers

  • Receive New Requests
  • Convenient Bill Processing
  • Payment and Performance Tracking
  • Access to Inclusive Information

Benefits for Shippers

  • Shipments Tracking
  • Easy Truck Booking
  • Give Ratings and Reviews

Why Startups Choose Uber For Trucking App Clones

Uber for trucking has got enough acknowledgment in a very short time span. Recognizing its immense business perks and effectiveness, more and more logistics and trucking business are determined to build fleet management app like Uber freight or Uber for trucks clone.

When you opt for making an On-demand freight app like Uber Freight and start your discovery for the right agency, a number of app development companies will approach you offering a solution like a clone script for Uber For Trucks.  A clone script gives an instant and exact solution, thus startups have a major preference for Uber for trucks clones.

Though the clone script for truck app like uber is considered as a viable solution, we can’t ignore its downside. There are big chances that the Uber for trucks clone you will acquire might lack in new and improved functionality and features, or may have the existing bugs as it is. This will surely have a poor impact on the user expectations and your business as well.

Also, the clones have a restricted range of customization that you can apply to the design and the features of the app. This way you will end up as one of the hundreds if not thousands of drop and hook trucking companies that have a similar design with identical features to your movers and packers app.

Thus the best advice is to build your own Uber for trucking app development from scratch and with some innovative features and trending technologies so that you can fully satisfy your customers providing them a flawless and new-fangled trucking and shipment experience.

Which Technology Stack Is Effective For Developing An Uber-Like App For Trucks

An absolutely robust and impressive app like Uber for Fright should be built with technologies like


  • Angular.js
  • Android
  • Swift 3


  • Redis
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB

Cloud Technologies

  • Digital Ocean or AWS


  • Google Map


  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • EWallets

How Can You Make Money from Uber For Trucking Apps?

The ultimate approach to getting money from your app is to establish a fee. But the charges you are applying should be affordable to the shippers and truckers.

  • You can set it free for drivers and charge to the shippers according to the load.
  • You can also demand about 10-20% payment counting from the estimated cost of the cargo.
  • For more, you can offer premium services like standard packages, secure transportation.

Whichever way you choose to establish charges or make money through the app, ensure that the shippers and truckers should find the deal attractive and reasonable so that more and more individuals will be motivated to use your services.

The Most Popular Uber For Trucking Enterprises

uShip is an online marketplace for shippers and drivers where one can post shipping request and get someone to do it. The app allows a user to transport almost everything from personal goods to big cargo. uShip gets up to ⅘ of costs on the international and national freight.
Uship Mobile Screenshot
Uship Mobile Screenshot 2
Cargomatic Mobile
Cargomatic Mobile
Cargomatic logistics service in London has built an app that acts as a bridge between local delivery agencies and shippers. It facilitates customers to select a suitable driver, position carriage, and pay for it. The Cargomatic service incorporates two apps: Cargomatic Shipper and Cargomatic Driver.
Doft is an on-demand truck-sharing app providing new means of cargo shipping. The app allows shoppers to book truckers, get real-time quotations and track their shipments. Truck drivers in the USA are instantly informed about the available loads near to them. Drivers can gain a huge deal as well.
Doft 1
Doft 2
Keychain 1
Keychain 2
Keychain Logistics
Keychain Logistics app connects private clients and brokers with truck drivers. It enables to avoidance of conservative brokers’ commissions and allows to direct booking of a carrier. The app also calculates the concluding costs by considering fuel prices, traffic, and other aspects.

What Other Transportation App Ideas Are Possible?

Courier App

This category app can aid courier agencies to bring their courier services to the mobile platform and streamline their deliveries.

Multi-Stop Truck App

Muti-shop truck business owners can go for this kind of app in order to better manage things on a fingertip.

Van And Trailer App

With such an app logistic businesses can efficiently manage their vans and trailers and make them do more deliveries.

Shipping Truck App

A dedicated shipping truck app can help truckers to ship more loads and accomplish doorstep delivers.

Container Truck App

A container truck app can make large containers to Load, Ship & deliver faster and systematically by tracking them live on the app.

Two-Truck App

The on-demand towing businesses can have a two-truck app, to make their service available on the go for needy people.

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With this whole information our aim was to enlighten you with the mushrooming idea of Uber for transportation app development and its excellent impact on the logistics and trucking businesses worldwide. Most of your competitors, local or international, are embracing the latest technology trends like Uber for trucking app development to enhance business efficiency, productivity and customers as well.

So what’s your thought about developing an Uber-like app for trucks? If you think this will be the right solution for augmenting your trucking and logistics business then get in touch with us to start implementing your next Uber for the truck app.

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